I also was curious since I essential the conversion for a fan story the i will certainly be creating. I want to make it feel realistic and also not end the top. My fan fic will certainly be around earth being found by the broader galaxy prior to the clone wars.

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I needed the switch so divine terra defense spending plan in dollars might be convert to credits. For example to purchase warships i would must know exactly how much is the us defence budget plan is precious in credits.


How ns did it

I thought to myself I essential something both sw UNIVERSE and holy terra had and also have a value of them. The an initial thing came to mind wa s metals and the an initial was Gold.

Gold was used to kind the Hutt currency Peggats used in the Outer pickled in salt Territories. 1 gram of yellow is precious 10 credits. 1 gram of 24k gold is precious $40.75.


I then separated by 10 and got:

1 credit transaction = $4.075

US Defense Budget

610 exchange rate USD = 149,693,251,533.74 credits

(Might too round it come 150 exchange rate credits)

Comment if you think this would certainly be sort of realistic or if you have actually a far better conversion, ns am intrested.


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how much is 75,000 credits worth

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Unfortunately that doesn"t work that way.

The USD has not been on a yellow standard since Nixon abandoned it in 1971. The US simply prints too much dollars to defend. The USD is not prefer the Peggat which is pure yellow (meltable) and also is not straight convertible to royal credits. $40.75 is a spot price. This number goes up or under when huge quantities the gold go into or leave the market.

In order to measure up the potential purchasing strength of the us in terms of royal credits. You should measure exactly how much gold the country holds. In September 2020, the Reserve organized 80 metric lots or 80 billion credits. The world is estimated to host 190,000 metric tons of yellow (+/- 20%) for this reason 190 trillion credits is the world"s maximum possible expenditure based upon Gold alone.

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So wait, to develop one nebulon would price at least 3M dollars??, idk male I’m simply a plank bitch

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If the rebellion had actually this the empire would have no chance.


have the right to projectile weopens go with shields choose it to be nothing?


Which delivery looks the coolest?

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