Planned Parenthood offers info on all pregnancy alternatives including abortion, adoption, and also becoming a parent. Our employee is below to discuss all of the alternatives and to help you decide which one is appropriate for you. Below is summary of her abortion options. If you would like added information, or to discuss any kind of other pregnancy options, please let us know.

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Q. Exactly how well does it work?

Abortion Pill

8 main or less: around 98 the end of 100 times. Indigenous 8 to 9 weeks: about 96 out of 100 times. Native 9 come 10 weeks: around 91 to 93 the end of 100 times. Indigenous 10 come 11 weeks: about 98 out of 100 times through 2 doses of misoprostol.

In-Clinic Abortion

It virtually always functions – end 99% that the time.

Q. When can it be done?

Abortion Pill

Up come 11 weeks.

In-Clinic Abortion

Up to 13.6 weeks.

Q. How does the happen?

Abortion Pill

You take it Mifepristone. Misoprostol approximately 48 hours later to happen the pregnant tissue. Some need a 2nd dose that misoprostol. You have actually a follow-up ultrasound, blood test or urine pregnancy test to make certain it worked.

In-Clinic Abortion

In the clinic, her clinician will use gentle suction to eliminate the pregnancy. You will be in a recovery area until it’s for sure to go home, normally after 15 come 45 minutes. In many cases, no follow-up appointment is needed.

Q. Exactly how long does that take?

Abortion Pill

Usually 24 hours or less, yet it have the right to take increase to number of days.

In-Clinic Abortion

About 10 minutes.

Q. Exactly how will ns feel?

Abortion Pill

You’ll begin to have solid cramps and bleeding within 1 to 4 hrs after taking the misoprostol. You may have cramping on and off because that 1 or 2 much more days. Friend may additionally have: fever of 99-100°F chills, diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting, headache, dizziness, ago pain, tiredness.

In-Clinic Abortion

You may feel: Mild come moderate cramping during and after the abortion. Girlfriend may have cramping on and off for 1 or 2 more days.

Q. What deserve to I carry out for pain?

Abortion Pill

Pain medication is available. Your clinician will discuss your options with you.

In-Clinic Abortion

Pain medicine is available. Your clinician will talk about your selections with you.

Q. How much will I bleed? For how long?

Abortion Pill

Heavy bleeding v clots is usual after acquisition misoprostol. Bleeding may continue on and off because that 4 to 6 weeks.

In-Clinic Abortion

Light or tool bleeding is common for 1 to 7 days. Bleeding may proceed on and also off because that 4 come 6 weeks.

Q. What space the benefits?

Abortion Pill

It might feel much more natural, like a miscarriage. Gift at home may be an ext private and also comfortable because that you.

In-Clinic Abortion

It is end in a couple of minutes. Girlfriend may have less bleeding 보다 you would v the abortion pill. Clinic staff is over there to support you.

Q. What room the risks?

Abortion Pill

If it no work, you may need to have a suction procedure to complete the process.

In-Clinic Abortion

Possible injury come cervix, uterus or various other organs. If it no work, you might need to have a suction procedure to finish the process.

For Both Procedures, threats Include:

Pregnancy does not end. Some of the pregnancy left in uterus, blood coagulation in uterus, hefty bleeding, infection, allergic reaction to medicines used, death.

Q. Exactly how much does the cost?

Abortion Pill

Cost varies. At Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon, ours prompt pay discount price is around $550. Oregon health Plan, private insurance and also other capital sources may cover some, or all, the the costs.

In-Clinic Abortion

Cost varies. At Planned Parenthood the Southwestern Oregon, our prompt pay discount price is roughly $550. Oregon wellness Plan, private insurance and other resources sources may cover some, or all, that the costs.

Trust in Yourself:

Unplanned pregnancies and also abortions room common. One in three world in the U.S. Will have an abortion by period 45. This way that friend probably understand someone that has had actually an abortion – a sister, friend, aunt, cousin, mother, grandmother, or neighbor.

You may additionally feel prefer you’re the only one going with this experience. It have the right to be comforting to understand that there room many people right currently making comparable decisions and also feeling comparable emotions. You room not alone.

The decision you do is based on your life and your situation. Each among us have to make the decisions that us feel work ideal for us, our future, ours family, our goals and our beliefs.

You may have a variety of feelings around having one abortion, and that’s okay. Some world feel relief, some feel sadness and also some feel really mixed emotions. You could even feel different things at various times. We know what this can be like, and also we are here for you if you desire to talk.

Some additional Facts:

People of all ages, races, religions, and also economic circumstances have abortions. Many women who have an abortion plan to it is in a parental at another time. Over half of human being having abortions are already mothers.


If you wish to talk to someone else, we can give you neighborhood contacts or you can contact the resources detailed below:

You can call EXHALE, a totally free confidential speak line for civilization who have had actually abortions. To speak v an experienced peer counselor, speak to 1-866-4-EXHALE (1-866-439-4253) or for much more information visit online at

You can call ALL-OPTIONS, a totally free confidential speak line where you can discuss all of your pregnant options. Lock can carry out support through pregnancy, parenting, abortion and also adoption. Contact 1-888-493-0092 or for much more information visit virtual at:

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Restrictions or Consent Requirements:

The decision to have an abortion is a person’s alone. The consent of a spouse, partner, or parent is not required for females 15 and older. No various other individuals, spouse or otherwise, have the right to legally protect against an abortion or compel an unwilling human being to have actually an abortion. Minors: Oregon statute states any kind of person who is 15 years of period or enlarge may achieve hospital care, medical or surgical diagnosis or treatment, consisting of abortion services, there is no parental consent.