Andrew lucky 2021: Networth, value & Endorsements

Andrew Luck to be born top top September 12th, 1989. His father, a former NFL quarterback, Oliver Luck, played a handful of gamings for the Houston Oilers across 4 seasons. 

Andrew Luck, however, featured as among the height NFL quarterbacks because that a big part the the 2010s. Initially, the earned plaudits together a university quarterback v the Stanford Cardinal and had a buzz roughly him front of the 2011 NFL Draft.

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However, the Cardinal quarterback chosen to finish his education and also declared for the 2012 NFL Draft, where became the No.1 breeze pick. Instantly upon signing with the AFC franchise, Indianapolis Colts, happy had large shoes come fill. This is since he changed the 14-season veteran in Peyton Manning. 

Whilst no achieving Super bowl glory akin come his predecessor, he gave fans glimpses that his stellar abilities prior to injuries plagued his career. Regardless of this, the Indianapolis Colts quarterback persevered to go back to his finest in the Number 12 jersey. Luck had a final season much like his initial years and also announced retirement ~ above a high. 

Andrew Luck: Stats

As every, Andrew Luck played 86 games throughout 7 NFL periods as the Indianapolis Colts quarterback. He perfect 2000 passes the end of 3290 attempts for a completion percent of 60.7. Furthermore, the passed because that 23,671 yards and also registered 171 touchdowns. Together a rusher, the Indianapolis Colts quarterback got 1,590 yards and had 14 touchdowns. 


As every Pro-Football-Reference, Andrew Luck played 8 playoff games. He perfect 185 passes the end of 328 attempts because that a completion portion of 56.4. Furthermore, that passed because that 2254 yards and also registered 12 touchdowns. Whilst rushing, the Indianapolis Colts quarterback acquired 188 yards and has no touchdowns. 

Additionally, Andrew Luck has actually been called to 4 Pro-Bowls (2012-14, 2018) Also, obtained the NFL Comeback Player that the Year because that the 2018 NFL season. Besides this, the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback led the NFL in pass touchdowns because that the 2014 NFL season.

Andrew happy 2021 network Worth

As per Celebrity net Worth, the previous Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has a network worth that $40 million. At the height of his career, he earned an annual salary the $24 million. According to Spotrac, once Luck retired, he to be on a monstrous 5-year contract worth $123 million, which he signed in 2016.


The 2016 extension contained a $32 million signing bonus. This make Andrew happy the highest-paid player in the NFL based upon an average salary. Moreover, the earned just over $97 million in value alone during his career.

Andrew lucky Records

The famous career Colts QB is a 4-time agree Bowl winner (2012-2014, 2018). His last season in 2018 earned him the 'Comeback Player that the Year' award. Additionally, his finest career season come in 2014, whereby he winner the NFL pass touchdowns leader.


His career before the NFL saw him clinch number of awards including a 2-time First-team every Pac-12, 2-time First-team All-American, and also 2-time Pac-12 offensive Player the the year (2010, 2011). Other notable achievements include Maxwell Award, Johnny Unitas golden Arm Award, and Walter Camp award (2011).

Andrew lucky 2021 structure and Charity

The former Indianapolis Colts quarterback does not have actually any foundation of his own; however, that has worked with the community really closely. In honor of the influence of his charitable activities, Indianapolis market Joe Hogsett asserted September third as “Andrew luck Day.” 


Andrew Luck has actually worked very closely in participation with Riley Children’s health in Indianapolis. The ex-Indianapolis Colts quarterback choose Riley Children’s and the ‘Be The Hope’ project as his causes for the NFL 'My reason My Cleats' campaign.

Furthermore, he served as 'The Gift of expect Happens Here' campaign's 'Giving Ambassador’. The campaign is a year-ending routine to support children at Riley children Health.

In addition to this, Luck visits the hospital to sing Christmas carols. What's more, the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback started the ‘Andrew Luck book Club’ in order to encourage people to read as well as share his love because that reading.

Andrew lucky Endorsements

Currently, the quarterback earns an yearly salary the $9 million. As every Forbes, the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback has endorsed Nike, TD Ameritrade, BodyArmor, Panini, and DirecTV. Furthermore, based on a FOX company article, luck holds an same stake v sports-drink agency BodyArmor. 

Andrew luck Retirement

Luck referred to as time ~ above his career ahead that the 2019 NFL season. Together a part of his retirement speech, the previous quarterback revealed his decision. Additionally, he emphasize his tough time with injuries and the recovery process.

In the 2015 and 2017 NFL seasons, the quarterback missed a an unified total that 24/32 gamings for the Indianapolis Colts. However, he returned to reclaim the starting quarterback function in each subsequent season. At the moment of his retirement, the former Indianapolis quarterback to be aged simply 29.

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How to call Andrew Luck?

The previous Indianapolis Colts quarterback walk not have actually an main account on social media.

Instagram- N/A

Twitter- N/A

Weight240 lb
Height6ft 4 in
GirlfriendNicole Pechanec
Super Bowl0
EndorsementsNike, DirecTV, BodyArmor, Panini, and also TD Ameritrade
AgentWill Wilson
Major Achievements4-time agree Bowl (2012-2014, 2018)

2-time Heisman Trophy finalist

Maxwell compensation (2011)

Johnny Unitas golden Arm award (2011)

NFL happen touchdowns leader (2014)


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