CHRIS Watts' horrific murder that his pregnant wife, Shan'ann Watts, and also their two young daughters - is the focus of a new Netflix show, American Murder: family members Next Door. 

This crime was understood “the most inhumane and vicious” crime the judge had ever seen.

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Chris Watts' house is in Frederick, glossesweb.comloradoCredit: Digital first Media - Getty

Where is chris Watts' house?

Chris Watts' residence is in Frederick, glossesweb.comlorado.

The house is one 5-bedroom property.

The Watts family bought the residence in may 2013 because that $399,954.

The house in Frederick is wherein monsterous kris Watts strangled his pregnant wife, Shan'ann watt on respectable 13, 2018, before murdering their two young daughters, Bella and Celeste.


Watts strangled 34-year-old Shan'ann, that was pregnant with his unborn son, to deathCredit: Frederick Police Department

Has anyone purchased the house?

The home has remained vacant for two years since the murders take it place.

It was put up because that auction in 2019 because that a totality year, however attracted no offers. So the house still technically belongs to Watts.

It is assumed that the residence is currently worth about $645,000.

Watts has also agreed to salary Shanann's household $6 million in damages. If the home is sold, the proceeds will at some point go to them.

Bankruptcy lawyer Clark Dray said: "It's no getting any kind of bids due to the fact that people understand the sordid background of the house, and nobody wants it,"

He told Realtor.glossesweb.comm: "It just sits in limbo until glossesweb.commes along and also tries a foreclosure again."


Watts was glossesweb.comnducting one affair with a in the run approximately the murderCredit: describe Caption

Why did chris Watts kill his family?

Authorities have actually said watt glossesweb.commmitted the murders because he was glossesweb.comnducting one affair with a



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Watts strangled 34-year-old Shanann - that was pregnant through his unborn child - to death, before smothering four-year-old Bella and three-year-old Celeste and hiding your bodies in an oil tank.

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After the murders, watts acted v false glossesweb.comncern for his missing family and assumed the pretence that a heartbroken husband, begging for information on camera.

It was eventually revealed Chris had tried to finish his marriage, prior to brutally murdering them.


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