For some people, it might be a little shocking come come throughout our an ext expensive cassette player offerings choose the Sony Walkman TPS-L2 or WM-3 ($499+) because that the very first time. Though this prices might be a little curious to first-timers, we try to price our products fairly based top top the value of the details Walkman model and also the hours of difficult work that our team put in to administer a high quality product. Let"s take it a watch at few of the factors that make particular models so valuable.

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Some Walkman models space rare and expensive come source.

TPS-L2s and also WM-3s are highly sought after and hard come come by; commonly costing numerous dollars to source, regardless of cosmetic condition or functionality. 

By the time our team gets their hands on a rare Walkman, a significant amount that money has already gone into gaining it prior to we dedicate any kind of time or resources to refurbishing it.


Each Walkman undergoes comprehensive repair and refurbishment process.

With models favor the TPS-L2 and also WM-3 in particular, a thorough repair and prolonged inspection is important to guarantee success. After all, these Walkmans are years old and also have been based on varying level of use by their previous owners.

On average, our repair technicians spend 2-4 hours repairing every TPS-L2 or WM-3. In extreme circumstances, even an ext repair time might be forced to resolve some issues.

At minimum, every unit undergoes a finish disassembly and inspection. This contains replacing drive belts, calibrating the playback speed, deoxidizing the volume potentiometer and also cleaning the tapehead — every one of which will assist create a good listening suffer for its new owner. We carry out this because that every portable cassette player us sell, not simply the rarely models. In addition, the FW/FFW/RW idler tires and the pinch roller are changed on every TPS-L2 and also WM-3.

Beyond these typical measures, additional repairs or adjustments are frequently necessary and often require replacement parts from another unit. Given the high price of sourcing some of the rarer models, the price of each repair can add up very quickly together donor components from number of units are often utilized to develop one working TPS-L2 or WM-3.

Once a Walkman has been repaired, that is tested routinely over the food of 2-5 days to ensure that the unit is repetitively functioning properly.

Finally, after passing inspection, every Walkman is cleaned extensively by a refurb technician to do it look together shiny and new as possible.

Each Walkman comes v bonus goodies and also a warranty.

Okay, therefore this one isn"t technically a factor for prices being what castle are. It"s not something we charge extra because that or build into the cost, it"s simply something we want to perform to offer our customers a distinctive unboxing experience once purchasing one of our refurbished portable cassette players. Every is closely packaged in a new box, and also comes v a set of headphones, a completely random cassette single and a user guide.

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Should any kind of issues happen after who receives your device, we have a customer organization team prepared to help troubleshoot! We desire to take the apprehension out of to buy retro tech and carry out you with a product that goes the distance, which is why we have actually a 90-day limited warranty the covers commodities made, refurbished and/or serviced through