Do you desire to recognize the ideal $20 NC Lottery scratch Off Tickets? Of course you do!

$20 scrape off tickets are amongst the most famous scratchers through players. The price is more than the cheapest tickets yet frequently provides much far better odds and greater top prizes.

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About phibìc Carolina Lottery

TheNorth Carolina education and learning Lotteryreleases new scratch ticket on the very first Tuesday of each month. With a constant update of brand-new tickets, it deserve to be tough to continue to be on peak of the scratchers through the best odds.

Today we space going to make finding the best odds $20NC Lottery scratch Off ticketsreally easy. We’ve compiled a ranking of every the games based on in its entirety odds that winning.

Let’s very first define what overall odds are. The overall odds are the odds that winning any kind of prize in a game. With our $20 tickets, the overall odds include winning a compensation of $20, every the way up to the peak prize.

Good luck and happy scratching!

Top $20 NCEL scrape Off Games

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Game Name
Game #
Ticket Price
Overall Odds
Odds Edge

Grand Money
1 in 3.09
Ultimate 7s
1 in 3.12
Win $100 or $200
1 in 9.23

Note: The Odds leaf compares a game’s as whole odds to the #1 ranked game.

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