You may be shocked to uncover that a medium seedless watermelon in Tokyo can expense up come $40.00 USD.

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It doesn’t stop there, how about $10 USD for an oz of blueberries, or $10 for a cantaloupe?

Surprisingly this is typical place in the soil of the rising sun. The reason is the Japan grows very tiny of its own produce and also has the bulk of the imported, for this reason the terrible over-pricing.

This is quite baffling together just throughout the pond in China you deserve to buy the same watermelon for $2.00 USD. This writer is not persuaded that the price of importing fruit native China come Japan could result in together outrageous pricing.

Fruit is for this reason expensive the it is in fact taken into consideration a high-end item, other you give to someone to show great gratitude or thankfulness. Or if friend really want to treat someone you’ll get them some fresh fruit.

The most expensive fruit in Tokyo by weight would be Blueberries & Raspberries, followed by watermelon. Strangely, bananas cost about the very same as they carry out in the USA.

Even Worse

Even much more shocking are the rarely Densuke watermelon get an impression in Hokkaido; which can price in upwards the $300 USD. Only around 10,000 are grown a year and also you have the right to only discover them in Hokkaido (Japan’s northern most island) The Densuke melon’s rind is totally black and its flesh bright red.

No matter exactly how rare and also scarce, how might one probably pay such a price for a watermelon!?

Let’s it is in honest, how different could the taste possible be? consumer say the the melon has actually a unique crisp, flavour and also sweetness.

This writer is not so quickly convinced, over there is just one means to discover out, and also that is come lay the money top top the table and also find out an initial hand.

For those who’d choose us to review first hand a Densuke Melon you re welcome feel totally free to donate to help pay because that the man price tag.

The Tops

can it obtain any much more absurd? correct it absolutely can, if you assumed $300 because that a watermelon was exorbitant, how around $70,000 USD?

Keep in psychic of course that this is just paid because that the ‘first melon of the season’ together a promotion gesture and also to support the industry.

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Clearly the economy can’t it is in too negative as lengthy as there is a market for $300 melons.