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Joe Raedle/Getty pictures

He"s among the 25 richest world in the world.

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Bloomberg"s Billionaire index ranks him in ~ No. 24 through an estimated net precious of $43.6 billion, while Forbes put him at No. 21 with an approximated net precious of $51 billion.

In 2016, Slim ranked as the fifth-richest human in the world, however his fortune has taken a major hit over the past few years.


REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

Right after Donald Trump"s election in November 2016, an international markets contracted and the mexican peso"s value dropped to a document low, leading to Slim to lose much more than 9% of his wealth, follow to Money magazine.

And in march 2017, Bloomberg reported that no various other billionaire had lost much more money 보다 Slim during Trump"s presidency, i beg your pardon the publishing attributed partly to the president"s "tough talk" ~ above Mexico.

The coronavirus pandemic has actually taken yet another toll top top the mexican billionaire"s wealth. In beforehand March, that lost virtually $5 exchange rate in a solitary day on "Black Monday," which was a job of major market losses because of growing global concerns about the coronavirus.

Most the Slim's wealth comes from his 57% stake in America Movil, the biggest mobile-phone operator in Latin America.


He additionally has holdings in banking and mining, as well as interests in the construction industry in Mexico.


Eloy Alonso/ Reuters

These interests are managed through the household business: infrastructure, construction, and energy conglomerate Grupo Carso.

Carlos Slim speaks through his son and Chairman that the plank of directors of Grupo Carso, Carlos Slim Domit, in Mexico City in February 2018. REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

Source: Bloomberg

Slim holds stakes in several various other publicly traded companies, including CaixaBank and The brand-new York Times.

Carlos Slim at The brand-new York Times new Work Summit in February 2016 in fifty percent Moon Bay, California. Kimberly White/Getty pictures for brand-new York times

Bloomberg estimates that Slim has raked in nearly $10 exchange rate in dividend from his investments.

Slim's father did well in both retail and real estate, and Carlos inherited his business after his fatality in 1953.

Slim to be born in Mexico City in 1940. Wikimedia Commons

"Mexico is so wealthy in culture and history, and also I have constantly enjoyed that," the told the Telegraph in 2011.

Slim visited college at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, or UNAM, Mexico's national Autonomous University, studying civil engineering and also graduating in 1961.

The library at UNAM. Wikimedia Commons

Soon after, he established his an initial company, Inversora Bursatil, an insurance allowance company.

Though Slim is known best as the chef shareholder the America Movil and the founder of the Grupo Carso conglomerate, his riches also an outcome from numerous other organization ventures.

OMAR TORRES/AFP/Getty images

Slim spent much of the "60s, "70s, and "80s structure a varied portfolio that now dominates the mexico economy.

Slim has actually a clean strategy because that making money: He repurchase struggling companies and transforms them right into multibillion-dollar holdings before selling his stake in ~ a profit.

JORGE UZON/AFP/Getty pictures

In particular, he took advantage of the mexico debt situation in 1982 in order to purchase countless deflated companies.

We saw Slim's strategy firsthand in the us in 2009, as soon as he lend $250 million come The brand-new York time at a 14% attention rate.

Lucas Jackson/ Reuters

Slim saw the transaction as a company venture, fairly than a foray right into journalism.

Kimberly White/Getty pictures for brand-new York times

In 2018 alone, he marketed at least $86 million worth of his shares.

Slim very first entered the global spotlight in 1991 when he showed up on Forbes' billionaires list through a network worth that $1.7 billion.

ITU Pictures/ Flickr

The vault year, he witnessed his very first big success as soon as Grupo Carso go public and led the privatization that state phone company Telmex, per Forbes.

In 2010, Slim gone beyond Bill gates as the richest male in the world; it to be the first time in 16 years that the world's richest man wasn't indigenous the US.

REUTERS/Henry Romero

Though gateways is as soon as again richer than Slim and also Jeff Bezos reigns together the world"s richest person, Slim is the wealthiest human in Mexico through far.

The next-richest human being in Mexico is Sara Mota de Larrea, who $11.1 billion fortunestems from her position as the best shareholder in Grupo Mexico, a publicly traded conglomerate founded by her late husband that has a financially rewarding mining division.

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REUTERS/Henry Romero

As The Guardian report in 2017, "It is sometimes difficult to tell whereby Carlos Slim stops and also Mexico City starts."

"He controls many of the mobile phone, landline and also internet markets," Feike De Jong wrote in the Guardian.

Fred Prouser/ Getty/ Daniel Aguilar/ Getty

"His telecoms company, Telmex, set up the city"s security cameras,"De Jong continued. "Grupo Carso, his flagship facilities conglomerate, operation the city"s primary water therapy plant. His bank, Inbursa, is Mexico"s."