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Boston Dynamics today opened commercial sales that Spot, that quadruped robot that can climb stairs and traverse turbulent terrain. Businesses have the right to purchase the Spot traveler developer kit for $74,500 at Clues Explorer contains the robot, two batteries, the battery charger, the tablet controller, a robot case, a power case, and also Python customer packages because that Spot APIs. Boston Dynamics will also be selling Spot payloads, and also customers will get software updates “when available.” The firm is offering totally free shipping because that a limited time — the website currently states the Spot traveler ships in 6 to eight weeks.

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The announcement marks a pair of landmarks for the company founded in 1992. That the an initial time businesses have the right to purchase a Boston Dynamics robot directly. It’s additionally the company’s first online sales offering. Point out is only for sale in the U.S. For commercial and also industrial use, but the firm hopes to increase internationally this year. “We plan to manufacture roughly a thousands Spots in the next year however can boost that based on the demand,” a Boston Dynamics spokesperson called “We room exploring methods for allowing sales overseas this year.” The company was initially planning come finish structure 1,000 point out by mid-2020, however the coronavirus pandemic disrupted that timeline.

You deserve to only buy increase to two Spots via Boston Dynamics’ purchase portal. If girlfriend want much more units, the company has two various other pricing tiers: academic (discount because that accredited educational institutions) and Enterprise (more sensors, software program integration, interactions infrastructure, and robot fleet management). Enterprise will have to contact the sales team about larger purchases and third-party solutions.


Boston Dynamics highlighted how Spot has actually helped a few early adopters:

Saved approximately 20 hrs of occupational per week by automating the catch of almost 5,000 photos weekly ~ above Quebec-based building and construction firm Pomerleau’s 500,000 square foot building project.Increased data-collection efficiency and also safety in Hensel Phelps’ building of Denver global Airport’s key terminal and automated the catch of laser scans and also 360-degree photos to reduce the risk of return visits and also project delays.Leveraged computer system vision-based anomaly detection software application to reduce person risk in possibly dangerous work for Aker BP’s power production facilities.Autonomously navigated underground terrain v NASA Jet Propulsion laboratory Team CoSTAR’s integrated autonomy, perception, and communication tools, an applications that winner the many recent DARPA Subterranean challenge Competition: the metropolitan Circuit.

Spot robots have been used to document construction progress, monitor far or hazardous environments, and carry out situational awareness in environments like strength generation facilities, decommissioned atom sites, manufacturing facility floors, construction sites, and research laboratories. Clues has likewise been provided to discover projects for creative industries, such as dancing ~ above stage and also performing in theme parks.

Now that any type of business can purchase a Spot, we asked the agency whether the would offer to police departments. “To the extent that our robots are designed to take on tasks that may prove dangerous to person safety because that public security officers, favor inspecting a suspiciously package or responding come hazmat incidents, yes, point out is accessible for purchase,” a Boston Dynamics spokesperson said “However, they room not draft to change police officers or bring out the occupational done by police officers. Our traditional terms, i m sorry prohibit using the robots to physically injury or intimidate people, apply to every customers.”

Pick, Handle, and also Atlas

In addition to Spot, Boston Dynamics also sells Pick, the robot that have the right to manipulate boxes, thanks to a 3D-vision system. In November, when we interviewed then-CEO Marc Raibert, that categorized the company’s next three robots through time: today (Spot), tomorrow (Handle), and the future (Atlas).

Handle is the mobile variation of Pick. Raibert referred to as it the “tomorrow” robot since Pick to be still in the prototype stage. At the time, Raibert expected it to ship in around a year and also a fifty percent (i.e. 2021).

Raibert called Atlas the “future” robot because it’s constantly in the prototype stage. In ~ the time, Raibert no think the firm would ever ship Atlas.

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We asked for an update on this robots. “Handle should be available for revenue in the following two years, and also we have actually no plans come commercialize Atlas in ~ this point,” a Boston Dynamics spokesperson told Handle’s timeline might be slipping, when plans because that Atlas have actually not changed. Today, point out is for sale."s mission is to it is in a digital city square for technological decision-makers to gain knowledge about transformative modern technology and transact.Our site delivers important information top top data technologies and also strategies to guide you as you lead her organizations. We invite you to come to be a member of our community, come access: up-to-date info on the topics of interest to you our newsletters networking features, and moreBecome a member