There"s no denying that a enjoy the meal from one of your favorite quick food restaurants simply hits the point out every as soon as in a while. Juicy burgers, nuggets, and chicken sandwiches space all staple food selection items in ~ quick-service eateries throughout the country, and also you can practically guarantee it"s best accompanied by a delicious next order of fries.

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Even if you love french fries, it occasionally only seems favor you have a 10-minute window to indulge in the classic fast food side dish prior to it starts obtaining soggy, cold, and ultimately, inedible. Fortunately, there"s one fast food chain that offers you a tasty alternate to french fries once you"re spring to get your potato fix and make it last — Wendy"s. Follow to Taste the Home, this restaurant chain keeps baked potatoes firmly on the menu, together they have actually for close come 40 years. With such an above offering, don"t wait to shot this distinct side.

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Square-shaped burgers and also Frostys were at the helm that Wendy"s food selection when that premier place opened increase in 1969, however it wasn"t long before the chain started giving food that would appeal to those in search of a healthy meal (via Wendy"s). The fast food eatery mounted salad bars in 1979 to enable customers the choice of walk green, and a couple of years later in 1983, the chain"s well known baked potato came along to provide patrons another lighter option that can accompany their chili, or even be made right into a enjoy the meal of the own.

The restaurant ultimately phased out the salad bar, however the invited spud and its myriad of toppings remained put. Together of 2017, Thrillist reported that the restaurant was offering a whopping one million potato every week, but, in spite of the superior sales, the chain could still be looking to carry out away v its many underrated food selection item. In February 2019, Redditor u/AbideMan said they received an email survey inquiring around how they"d react to the discontinuation the the side item (via Reddit). In September 2020, one more Redditor common that your Wendy"s place in West Virginia was actually phasing baked potatoes out. If friend love this one-of-a-kind side, make certain to obtain them if they"re hot and also still on menus.

If Wendy"s does decide to execute away v their small potatoes, it would truly it is in a disservice come spud fans across the country. Aside from a choose 250 Arby"s locations scattered roughly the U.S. And Canada that serve baked potatoes, the chain continues to be to it is in the sole fast food eatery to dish out this next at nearly every freestanding Wendy"s (via Thrillist). If you deserve to grab this item across multiple countries, Taste of house reports that these items space not ~ above the food selection at the chain"s locations in Mexico.

Foodbeast estimates that the brand has been may be to rotate its spuds into a menu item the brings in around $2 million a week. Logistics dram a an essential role, follow to Wendy"s VP of Culinary development Lori Estrada, who described to Thrillist that the chain"s baked potatoes have actually to cook for one hour in convection ovens that were installed into every restaurant ar at a nice hefty cost. "It"s a challenge, operationally, to be able to serve them, and have them ready for every customer that comes with our doors," Estrada said. "I can only assumption: v that element has make it tough for other areas to be ready to put something prefer this right into production."

You may be wondering if a Wendy"s small potato is a worthy replacement because that an bespeak of the chain"s delicious fries. Given that the chain sells practically 52 million that these next items a year the number certainly point to yes (via Thrillist). Reviews post to the internet are mainly mixed, through some complaining of getting spuds that taste much from fresh, yet there space plenty of human being singing praises for the cult-favorite side dish together well. "Wendy"s small potato has actually a special location in mine heart," Twitter user
jessieavalos wrote, while an additional admitted, "I worked at Wendy"s for 5 years and also I had actually my very first Wendy"s baked potato today and also I gotta say...I know the hype," 

News of the chain"s rumored arrangement to scrap your spuds had countless fans mirroring their assistance for it together well, with one Redditor walk as far as saying the they "might act up" if the next is removed. V so lot love behind the item, you can guarantee part fans will certainly not take the disappearance of this beloved side easily. 

Part that what renders Wendy"s baked potato a an excellent side dish is all of the customization alternatives you have when ordering it. Thrillist reports that the base of each version is one 11.5-ounce potato, which is one of 10 priority food categories the the chain plans to collectively source responsibly by 2030 (via Wendy"s). Lock can, the course, be ordered completely plain for this reason you can enjoy the deliciousness the the almighty spud in an unaltered fashion, though the chain additionally has four alternative varieties of the next item top top its menu to treat your tastebuds to a next-level quick food meal. The Cheese baked Potato come topped v both a creamy cheese sauce and shredded cheddar, if the Bacon Cheese version adds Applewood acting bacon into the mix as well, every Wendy"s menu. There is additionally the cake Cream & Chive small Potato, and also finally, the Chili & Cheese for when you crave a cup that their well known chili.

Options might differ depending on where you"re located when visiting a Wendy"s drive-thru together well. Canada, because that example, doesn"t have actually as countless baked potato variations, if Puerto Rico has a few toppings that room exclusive to the territory. You additionally have the capability to go off-menu through your spud order and also the restaurant will peak off their potatoes with anything generally found on any kind of other menu item.

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While price does vary slightly relying on location, Price Listo reports that the average cost of a level potato comes in approximately $2.24 before tax. The enhancement of toppings likewise has an result on the price, through the cake Cream & Chive small potato gift the cheapest variation that goes for about $2.29, if the heartier Chili & Cheese spud is the many expensive at an average price of $3.89. Considering that the brand"s VP of Culinary invention Lori Estrada speak Thrillist that the starchy next dish can quickly be made right into a "self-contained meal," it"s for sure to say that this iconic side is one hell of a deal.

You additionally have the choice of swapping the end your french fries in your combo enjoy the meal for any one that Wendy"s small potatoes, which comes at the price the a small upcharge that varies depending upon what kind of spud you choose. Taking Estrada"s words again into consideration, this can be a way to change one combo order into two different meals for just a tiny cost, proving however again that you can"t go wrong v this menu item.

Wendy"s budget-friendly baked potato is a relatively nutritious rapid food meal — they were at first introduced to the menu as a healthier choice for customers, ~ all. A level Wendy"s potato without any type of of the trimmings consists of 270 calories and also 7 grams the both protein and also fiber. "And you"ll it is in spared 10 times the lot of sodium and fat uncovered in the junior-sized fries," registered dietician Kathy Siegel tells Eat This, not That!. Because that those that crave an ext than just the taste that potato, registered dietician sarah Hortman says the 320 calorie-filled tart Cream & Chive flavor is a decent option as well. "This choice contains complicated carbohydrates, fiber (especially if friend eat the potato skin), vitamins A and C, to add potassium, which naturally counterbalances salt intake," she defined to Women"s Health.

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According to Wendy"s, both the chain"s Cheese and also Bacon small potatoes autumn in the under-500 calorie category, despite the Chili & Cheese selection contains 500 calories exactly, and 840 milligrams that sodium and also 14 grams the fat, per When it might be okay to reap one ~ above its own for lunch or dinner every once in a while, Siegel warns against eating the in addition to among the brand"s hamburgers or chicken sandwiches.