Sometimes diet, exercise and weight control programs are poor to get rid of the abdomen flab. If you’ve functioned hard to with your desired weight yet not your preferred shape, it may be time to think about a ship tuck in Colombia. Ship tuck in Colombia, likewise know as abdominoplasty, is a procedure to eliminate excess skin and also fat from the reduced abdomen and also to regain the weakened abdominal wall, offering a firmer and smoother appearance. Our plastic surgical procedure patients choose this procedure when they are having actually trouble achieve a flat and toned ship appearance.

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A toned Tummy v Premium care Plastic Surgery

Now that you’ve reduce the pounds, you’ve also dropped the skin – it most likely hangs on your belly and also creates an unflattering look. And also no matter how many crunches girlfriend do, you simply can’t seem to acquire those abdominal muscles everywhere near a six-pack. Without the help of plastic surgery, you could be stuck. No creams will certainly lift lax tummy skin, no amount of crunches will tighten loose stomach muscles, and also oftentimes also the healthiest diet will not have the ability to reduce details fat deposits along the abdominal muscle wall. Just abdominoplasty (tummy tuck in Colombia) in Cartagena indigenous Premium care Plastic surgical procedure can assist you resolve these problem areas sufficiently.



Tummy Tuck in Colombia v Premium care Plastic Surgery

Abdominoplasty is the one of the most popular plastic surgeries because that women, and also is becoming increasingly popular for males as well. If you room a good candidate for a tummy tuck, additional mix surgeries such as liposuction likewise may it is in appropriate. Plenty of women have abdominoplasty in Colombia as component of your Mommy Makeover, which can integrate procedures such as breast augmentation, chest reduction, face sculpting and more.


Premium treatment Plastic surgery in Colombia has created this internet site to carry out even more information for tummy tuck patients. This is important a transformative procedure, and also many of our patients tell us that they wish they reserved surgery sooner.Our qualified plastic surgeons, Dr. Alex Campbell and Dr. Carolina Restrepo bring experience from considerable training come Cartagena and are devoted to offering you through the personalized attention you deserve.
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Loose skin, large marks and also fat ~ above the abdomen are among the most common reasons patients seek assist from a plastic surgeon. In part cases, patients have actually excess skin and fat ~ above the abdomen from load loss. In other cases, age or pregnancy has readjusted the contour of the abdomen. Many are frustrated the diet and exercise do not tighten their lower abdominal skin. Some also lose the an ideas to exercise because they can’t see their muscle underneath their loose skin. For countless patients, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) in Colombia is their ideal opportunity come reclaim a youthful figure.

Tummy tuck surgery is one of our favourite operations since of the dramatic enhancements our Cartagena abdominoplasty patients achieve.

Tummy tuck surgical treatment provides many patients v a dramatic development in the figure of the abdomen, and also our approaches address particular patient difficulties through a mix of the following elements:

Extra skin and fat the the reduced abdomen is eliminated through a lower abdominal incision.Abdominal muscles are tightened, producing a much flatter abdomen.Loose skin of the upper abdomen is then pulled down favor a home window shade, smoothing the skin and also fatty bulges the the abdomen.The belly button is often repositioned, and also the skin about it is pulled down to a much lower location.

There room various varieties of abdominoplasty steps for patients to choose from. Each one is designed come treat a specific collection of needs. There are different varieties of ship tucks depending on patient needs. In consultation through a standard plastic surgeon like Dr. Alex Campbell and Dr. Carolina Restrepo, the choice of procedure will certainly be made based on your anatomic features and desired outcome. While all tummy tucks have in common that lock tighten the ab skin, there room two crucial differences in between the assorted procedures. The incision lengths vary relying on the quantity of skin to it is in excised, and the abdominal muscle muscles may be tightened if they have actually excess laxity.

