While the Peter Luger prices room on the luxury of the spectrum, the restaurants’ patrons are more than happy to pay because that them. Save in mind the Peter Luger, a steakhouse in Brooklyn, brand-new York City through a 2nd location on lengthy Island in great Neck, brand-new York, has actually consistently been cited as the ideal Steakhouse in the huge Apple for more than 30 consecutive years (Zagat Survey) and included in the James mustache Foundation’s America’s Classics.

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USDA prime Beef

Steak because that Two$103.90
Steak for Three$155.85
Steak because that Four$207.80
Single Steak$51.95
Rib Steak$54.95

Lamb & Fish

Lamb Chops (2 Pc.)$52.95
Grilled Atlantic Salmon$28.95
Filet of sole (Lamb & Fish)$29.95

Daily Luncheon Specials

Served through Potato and Vegetable of the Day until 3:45 pm


Pot Roast$16.95
Chopped Steak (USDA Prime) - Monday$18.95


Roast prime Rib that Beef (USDA Prime) - Tuesday$32.50
Filet of single (Tuesday - Lamb & Fish) - Tuesday$23.95
Chopped Steak (USDA Prime) - Tuesday$18.95


Roast element Rib that Beef (USDA Prime) - Wednesday$32.50
Chicken (Home Style)$19.95
Chopped Steak (USDA Prime) - Wednesday$18.95


Roast prime Rib that Beef (USDA Prime) - Thursday$32.50
Chopped Steak (USDA Prime) - Thursday$18.95


Roast prime Rib the Beef (USDA Prime) - Friday$32.50
Filet of single - Friday$23.95
Chopped Steak (USDA Prime) - Friday$18.95


Chopped Steak (USDA Prime)$18.95

Available for having lunch Daily

Served daily Until 3:45 pm
Lamb Chops (2 Pc.) - Lunch$26.95
Grilled Salmon v Potato and Vegetable$22.95
Luger-Burger through French Fries$18.90
Luger-Burger v Cheese$16.45
Luger-Burger v Bacon$20.90


Sliced Tomatoes through Luger"s own Sauce (For Two)$14.95
Sliced tomato & Onions with Luger"s own Sauce (For Two)$14.95
Luger"s Sizzling Bacon (Extra Thick) - 1 Slice$4.95
Caesar Salad v Grated Pecorino Romano$13.95
Iceberg Wedge Salad$16.95
Mixed environment-friendly Salad with choice of Russian, Vinaigrette, Garlic French or Blue Cheese Dressing$10.95
Add Crumbed Blue Cheese come Salad$5.95
Add Chopped Bacon come Salad$4.95
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (4 Pc.) - industry Price$0.00
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (6 Pc.) - sector Price$0.00
Lamb Chop separation (2 Pc.)$26.95


French Fries (For One)$6.95
French Fries (For Two)$11.95
Luger"s distinct German Fried potatoes (For Two)$12.95
Baked overlapping Potato with Sour Cream$6.95
Fresh Broccoli (For Two)$9.95
Creamed Spinach (For Two)$10.95
Onion ring (For Two)$11.95


Served v Homemade "Schlag" (Whipped Cream)
Apple Strudel$11.95
Chocolate Mousse$11.95
Key Lime Pie$11.95
Ice Cream$11.95
Cheese Cake$11.95
Fruit Tarts$11.95
Pecan Pie$11.95
Fresh Fruit$11.95
Luger"s unique "Holy Cow" warm Fudge Sundae$12.95


Coffee, Decaf, or Tea (Lunch)$2.50
Coffee, Decaf, or Tea (Dinner)$3.25
Irish Coffee$12.95
German Coffee$12.95

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Peter Luger prices noted by PriceListo.


In 1887, the original Brooklyn ar opened its doors albeit under a various name – Carl Luger’s Café, Billiards and also Bowling Alley. However in 1950, that was put up because that auction with just Sol Forman bidding and subsequently to win both the restaurant and also the building where it was located.

Forman to be responsible because that the increase in prestige of the Peter Luger initial restaurant and for the opened of the second location in good Neck. The latter was close up door in 1984 as result of extensive damages after a fire yet it was soon ago in business by 1986.

Today, Amy Rubenstein own the restaurant. Countless of America’s celebrities have actually wined and dined below including new York governor David Paterson, Robert De Niro, Pete Sampras, James Cagney, Henry Kissinger, Alfred Hitchcock, Elizabeth Taylor, lining Schumer, Jackie Gleason, Jerry Seinfeld, and also Johnny Carson.

What It’s famous For

The Peter Luger restaurants specifically the original location have actually been showered with accolades by diners and critics alike. That is the quintessential new York City steakhouse v sublime steaks that have been copied yet never equaled, much much less surpassed in flavor, taste and texture. Indeed, it might neither it is in the earliest nor the biggest steakhouse in new York however it is definitely the many influential and also the many widely acclaimed!

Aside indigenous its world-class steaks, Peter Luger is also well-known because that its no-nonsense service with the wait employee actually gift knowledgeable around steaks. The internal décor is something else, as well – exposed wooden beams, brass chandeliers, burnished oak wainscoting, and also weathered beer-hall tables provide it a decidedly German beer room vibe.

Why Eat Here

You will pertained to Peter Luger for one primary reason – the steak! The restaurants additionally serves USDA element beef v the porterhouse cut from a brief loin; one side has the filet, the various other side has the brand-new York strip, and also a center T-bone runs under its middle. Each cut is dry-aged, a process that brings out the best flavors in the steak.

Even the food preparation of the steaks is a meticulous procedure especially as every little thing is cooked based upon orders (i.e., nothing is pre-cooked). Of course, the most famous order is medium rare – pinkish in the middle and charred on height – since it brings the end the natural flavors of the steak.

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To learn much more about Peter Luger or to uncover a place near you, visit their website in ~ peterluger.com.