The turmoil in between Rodgers and also Green Bay has actually reportedly been settled - in ~ least enough for the three-time MVP come return for the upcoming season.

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Aaron Rodgers is returning to the environment-friendly Bay Packers because that 2021. It is the upshot the the news coming the end of environment-friendly Bay ~ above Monday, the day prior to the team players were set to report because that training camp.

According come multiple media sources, Rodgers and the Packers have worked out an covenant to ensure his return for the upcoming football season. Rodgers, whose contract right now runs with 2023 yet with no continuing to be guaranteed money, will have actually that final year properly erased native the contract. The 2023 year will certainly void and also the Packers will certainly agree no to usage a franchise sign on him, making him a complimentary agent if he is tho under contract v the team in ~ the end of the 2022 season.

Rodgers’ contract was as result of pay the $14.7 million in basic salary this season and also $25 million every in 2022 and 2023. This relocate will likely change at the very least some the Rodgers’ base right into a signing bonus, dispersing it out right into future year to enable the team a bit of additional financial flexibility for 2021.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, there room a few primary reasons why Rodgers would certainly agree come the readjusted contract. One is a condition that the team will certainly “review Rodgers’ situation” ~ the upcoming season, in the spring of 2022. The language is particularly vague, however, offering no indication as to whether there is an explicit agreement to profession him or just that the 2 sides will examine in after the year.

Additionally, the void year will put some added pressure ~ above the Packers to make a decision ~ above Rodgers’ future next March. Return the team could keep him with the critical year the his contract and permit him to leaving in complimentary agency in 2023, the team would receive only a high compensatory draft pick in 2024 in the case. By contrast, a profession in 2022 would likely net the team significant and prompt draft picks instead. That added motivation likely offers Rodgers part level the confidence the the team undoubtedly will move him if his relationship with the former office falls short to improve or work with him on a long-term expansion if the two sides become more amicable.

Also present in Schefter’s perform of accommodations indigenous the Packers is the “mechanisms will certainly be put in ar to address Rodgers’ problems with the team.” While that language is particularly vague, even contrasted to the other problems Schefter describes, reports have emerged from multiple NFL resources that Rodgers wants the Packers to re-acquire former teammate Randall Cobb, currently a member that the Houston Texans.

Cobb will rotate 31 years old in August and also recorded just modest number in 2020, yet he maintains a close connection with Rodgers, joining him in ~ the Kentucky Derby earlier this year. CBS Sports’ Jonathan Jones notes that the Texans’ trade with the Bears because that slot receiver Anthony fearbut this weekend may be a preemptive move to to fill Cobb’s spot have to he indeed head back to eco-friendly Bay. However, in April the Packers drafted Amari Rodgers, a player through a comparable skill set to Cobb.

Whether or not Cobb dram any component of this agreement, the team’s reported concessions most likely relate come Rodgers’ reported displeasure through the Packers’ front office, specifically as that relates come him offering opinions top top personnel to basic manager Brian Gutekunst.

An included benefit for the Packers of getting Rodgers ago in the wrinkles is the opportunity of re-signing Davante Adams. Adams and the team had reportedly broken off contract negotiation a few days ago with the superstar vast receiver heading right into a contract year. However, Schefter reports that Adams is willing to listen to supplies again from the team. Rodgers’ and also Adams’ joint Instagram posts this weekend currently make much an ext sense in light of today’s events.

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Ultimately, the Packers are collection get Rodgers back for one more year ~ above the heels that back-to-back NFC Championship video game appearances. Meanwhile, Rodgers it s okay an readjusted contract that will certainly make it much more desirable because that the team to either extend or relocate him after one more year with the team, and also some various other concessions that have actually yet to be clarified.

This agreement gives both the team and the player their best chances — by far — in ~ winning one more Super bowl in 2021.