Americans on mean will it is in paying about the exact same for a Thanksgiving day dinner in 2019 as they have last year, according to the American farm Bureau Federation 34th yearly survey the the holiday’s dinner table items.

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AFBF pegged the average expense of a classic Thanksgiving turkey dinner for 10 in ~ $48.91, or much less than $5 per person, compared with the 2018 average expense of $48.90.

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For the 2019 AFBF survey, 250-plus volunteer shoppers checked prices at grocery store stores in 38 states. Participating shoppers seek the best feasible prices there is no using unique promotional coupons or acquisition deals, AFBF said. Top top the Thanksgiving shopping perform to feeding 10 human being — through leftovers — were turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls through butter, peas, cranberries, a veggie tray, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and also coffee and also milk.


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“The average cost of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner is essentially unchanged from critical year, after three years of decline since 2015,” AFBF cook Economist man Newton stated in a statement.

This year, the price of the Thanksgiving turkey came in lower, with a 16-lb. Bird costing an average of $20.80, down 91 cents from $21.71 in 2018. By the pound, the turkey cost was $1.30, a 4% diminish year over year. AFBF provided that the inspection results display retail turkey prices at your lowest since 2010.

Of the 12 items on the Thanksgiving shopping list, only three — including the turkey — had actually average price decreases from a year ago: 14-oz. Cubed stuffing (-19 cents to $2.68) and also 30-oz. Pumpkin pie mix (-1 cent come $3.32). A half-pint the whipping cream continued to be the exact same at $2.08.

American farm yard Bureau Federation

AFBF says 90% that Americans watch Thanksgiving through a one-of-a-kind meal, and also 95% serve turkey as an entrée.

Thanksgiving enjoy the meal items reflecting price increases included 3 lbs. That sweet potatoes (+36 cents to $3.75), 12 dinner rolls (+25 cents to $2.50), miscellaneous ingredients (+21 cents to $3.22), one gallon of whole milk (+18 cents to $3.10), two pie shells (+5 cents to $2.52), a 1-pound veggie tray of carrots and celery (+4 cent to 79 cents), a pound of green peas (+2 cent to $1.49) and also 12 oz. Of new cranberries (+1 cent to $2.66).

Adjusted for inflation, the price of this year Thanksgiving dinner was $19.13, down slightly from critical year, AFBF said.

Ninety percent of americans celebrate Thanksgiving v a one-of-a-kind meal, and also 95% offer turkey together an entrée, follow to AFBF’s survey. About fifty percent serve both turkey and ham. Because that the increased Thanksgiving food selection — consisting of the classic turkey dinner to add a 4-lb. Ham, 5 lbs. The russet potatoes and a lb of green beans — the cost climbed to $62.32, up 60 cents from 2018.

AFBF stated that, in spite of the increasing popularity of prepared foods, 92% of american celebrate Thanksgiving at their home or household member’s home, and also most cook their entire meal at home.

Hard-discount grocer Aldi reported the a Thanksgiving turkey dinner because that 10 with the AFBF menu items purchased at its stores expense an average of $32.02 (as that Nov. 1), an ext than $16 much less than the nationwide average.

“Aldi has every little thing our shoppers need to organize the perfect Thanksgiving meal, there is no breaking the bank," Scott Patton, vice chairman of that company buying at Aldi U.S., claimed in a statement. "The main ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal expense $32.02 at Aldi, much less 보다 the national mean at various other grocery stores. Native the star the the table — the Thanksgiving turkey — to the appetizers, sides, desserts, beverages and also even decor, we"re proud to sell shoppers exceptional quality food and also goods at merely unbeatable prices."

Earlier this month, a CNBC to compare shopping research in northern new Jersey discovered that Aldi had the lowest cost of five retailers visited for a Thanksgiving enjoy the meal serving eight people. The 17-item purchase list consisted of a 12-lb. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, crescent rolls, to apologize pie and also coffee.

Aldi led with a total purchase the $34.44, complied with by Walmart at $40.22. Yet Aldi and also Walmart to be the just stores where the CNBC shopper had the ability to buy every 17 items, contrasted with 13 the end of 17 at Costco (for a total of $49.00), 11 the end of 17 at trader Joe’s ($49.29) and six the end of 17 at entirety Foods industry ($48.74).

Looking at actual purchases native Thanksgiving 2018, Catalina Marketing reported Friday the the 2 highest-selling grocery categories nationwide in the week leading as much as the holiday were canned cranberries (+1,600% versus an mean week) and stuffing mixes (+1,500%).

American farm yard Bureau Federation

Prices declined for cubed stuffing and pumpkin pie, but increased for dinner rolls, fresh cranberries and other items.

Regions that the country additionally exhibited details Thanksgiving meal preferences, Catalina found. For example, in the Northeast and Midwest, human being are much more likely opt for timeless Thanksgiving fare, through frozen poultry purchases up 315%, conversely, in the West frozen poultry sales dropped 7% and also refrigerated meat substitutes surged 43%.

Baking ingredients accounted for 15 that the top 20 sales profit by category in Thanksgiving 2018, including refrigerated toppings (+481%), fruit glazes (+541%), canned pie fillings (+715%) and also frozen pie shells (+779%), follow to Catalina.

And data native Nielsen indicate that turkey is encountering much more competition for the new meat plate on Thanksgiving Day.

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From the holiday sales durations for Thanksgiving 2014 (four weeks finished Nov. 29) to Thanksgiving 2018 (four weeks finished Nov. 24), dollar share of new meat because that beef steaks rose from 12.7% come 14.7%, while dollar sales flourished 13.4%, Nielsen said. Similarly, dollar share of complete fresh meat because that beef roasts edged up from 7.2% in Thanksgiving 2014 to 7.9% in Thanksgiving 2018, through dollar sales climb 6.9%. Meanwhile, new meat dollar re-publishing for totality turkey dipped from 10.8% in Thanksgiving 2014 come 9.7% in Thanksgiving 2018, as dollar sales fell 11.9%.