The expense of one abortion have the right to range. The price of abortion relies on a few different things around you and your situation. ACWC uses the Lowest cost Medical Abortion in Atlanta. Below are few of the points that can influence how lot your abortion will certainly cost:


Your health insurance firm may carry out financial assistance for the expense of her abortion. Call your insurance provider straight to discover out around your coverage.

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We offer a discount for any kind of patient that is a medicaid recipient. If girlfriend don’t have actually insurance and you have actually Medicaid we can let girlfriend know about any discounts that can aid you purchased the out-of-pocket price of the abortion.

Your geographical location. The cost of one abortion, just like the cost of medical care in general, can be different depending on where you live.

If you room a permanent student or a member the the army will assist lower your cost of one abortion.

ACWC offers the lowest cost medical abortion in Atlanta. Escape how far along your pregnant is the more your abortion may cost. Call now for immediate pricing(770) 212-9660 orSchedule An digital Appointment

Abortion costprimarily centers top top the succeeding factors:

Duration of pregnancyInsurance, medicaid or various other fundingWhere girlfriend live

During part time that the first trimester, women can select between a medical abortion (the abortion pill) and a surgical abortion. In Georgia, women can take the abortion pill till they are, in ~ most, ten main pregnant. Some claims prohibit its usage after seven weeks. A clinical abortion essentially is composed of a physics exam, two single pills, Mifepristone and also Misoprostol, and also a follow-up appointment.

The procedure takes everywhere from a few hours come a few days, contingent on how much apart the pills are taken and how lengthy the body takes come abort ~ the 2nd pill. Patients compelled to agree to have a operation abortion when medical abortions nothing work, which occurs much less than one percent that the time.

After ten weeks, operation abortion is commonly the just option. During the very first 14 main of pregnancy, women acquire what’s dubbed an aspiration abortion.

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Other Abortion solutions Information

Please don"t bring youngsters with you to the clinic. During your visit, you"ll be the following:

pregnancy testa chance to talk v a trained counselor person concerning all of her choices: abortion, adoption, and parentinga conversation through the health care supplier regarding your health historylab tests/blood worka pelvic examan ultrasoundmedications to make the abortion more comfortablemedication if you are Rh negativeantibiotics or other medicationsbirth control informationa birth control method

No matter what your instance is, ACWC will help carry out the best possible care to you. ACWC is a Member the the nationwide Abortion Federation and also we are NAF Certified because that assisting patients through the cost of the abortion.Call currently for instant pricing(770) 212-9660 orSchedule An online Appointment