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We mean it was inevitable. So late one afternoon last spring, we espied Ralphie the Pug, Ranger the Rottweiler, Ginger the Pomeranian and also Lizzie the golden Retriever mingling quickly in a corridor in ~ Biltmore Fashion Park. Neither the dog nor their masters seemed to have much familiarity v the meaner roadways of our good metropolis. Both pups and also humans to be well-groomed, spiffy, comfortable in their skins -- or fur. Every Thursday (except during the warm summer months) from 6 to 8 p.m., approximately 80 canines crowd into this puppified shop on the venerable mall"s north next to gobble their treats -- some of which seem much more fitting for the two-legged animals. And they say it"s a dog"s world. So it is.
Blue Dragon and its small team that dutiful tattooists -- along with "John the Piercist" -- bestow upon your customers the most presentable cornucopia of full-color tats and unpredictable piercings found just about anywhere. Blue Dragon"s artists room renowned for your abilities, sought ~ by Phoenicians and also even out-of-towners. Tattoos are done meticulously v fanciful flares, through imagery ranging from tribal to urban, insects come Celtics, daggers to demons and also girls to monsters.In the occasion you have to walk out of Blue Dragon one night v your forearm bejeweled v a sizable flame-hued horned nymph the you"ll never have the ability to justify come your significant other, take heart in the reality that the tat will, at least, it is in a beloved one. Averaging $80 to $90 a scrawl, tattoos in ~ the Blue Dragon won"t expense you a limb or two, either.

Art, schmart. Us were simply looking to get our toenails pruned.So imagine our surprise as soon as we sat back for our 7 p.m. Pedicure session in ~ this full-service salon, only to be startled through the sound that live guitar music. We opened up our eyes and also saw a table v punch and also cookies, climate noticed the summary oil paintings on the walls.We to be in the center of an arts opening.Turns out, Mood swings plays organize to local artists. The art -- because that sale, normally -- hangs ~ above the très chic brick walls, and also every 2 months, top top a Thursday evening, the atmosphere Swings hosts an opening, finish with live music by a salon employee.Cultural enrichment and also a foot obstacle -- what can be better?
Sorry girlfriend did it? Tattoos go on much more easily 보다 they come turn off -- yet they do come off. And also a consortium of ar groups in Mesa will assist you remove them if you"re ready to put up v a little pain and a few hours of ar service.Started through the Mesa Gang intervention Project, the tattoo-removal regimen was draft to eliminate gang tattoos as a an initial step toward getting civilization out of gangs. However program officials will certainly bend the rules if you can make a great case because that it -- and if you"re willing to do the volunteer work forced of every participants.Area doctors, the Boys and also Girls Club, Mesa basic Hospital, Mesa Fire Department and others donate their time and also equipment to do the procedure free, fairly a savings due to the fact that a typical tattoo costs $1,200 come remove. The laser removal -- i m sorry sounds and also feels choose rubber bands snapping at her skin -- takes numerous sessions, can be painful and also in some situations leaves scarring.But it will certainly leave you v a clean slate.

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Just due to the fact that barbers spend on median three hrs a year running their fingers v your hair doesn"t average they need to know how much you make or what you payment for her house. Dominance of thumb, if your mommy doesn"t understand something, why should your hair stylist?That"s why the silent scissors the Yury Yakobuv room such a godsend. Uneven snooty unisex shop stylists, this masterful mane guy isn"t interested in who reduced your hair last. Present up v gum in her hair and he more than likely wouldn"t bat one eye. He just lets you watch Ricki Lake or The Price Is appropriate or whatever"s on his portable TV while that administers the comb dipped right into blue antiseptic "Barbicide," the talcum top top the neck, the hot foam shave, the razor about the ears, every the things you go to a barber for other than conversation. You could be a regular for years and also still never understand what previous Soviet republic he"s from. He"d most likely tell you if you asked, however it"s more fun see how couple of words you"ll need to component with beyond "short earlier and sides."That oughta be on his organization card -- "More Yakobuv, much less yaks."