No-Cost Programs

PPWP is below for you even if it is you have actually insurance or not. We sell a variety of low and no-cost programs to ensure you space able to get the health care you deserve.

No-Cost Programs

Sliding fees Scale

Fees for services are based on your family members income and also may be free. If you space uninsured yet don"t qualified for cost-free services v the slide fee scale, you may be eligible for a lessened fee based upon your income. You will not it is in turned away because of your inability come pay.

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Methods the Payment:

Our health and wellness centers accept cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard. In bespeak to usage a examine or credit transaction card, you must display a valid picture ID. 

Fees for Abortion Services

In-Clinic Abortion solutions Up to 18 weeks: days are measured native the an initial day of the last menstrual period (LMP). To create your date, check out the pregnancy Calculator.

Fee 4+-11.6 weeks from LMP:

With neighborhood Anesthetic: $435With conscious Sedation: $475

Fee 12-13.6 weeks indigenous LMP:

With local Anesthetic: $540With aware Sedation: $580

Fee 14-16.6 weeks from LMP:

With regional Anesthetic: $815With aware Sedation: $855

Fee 17-18 weeks indigenous LMP:

With neighborhood Anesthetic: $915With mindful Sedation: $955

If you like to be sedated throughout your abortion procedure, you have the right to request IV (awake) sedation ("conscious sedation"). The medication helps you come relax and you might not mental the procedure together well. You will certainly be compelled to have an adult companion you come the appointment, remain with you till your are discharged, and also escort friend home. Please keep in mind that as result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have temporarily exposed this business offering in bespeak to keep staff and also patients safe.

Abortion Pill: Individuals 5+ to 10 weeks pregnant can use the abortion pill method. The cost for this procedure is $435. You should bring additional money to buy ibuprofen, Benadryl, anti-nausea medicine, Imodium AD, and/or prescription pain medication at the pharmacy.

PPWP accepts most major insurance carriers and also HMOs.

PPWP accepts the following forms of payment: cash, money order, MasterCard, American Express and also VISA. PPWP offers minimal financial assistance for both abortion methods. Speak to us in ~ 412.562.1900 or 1.800.426.4636 to find out if us can help you!

Counseling services:

Planned Parenthood supplies one free post-abortion counseling visit with our CARE behavior health program. This organization is open to any kind of patient who received an abortion through PPWP. To obtain started, contact us in ~ 412.562.1900 and also ask around post-abortion counseling. Patients that desire continuous therapy after ~ their first visit might be noted with a list of supportive referral options, or accepted into the CARE behavioral health program, depending upon program availability.

Hormone Therapy

Many patients have questions around how much hormone therapy services will cost. Depending on your particular information, click listed below for an ext information about costs and also insurance coverage. Rest assured that everything your situation, to plan Parenthood of west Pennsylvania provides treatment to everyone, nevertheless of their capability to pay.

We encourage patient to contact their setup -- one of two people at the number located on the ago of the card, or utilizing the digital portal for your health setup -- to accessibility information on even if it is or not hormone therapy is covered. Another method to twin check if you"re spanned is to obtain a copy the the Member Handbook for your plan. Different plans may contact this file different things, yet normally it will certainly be on the an extensive side -- anywhere from 25 come 100 pages. Trans health Project is a great resource because that tips on what to look for to for sure your care is covered and that there room no surprise costs. 

Below space a perform of ICD-10 diagnosis codes your provider may use:

E34.9 Endocrine disorder, unspecifiedZ79.899 Other lengthy term medicine therapyF64.1 sex identity disorder in adolescence and also adulthoodF64.8 Other gender identity disordersF64.9 gender identity disorder, unspecifiedF64.0 Transsexualism

(Note that while we don"t like the wording offered in numerous of these codes, they are supplied by insurers and medical billers top top a nationwide basis and also we are unfortunately compelled to save the wording the same once using them due to the fact that of that.)

When being viewed for hormone therapy, patients through insurance might owe copays such together the professional copay provided on the card. Any kind of in-office prices not covered by insurance will be lessened according to your income.

In addition, some labs we may run, such together hemoglobin testing, testosterone or estrogen level checks, or simple metabolic panels, may be counted together diagnostic labs, which space subject to her plan"s deductible. Her plan"s Member solutions team or digital portal has information around what the deductible is for her plan and also how much progress you have actually made towards paying it.

Finally, in stimulate to begin hormone therapy, you"ll likely want to look up the medications you setup to start with her prescription insurance. Countless prescription insurance money companies have medication pricing tools on your website. Right here are a couple of handy ones:

If you arrangement on paying out of pocket because that hormone treatment services, we aim come make expenses as uncomplicated together possible. During your appointment, our staff will certainly evaluate you for eligibility because that programs that can aid pay for her visit.

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Even if you room not eligible, our services are readily available on a sliding scale to assist make your care an ext affordable. Our staff will provide a quote around what you have the right to expect to pay prior to lab job-related is drawn and also finalized. Usual costs may vary depending on your earnings level and your separation, personal, instance needs, and can selection anywhere from full coverage up to $150-200 if you fall on a higher end the the scale. 

Another ingredient of her total costs will certainly be medication costs. To plan Parenthood of western PA is happy come transmit your prescription come whichever pharmacy is many convenient and affordable because that you. GoodRx is a helpful resource if friend would prefer to compare pharmacy pricing.