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The iphone 4s to be released in October 2011 and discontinued in September 2012, return some sectors maintained them till 2016. It only supported iOS with version 9. Friend cannot acquisition these devices new anymore; if you discover them in aftermarkets prefer Craigslist or eBay, girlfriend cannot run the latest software application on them. We retain this short article for its historic value only, and not as a existing pricing guide.

Looking to purchase an iphone 4S? even if it is this an equipment is your first iPhone or you"re stepping up from an previously model, you should be ready to shell out some cash. Here"s how much you can expect to pay for the iphone 4S itself, and also for the company that you"ll require on the phone.

The iphone phone 4S Handset

The iphone phone 4S comes in 2 colors (black and white) and also three warehouse capacities. Over there is no difference in price in between the white handset and the black color model, however the price because that the various storage capacities different greatly.

The iphone phone 4S v 16GB the storage expenses $299. With 32GB that storage, the iphone phone 4S costs $299. And also the new 64GB version expenses $399. All of these prices need that you authorize a brand-new two-year organization agreement and also assume the you room eligible for an update from her carrier.

If you room not eligible for an upgraded phone at a full discount, at & t charges $450 because that the 16GB iphone phone 4S, $550 for the 32GB model, and also $650 for the 64GB model.

Sprint and also Verizon Wireless subscribers who are not eligible for an upgrade will be charged the complete retail price because that the phone. That's $650 because that the 16GB iphone 4S, $750 because that the 32GB iphone 4S, and also $850 for the 64GB iphone 4S.

Those prices are the very same for the unlocked, contract-free version of the iphone phone 4S. Apologize will start offering the in November 2011.

iphone phone 4S organization from at & t

AT&T calls for that you subscribe to both a voice and also data setup for the iphone 4S. Voice plans start at $39.99 a month (for 450 minutes) and selection up to $69.99 a month (for endless minutes).

AT&T offers three data plans: 200MB ($15 per month), 2GB ($25 per month), and also 4GB (includes internet tethering; $45 every month).

AT&T's data plans execute not include text and snapshot messaging. The carrier supplies a an option of 2 messaging plans: salary per article (20 cent per text) and unlimited messaging ($20 per month). Gone space the $5-per-month (200 messages) and also $15-per-month (1500 messages) options that AT&T offered with the iphone 4.

If you choose AT&T's cheapest plans, you'll pay $54.99 a month. That gives you 450 call minutes, 200MB that data, and no messages.

iphone phone 4S company from sprint

Sprint is the just carrier supplying an limitless data arrangement for new iPhone 4S buyers. (Verizon Wireless is grandfathering in currently customers who still have actually an countless plan, permitting them to transport it to their brand-new iPhone.)

Sprint"s to plan package voice and data business together. The individual plans begin at $69.99 a month (450 voice minutes, countless data, endless messages) and go approximately $99.99 a month (unlimited voice minutes, countless data, countless messages).

If you select Sprint"s cheapest plan, you"ll salary $69.99 a month. That gives you 450 voice minutes, countless data, and also unlimited messages.

iphone 4S service from Verizon Wireless

Verizon's voice plans start at $59.99 per month (450 voice minutes, limitless texts) and also go approximately $89.99 a month (unlimited minutes). Data plans begin at $30 per month (2GB that data) and go up to $100 per month (12GB the data to add mobile hotspot service).

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If you pick Verizon's cheapest plans, you'll salary $89.99 a month. That offers you 450 voice minutes, 2GB the data, and also unlimited messages.