Bernie Sanders has had actually a good decade. Because 2009, the socialist senator has actually pulled in almost $5 million in income, according to a evaluation of 10 year of Sanders’ taxes returns.

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For that, he have the right to largely give thanks to his 2016 presidential campaign—and the financially rewarding book deals that followed. Sanders and also his wife, Jane, earned in between $200,000 and also $330,000 indigenous 2009 v 2015, before his fiery bid because that the White House. Then, roughly the time the conceded the democratic nomination come Hillary Clinton, he inked two faces publisher Macmillan.

The Sanders’ income, listed on taxation returns they paper jointly, enhanced dramatically. In 2016, they traction in practically $1.1 million—more 보다 quadruple their previous year’s revenue of about $250,000. Around $800,000 of it came from the advance Sanders gained for creating the struggle Our Revolution: A Future to believe In. Royalties from the bestseller flowed in 2017, and also Sanders preserved writing. He exit a second book and also signed a address Macmillan because that a third, which helped push the couple’s earnings past the $1.1 million note ($960,000 of that from the book deals). Critical year, the pair made around $575,000, some $380,000 of it comes from Sanders’ side gig together an author.

“I wrote a best-selling book. If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too,” Sanders recently told the New York Times.

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He has actually earned millions native the federal government as well. In between 2009 and also 2018, Sanders and his wife took in around $2.1 million in wages, greatly from Sanders’ $174,000 conference salary. The couple’s taxation returns present they have also collected around $400,000 in Social defense over the past decade. One more $135,000 came from pensions and also annuities, including a city pension indigenous Sanders’ stint as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, in the 1980s. The couple has also collected some $60,000 in dividends, resources gains and also other miscellaneous income.

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While the sums can be modest relative to some of the wealthiest public official in Washington, they’re considerable in comparison come the typical American. In fact, Sanders now appears to it is in a member of the 1%. “These taxation returns present that our household has been fortunate,” Sanders claimed in a press release. “I am really grateful because that that, together I prospered up in a family that lived paycheck to paycheck and also I recognize the stress and anxiety of financial insecurity.”

Those days are long behind the senator, who approximates to have a net worth that $2.5 million. And more high-earning year look to it is in ahead for the Sanders family. Together the press release notes, jane Sanders is working on a publication of she own.


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