The length of the incision is established by the amount of loose skin that is to it is in removed. The incision lengths differ from as brief as 6 inches (Mini ship Tuck) come as long as the entire circumference of the belt (Body Lift). The most usual incision size runs from hip to hip surprise beneath the bikini line (Full or classic Tummy Tuck).

In addition to removing loosened skin, localized fat deposits can likewise be removed during your ship tuck. It is recommended, however, that you be together close as possible to your goal weight before having the procedure. If your concerns extend past the tummy, Dr. Campbell and also Dr. Restrepo safely combine liposuction through tummy tucks for more dramatic results.


A mini ship tuck is a smaller sized procedure designed to boost the contour of the abdomen only listed below the ship button. The is best for patients who have subtle skin and fat excesses the the lower abdomen or not attractive scars indigenous previous surgery (such as a C-section). A mini ship tuck have the right to be offered in conjunction through liposuction use to eliminate the localized fat, and the muscles below the belly switch can be tightened. This procedure is recommended for those who room physically fit, have no abdominal muscle problems and also are simply suffering from ship fat under their button, and also neither exercise or diet regimes room helping castle to get rid of it


With traditional tummy tucks, the ab skin is pulled so far downward the it is crucial to reposition the belly switch to save it centrally located. This results in a one scar about the belly button and also a dramatic development in abdominal contour. The timeless tummy tuck is the best solution for many people.

For patients that require much less skin excision, it might be possible to “float” the ship button. This method that the belly switch will continue to be attached to the skin and also will be traction downward v the skin. The belly button, however, is not relocated so far regarding require a one incision because that repositioning. It is also feasible to tighten the muscle of the upper and lower abdomen with this procedure. Floating the belly button may an outcome in significantly improved ab contour, however the results are no as dramatic as with the timeless tummy tuck.


This technique is comparable to the classic tummy tuck, other than that it treats a larger area of abdomen. The scratch is longer, extending from the whole abdomen area to the back of the hips. The large incision is generally made to reach the underlying muscles and fat located in the abdomen, especially the hip and also flank areas, and to lift the thighs.


We use modern-day plastic surgery techniques to create the best-looking scars possible. The key scar because that a tummy tuck is situated at the lower ab waistline. We architecture our scars come be particularly low for this reason they’ll be concealed when put on low-cut shower suits, trousers or other clothing. We talk about scar position with our patients and plan the incisions come fit your lifestyle. In general, the much longer the incision, the more skin might be tightened and also removed.


During pregnancy, the rectus abdominis (“six-pack”) muscle of the abdomen space stretched apart. For numerous women, the muscle don’t go back to their initial position ~ pregnancy. We call this condition diastasis recti. Because that these patients, us tighten the abdominal muscle muscles without cutting any kind of muscle by using secure two-layer sutures for the fibrous fascia bordering the muscles. For patients who don’t have actually a diastasis recti, such as young weight-loss patients, it may not be helpful to tighten the muscles. Those patients have actually an also faster restore from the operation.


There’s a huge amount of variability among plastic surgeons in the figure of the belly switch following abdominoplasty. Our special an approach is provided to develop a beautiful belly buttons for our ship tuck patients.

Hide the scar by place it contempt on the within edgeRemove part fat bordering the umbilicus come recreate youthful contoursUse a crescent- shaped skin cut to produce a natural appearing upper fold of skinDeepen the basic of the umbilicus to produce an “innie” belly buttonBury the exterior sutures so the stitch marks space not visible on the tension totally free closurePUBIC LIFT

Rejuvenating the pubic area (mons pubis) is an essential part of ours abdominoplasty procedures. Countless surgeons overlook the chance to filter the pubic area. We include lifting and also tightening the pubic area together an integral component of the tummy tuck procedure. In ours consultations through patients, we room able to display the dramatic enhancement a pubic background will include to your tummy tuck result.

These are simply a couple of of the plenty of surgical refinements we use to achieve the best possible results indigenous the ship tuck procedure.

