One that TV’s most beloved names, The Andy Griffith Show star Andy Griffith enjoyed more success than most in your careers. Launching Matlock later on in his years, the legit drama resulted in a 2nd mammoth hit because that the actor.

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At the time of his fatality in July 2012, the television legend left a considerable build-up of wealth. Here’s more on Griffith’s network worth and who likely inherited it.

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Griffith’s fatality stirred an outpouring of grief and also tributes

When the veteran actor died on July 3, 2012 at age 86, the people mourned because that Griffith and also his family, and also remembered the man who had developed two enduring struggle programs.

Ron Howard that played his young co-star on the Griffith Show wrote at that time in The Hollywood Reporter: “He cure me yes, really well, yet he made the a finding out experience, no in a stern, taskmaster kind of a way, however I to be really enabled a real insight into creativity and also how things work and why some scenes to be funny and also others weren’t,” the said. “That insight has served me yes, really well end the years. Andy to be really sort to me, constantly playful and also fun, but, by the exact same token, he want to gain the occupational done.”

And Griffith’s Matlock co-star Nancy Stafford said, “I’m heartsick….I am forever grateful for the 5 wonderful year I worked with Andy. They were a to mark of my life – I’ve never ever laughed so hard or learned so much! He has actually left one indelible mark on mine life – and the resides of numerous millions. He was a consummate professional, an American treasure, and also a to ~ man.”

Griffith’s tremendous net worth as soon as he died

The actor’s network worth at the time of his fatality was approximated at around $60 million. Griffith starred in acclaimed movies such together 1957’s A face in the Crowd and No Time because that Sergeants in 1958. He additionally took a stab in ~ other series throughout the years. But, as well as Matlock, his overarching success came with the Griffith Show. He to be part-owner that his self-named program, in addition to its producers Sheldon Leonard and Danny Thomas.

Because of his ownership of the classic show, follow to Daniel de Visé in his 2015 book Andy and also Don: The making of a Friendship and also a classic American TV Show, Griffith accrued some wealth and that to be thanks, in great part, come his sharp-minded manager Richard Linke.

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“Dick Linke knew the he and his client weren’t huge names in Hollywood,” the author wrote. “For either guy to wield real clout ~ above the Griffith Show, both would need to ante up.”

The relocate Griffith and his manager made that would at some point make castle rich

Linke obtained early in the show’s operation “several hundred thousand dollars, sufficient to do Andy fifty percent owner that the show and to give them, together, a bulk stake. Griffith’s ownership attention would offer him a measure up of creative control. In time, the setup would also make Andy and also Dick affluent men.”

At the actor’s death, his widow Cindi Griffith inherited her husband’s estate. That is undetermined whether his daughter Dixie was had in his will.

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