Dunkin’ Refreshers, Strawberry Dragonfruit flavored and Peach enthusiasm Fruit flavored, space launching because that $2 for a medium-size at participating Dunkin’ restaurants nationwide

CANTON, MA (June 16, 2020) – There’s a new Refresher because that America, and also it’s at Dunkin’. After a lengthy and difficult spring, world are looking for much-needed moment of mental and also physical refresh. Together summer arrives, Dunkin’ has prepared the perfect method to provide its guests that brand-new glow and also a boost of brightness, energy, and also excitement, introducing new Dunkin’ Refreshers iced beverages, available at participating Dunkin’ restaurants nationwide start June 17.

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Made through iced eco-friendly tea, flavored fruit concentrate, and also B vitamins*, Dunkin’ Refreshers are beautifully bolder beverages the will store guests emotion renewed and also refreshed. Dunkin’ Refreshers are accessible in two vibrant varieties, Strawberry Dragonfruit flavored and also Peach enthusiasm Fruit flavored. Both beverages are under 200 calories and also are make without fabricated dyes and flavors.

To aid everyone memory summer with a update taste in ~ a one-of-a-kind price, the brand is supplying medium Dunkin’ Refreshers for $2 all day at participating Dunkin’ restaurants nationwide through July 28.

According to Jill Nelson, vice President, Marketing Strategy in ~ Dunkin’, “Dunkin’ has been there to store our guests running during these an overwhelming months. Now, v the start of summer, it’s the perfect time because that something fresh and also exciting come energize and also enliven civilization again. V a mix of iced green tea, B vitamins, and bright bursts of flavor, Dunkin’ Refreshers was standing apart as the perfect, brand-new choice to help anyone acquire their glow back.”

Currently, the vast majority of Dunkin’ restaurants throughout the country remain open and also have put intensified preventative health and safety actions in place. In one ongoing effort to aid keep that is guests and restaurant employees safe, Dunkin’ is right now limiting business to drive-thru, carry-out, delivery, and also curbside pick-up at choose locations. Guests deserve to order and pay contactless top top the Dunkin’ app for a quick, grab-and-go experience.

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*A an excellent source that B3, B5, B6 and B12.


Open for Opportunity: Dunkin’ Franchisees plan to Hire approximately 25,000 Restaurant employee Nationwide