Clayton Kershaw exchanged hugs v Dodgers executives Stan Kasten and Andrew Friedman near house plate in Dodger Stadium as he got his World collection ring Friday, the pitcher create outbursts of joy as he walked up the third-base heat to join teammates during the pregame ceremony.

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“Woo-hoo!” the three-time National league Cy Young award winner yelled, his grin farming with every step. “Let’s watch this thing!”

As he opened up the glossy blue crate containing the ring it took 13 years — and also several postseason heartbreaks — to earn, Kershaw looked confused.

every rings have to come through a highlight video. Grad rings, wedding rings. All rings.

— Jorge Castillo (

“There’s a video,” teammate Joe Kelly said, referring to one LCD screen on the internal of the ring box that theatre a four-minute Dodgers 2020 season highlight video — finish with music and also sound — every time package is opened.

“What?” Kershaw said, his eyes widening.

The video would have to wait. Kershaw placed the enormous piece of jewelry on his left ring finger and also thrust his left fist right into the sky.

“Look at that thing!” Kershaw exclaimed. “Oh mine God!”


This was exactly the kind of reaction the Dodgers and also Jostens, the Minneapolis-based agency that produced the ring with input native the team, were hoping for.

Players and coaches from the 2020 championship society were rewarded v an 11-carat ring that features wealth of dazzling diamonds and also Dodger-blue sapphires, a brilliant yellow-gold Commissioner’s Trophy and also a classic red, white and blue team logo.

The ring includes approximately 222 round diamonds, 10 princess-cut diamonds, 45 custom-cut actual sapphires and eight round, genuine sapphires.

“Ownership go a good job of catching every detail and making that really distinct to the Dodgers that 2020,” manager Dave Roberts stated after Friday’s 1-0 success over Washington in the house opener. “It’s really special. The something the was 32 years in the making, and also they obtained it right.”


The Dodgers finish a sweep of the Washington Nationals thanks to three RBIs native Zach McKinstry, great pitching through Clayton Kershaw and a conserve by Kenley Jansen.

The Dodgers finished a pandemic-shortened season v a significant league-best 43-17 record and also beat Milwaukee in the wild-card series, san Diego in the department Series, Atlanta in the Championship collection and Tampa just in the civilization Series.

They spent almost four weeks in the Texas bubble, wherein they play the final three playoff rounds and also won their very first championship since 1988.


“We want something that told a story, which this does,” Kasten, the team’s president, claimed in one interview through SportsNet LA. “But we likewise wanted the to be showy and emblematic the a many of hard work.”

The ring top features the team interlocking “LA” logo, fashioned native 17 custom-cut sapphires, set atop an infield of diamonds, the basepaths consisting of 16 pave-set diamonds and accented by first-base, second-base, third-base and home-plate princess-cut diamonds.

An extr 29 diamonds — symbolizing the number of home runs the Dodgers fight in the Texas balloon — fill the inner of the baseball diamond. An additional 16 sapphires and a halo of 44 diamonds surround the logo and also the baseball diamond.


Adorning the top and also bottom that the ring is the location “WORLD CHAMPIONS.” Cascading down the sides of the ring space 96 diamonds. The top and bottom edges of the ring peak are accented by six princess-cut diamonds set in pennants, honoring the team’s 6 previous World collection tiles.

A an unified 12 princess-cut sapphires — six on each edge the the ring optimal — represent the 12 homers the Dodgers hit in the World collection against the Rays.

The left next of the ring features the recipient’s last name in block letters above his uniform number set in diamonds, the logo the team adopted when it relocated from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958 — through a blue cursive “Dodgers” and also a red-and-white ball portrayed in trip — and major League Baseball’s logo.

The appropriate side features the indigenous “LOS ANGELES” in block letters above a gold World collection trophy, accented with a solitary diamond.


The trophy is flanked by “2020,” set with 36 diamonds and underlined by eight round sapphires, one because that each that the team eight straight NL West titles, and, in a salute to the team’s southerly California home, a pair the palm trees.

The within of the ring is personalized with the player’s signature, a blue enamel “LA” logo and the results from the 4 playoff rounds. The “LA” logo likewise adorns the exterior palm.

“It’s way bigger 보다 I believed it would be,” catcher will Smith said. “You knew it to be gonna be large and nice sweet, but actually obtaining to host it, to view it, to view your name and also number on it was pretty special.”

The ring crate is likewise a item of art, special a personalized nameplate, a rotating ring platform the spins as soon as the crate is opened, an interior light to showcase the ring and the LCD screen and also highlight video.

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