Still doing your homework? You may want to download our totally free iBook to learn around preparing for surgery, recovery and much more.


At Premium treatment Plastic surgery in Colombia, countless of our patients from the Colombia and from overseas who obtain tummy tucks experience multiple procedures at the moment of your abdominoplasty. Factors for combining steps with a tummy tuck encompass patient goals, recovery time, and also cost. Many patients desire advancement in multiple locations of their body and also frequently the finest results are accomplished through improving an ext than one of these regions. If Dr. Campbell and Dr. Restrepo introduce that several procedures might be performed during the same operation, the patience may choose to have an unified procedures.

For much more information about what mix of procedures may be appropriate for you, contact our patience Coordinator. She takes proud in providing thoughtful and discreet answers to all her tummy tuck questions. She likewise invites you come download the complimentary iBook to learn much more about all facets of plastic surgery at Premium Care.


Combination ship tuck and also liposuction surgeries are common in Cartagena. Suctioning fat indigenous the hips and also flanks regularly complements a tummy tuck by producing a an ext slender torso. The inner and outer thighs room other locations where patients will often advantage from liposuction in ~ the exact same time together a tummy tuck. With the newer technique of power-assisted liposuction, these areas may it is in treated more safely and efficiently than ever before.


Abdominal etching is a refined an approach that may complement tummy tucks because that men. The procedure creates or enhances the appearance of the “six pack” of ab muscles.

The traditional method to attain visible meaning of the abdominal muscles is v diet and also exercise. Working out the abdominal muscle muscles makes them much more prominent. In slender patients, a slim layer the subcutaneous fat consist of the muscles and also permits them to be seen. If a special layer of abdominal muscle fat is present, even the strongest ab muscles will certainly not it is in visible. Exercise and dieting space the finest ways come improve meaning of the abdomen.

It is also feasible to boost the illustration of the abdominal musculature with the sculpting or etching of fat. We commonly perform this as a component of a ship tuck. Techniques used to create these changes include precision liposuction, incising fat and superficial fibrous layers, or direct excision of fatty tissue. Ab etching might be complementary come the ship tuck operation.


Breast enhancement surgery is likewise frequently an unified with a tummy tuck. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, or after comprehensive weight loss, the breasts may become droopy. A chest lift may be the best answer because that these patients. During a breast lift we usage the patient’s very own tissues to produce an interior bra that outcomes in perkier breasts and also a much longer lasting lift. Patients who have small breasts without droopiness may want to combine breast augmentation with a ship tuck. The increase in breast size for this patients may assist them come achieve an ext attractive bodily proportions.


Facial rejuvenation procedures are also commonly performed v a ship tuck. The same processes that contribute to laxity the the ab tissues will cause similar changes in the face. The eyelids, because that example, may have actually puffiness from orbital fat or hooding from excess skin. Through eyelid surgical treatment it is possible to accomplish a more youthful, alert and also well-rested appearance. The cheeks, jowls and also neck may also show the indicators of aging and also the force of gravity.

Repositioning of these tissues with a face and neck lift may create dramatic renovations in a patient’s appearance. A minimal scratch facelift (a brand-new procedure) may assist patients to achieve this goal with shorter scars and also a quicker recovery. Fine wrinkles around the mouth and eyes may be enhanced with laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing the the challenge is one effective means to soften these wrinkles and uncover more youthful showing up skin.

Plans to incorporate procedures with a ship tuck have to be made just after a thorough consultation through our plastic surgeons at Premium Care. The wide selection of patient demands requires the these actions be individualized. The results of combined procedures may be dramatic and lead come high levels of patient satisfaction.


A Mommy Makeover describes the typical group of steps that numerous mothers seek after they are finished having actually children. Numerous times, the operation is performed in one stage, however other moms will like to execute the steps over time. In one of two people case, that gives plenty of mothers lull to understand that the changes they watch in their bodies following pregnancy might be improved significantly by a expert plastic surgeon.

