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Hi. Happy brand-new Year.

I have a stunner question.

I recently came to be SAG-eligible.

I only make around $43,000 a year so my earnings doesn’t qualify me to obtain a loan because that the initiation fee. Other than save, what space actors law to salary the $3198 come join?

I guess if I had no receipt or children this wouldn’t be as hard to number out.

Thank girlfriend for your time.Teresa Parker

Congratulations on your union eligibility, Teresa! That’s great news! I seen your IMDb and also what i was *going* to say is actually something I’m quiet gonna say, but not necessarily to you. (So, organize tight. Advice for your specific situation in a moment.)

In checking out your IMDb, I witnessed that you have a most momentum brewing. You’ve been working fairly a bit, and also it’s not choose the typical “I just acquired my eligibility” inquiry I receive, i beg your pardon usually originates from someone that is simply heartbeats far from do a premature Move.

Many people who don’t yet have the money conserved up to salary the SAG-AFTRA initiation fee ($3000 ideal now) are also not yet *ready* to join the union, even though they’re default to perform so. So i say it’s a great thing the they have actually time to save up while they proceed to develop relationships, do nonunion work (or occupational on those awesome projects on the lower-level union contracts that permit for both union and nonunion performers), amass great footage, and also *then* join the union when both that bank account and also the career trajectory support that decision.

But in your situation — at least based upon your credits at IMDb — you appear to it is in ready. All except the money. Now, follow to SAG-AFTRA, there is no payment plan, there are no deductions indigenous future revenue under union contracts, however there is that cool loan. You stated not qualifying for *a* loan, however I’m wondering if friend tried the one available by the AFTRA-SAG Federal credit transaction Union?

Their terms are very reasonable and they’re an extremely actor-friendly (obviously), for this reason if you’ve not tried for that one, uneven the reason you’re no qualifying because that a loan is not as result of your earnings level however due to poor credit or a bankruptcy, there’s a suggestion.

Truly, v the amount of acting job-related you’re doing, you should have the ability to save up because that this soon. I know you have a family and other bills to pay, of course, yet socking away $50 per week starting now, you’ll have actually the totality initiation fee by St. Patrick’s Day, 2016.

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Yeah, that’s a long method off and also yeah, that’s a most money come hide from yourself every week, however just working toward that (starting now) will begin to change the power toward more bookings and more opportunities and also — believe it — more work that pays well sufficient to covering the fees in just a couple of work on set!

Obviously, if any kind of of the brilliant readers of The actors Voice have other proposal on this, I’d love to hear ’em and I’ll share castle in a future Your Turn so you can inspect out the goods.

I’m excited for you and I recognize that it’ll it is in the right and also perfect time for you to end your nonunion status when the money reflects up because that it! The cosmos is magical that way!