At Greenville Women"s Clinic we sell the Abortion Pill (RU486) in early on pregnancies as much as 10 weeks LMP (last menstrual period).The clinical abortion entails giving you, the patience (2) drugs to induce a miscarriage. A combination of the two medications Mifeprex (RU486) and Misoprostol causes a miscarriage.A small percentage of patient (about 1 in 100) will certainly still need to have actually a vacuum aspiration and also curettage (D&C) due to retained organization at NO extr cost to you.

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If you choose to have a medical abortion utilizing Abortion Pill (RU486), the medication will be offered at the clinic after an ultrasound, counseling and lab studies. An ultrasound will identify the length of the pregnancy.24-48 hrs later, you will certainly take another medication in ~ home, i beg your pardon induces cramps and bleeding normally heavier than a menstrual period.You will have to return to our clinic 3 main later. Medical abortions space 99% effective. Must it fail, we will repeat the pill or execute a vacuum aspiration in ~ no added charge if excellent at our facility.
Counseling is contained in the procedure fee and also will help a woman explore her feelings concerning her pregnancy and the alternatives obtainable to her. Counselors discuss birth control, post-operative care, and the abortion procedure.
Patients under 17 years of age will need 1 parental consent. Parental will require to carry their ID together with the patient"s id or birth certificateAll patients must bring a snapshot IDOn the morning of your appointment, take a thorough shower, stay a dress or a skirt, or loosened fitting pantsYou must have actually someone companion you to the Clinic to journey you home after in-clinic abortionPlease do not carry children to the clinicDo no drink or chew anything after midnight prior to an in-clinic abortionYou may eat or drink prior to the clinical abortion (RU486)
Please speak to our office for current fees. All fees should be payment in complete at the moment of the appointment. Fees room all inclusive.
According to southern Carolina Lawyou MUST testimonial Women"s best to know material at least 24 hours prior to her abortion, if you are thinking about having an abortion.The Certification Statement will certainly be time and date stamped once you have reviewed. Please publish & BRING.

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