Mothers dedicate a good deal of us to your families. It starts v the pregnancy, whereby the mummy body transforms dramatically. Finally, over there comes a time once mothers feeling they’re may be to resolve their own needs. ~ multiple pregnancies and also breastfeeding, numerous women uncover it difficult for diet and exercise alone to reclaim their figures. Fortunately, mothers with permanently transformed figures discover that a Mommy Makeover in Cartagena is wonderful solution. The Mommy Makeover is a term because that the team of cosmetic actions that plenty of mothers seek complying with pregnancy.


During pregnancy, skin may be stretched to the suggest that microscope fractures form in the skin, or dermis, resulting in stretch marks. Caesarean ar scars might accentuate fatty bulges by tethering the skin to the basic muscles, causing the fat and loosened skin to fold over the scar. The rectus abdominis (“six-pack”) muscle on the abdomen may become separated in the midline, producing a potbelly appearance. Fat likewise redistributes with age, becoming concentrated in the reduced abdomen. The hourglass waist of youth gives means to a bigger midsection. That’s why countless women choose abdominoplasty as part of your “Mommy Makeover”.


Although ship tucks can attain dramatic improvements, it’s vital to also consider adjacent areas the the body because that optimal results. For countless patients, liposuction around the waist and also thighs will certainly provide an ext comprehensive results. Mothers will frequently choose breast surgical treatment as well. This mix of steps completes their revolution back come the hourglass figure they as soon as had, restoring a youthful appearance and confidence.


There space multiple sports of the Mommy Makeover, the course, and also our plastic surgeons individualize the plan for every patient relying on their needs. Plenty of women will not need or desire all of these procedures. Every patient identify what her an individual Mommy Makeover will certainly involve after we talk about her involves and options in a thorough consultation.

A Mommy Makeover might be performed in one or more stages. Age, health, needs and desires are all considered carefully when we formulate a plan for every patient. The bulk of ourmy patients select to do more than one procedure in ~ a time.


The abdomen often tends to suffer the greatest change following pregnant withstretch marks, loose skin and also lower abdominal muscle fat gift the most common complaints. The abdominal muscles may likewise be stretched to the allude that they remain separated in the midline, accentuating the patient’s lower ab bulge. To treat these problems, we execute a tummy tuck where we eliminate the overfill skin and fat native the abdomen and also tighten the muscles.


After having actually children, fat often tends to redistribute to new areas on the body wherein it might be unwanted. This is generally true also if women are successful at losing their infant weight. Many often, bulges the fat accumulate about the waist and on the thighs. On these areas, we generally perform liposuction as part of a Mommy Makeover. Our preferred technique is power-assisted liposuction, the safest and also most effective means to remove fat from this areas.


The breasts go with dramatic transforms with pregnancy and breastfeeding.Patient concerns around their breasts vary greatly, yet the most common breast steps we do as component of a Mommy Makeover include:

Breast augmentation and liftFACIAL SURGERY

Facial rejuvenation measures are also commonly carry out as component of a Mommy Makeover. The same procedures that add to laxity of the ab tissues will certainly cause similar changes in the face. In order to look and feel younger, many patients in Cartagena space seeking corrective procedures for eyelids, cheeks, jowls and also neck

Plans to incorporate procedures with a tummy tuck in Cartagena should be made just after a thorough consultation v our plastic surgeons. The wide selection of patient requirements requires the these steps be individualized. The outcomes of combined procedures may be dramatic and also lead to high levels of patience satisfaction.

If you room still wondering if you are a candidate for a tummy tuck, why not contact our patient coordinator? She can administer you through discreet and thoughtful answers to her tummy tuck questions. Or, you may want to acquire our complimentary iBook to learn an ext about preparing and also recovering from surgery, picking your plastic surgeon and more.

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You will certainly be amazed about how affordable cosmetics plastic surgery have the right to be, and also with one experience favor no other.