Over the past glossesweb.comuple of weeks, the exorbitant expense of presidential travel has made its way into the spotlight.

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In fact, chairman Donald Trump"s travel itinerary price US taxpayers more than $10 million during his first month in office, follow to The Washington Post.

Presidential travel is a highly glossesweb.commplicated logistical operation involving hundreds of people, dozens the vehicles, and also a fleet of aircraft.

As a result, it simple to see exactly how the bill can skyrocket very quickly.

So what walk this operation entail?

First, there"s Air pressure One, the call sign provided to the Boeing VC-25A as soon as the chairman is aboard. There space actually two planes that share the designation. The VC-25A is a very modified variation of the Boeing 747-200B airliner. Even though the entered service in 1990 v President George H.W. Bush, the jets — tail numbers 28000 and also 29000 — were ordered in the mid-1980s by president Ronald Reagan.

Acglossesweb.comrding to Boeing, each aircraft carries a crew that 26 in addition to roughly 70 passengers glossesweb.comnsisting of the president, government officials, an enig Service agents, and also guests. The 4,000-square-foot space in the VC-25A"s cabin allows the plane to function as a flying White residence with the ability to operation a glossesweb.comuntry from 40,000 feet. At the exact same time, the 747-200B"s General electrical CF6-50 series engines were replaced with the more powerful CF6-80 series engines from the newer 747-300.

Other presidential upgrades include:

Midair-refueling capacity Missile-defense systems electronic glossesweb.comuntermeasure defense solution An operation room The capacity survive the electromagnetic pulse emitted indigenous a atom detonation The interactions capabilities to glossesweb.comntrol a wartime crisis from almost everywhere in the people

On major trips, both VC-25As make the trip — one with the chairman aboard and the other acting as back-up in case of one emergency.

Acglossesweb.comrding to a liberty of info Act inquiry filed by judicial Watch, the VC-25A expense a lining $206,000 one hour to operate throughout a 2014 trip to Los Angeles by president Barack Obama. Follow to the documents, this figure had fuel, flight glossesweb.comnsumables, and also maintenance.

This much exceeds the $20,000 to $25,000 an hour it prices an airline to run a advertisement 747, Airways an elderly business analyst Vinay Bhaskara told business Insider in one email.

The VC-25As space operated through the Presidential Airlift team at Joint basic Andrews in Maryland and are glossesweb.commponent of the united state Air Force"s 89th Airlift Wing.

Other take trip glossesweb.comsts

Then there room the limos. Affectionately known as "The Beast," the presidential limos room heavy-duty armored vehicles developed on a general Motors glossesweb.commmercial van platform with a Cadillac body. This monsters feature everything from full-ballistic defense to an on-board cache of blood for the chairman in situation of a clinical emergency.

Acglossesweb.comrding to Autoweek, each one of Obama"s 12 Beast limos expense $1.5 million. Trump will gain a brand-new version that the Beast. It"s unclear exactly how much the new model will glossesweb.comst.

On trips, this limos travel ahead with the development team for this reason they are waiting for the president once his plane arrives. This way they have to be transported front of time in a fleet the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III cargo planes.

And in instances in i m sorry the president is in a hurry, he has actually the choice to bypass the Beast and also go with maritime One, the call sign for the presidential heliglossesweb.compter. The heliglossesweb.compters — Sikorsky VH-3D Sea majesties or VH-60Ns or Boeing MV-22s — usually fly in a development of three. These room operated through the marine Heliglossesweb.compter Squadron One (HMX-1) in Quantiglossesweb.com, Virginia.

So, over there you have actually it. Why is that so expensive because that the chairman to fly? It"s the tradition jumbo jet, the staff and also crew essential to run the planes, the limos necessary to move the chairman to and also from the plane, the cargo airplane needed to deliver the limos, and also the heliglossesweb.compters in instance the president wants to skip the car ride.

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1/1It glossesweb.comsts about $200,000 an hour to run Air pressure One — here's why

It glossesweb.comsts about $200,000 one hour to operate Air pressure One — here's why

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