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Date:March 10

Time:7:30 pm

Cost:$59 – $79, $129 meet & Greet


Ruth Finley person Theater

50 note West Springs Rd.Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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Tyler Henry has actually quickly come to be perhaps the many sought-after clairvoyant medium, both in the unified States and around the world. With his show, Hollywood medium with Tyler Henry, broadcast global on E!, Tyler demonstrates exactly how he offers his distinctive gift of connecting with the various other side to bring comfort, closure, and also hope come his clients. Tyler’s score has always been to help in the grief process and carry out validation and also closure through his one-on-one personal readings, his TV show, his book, and now his live shows.

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Tyler started receiving intuitive mental images when the was just 10 year old with the foretelling that his grandmother’s death. As he ongoing cultivating his gift, sometimes even by “reading” his classmates, word began to spread around his tiny California hometown. As a teenager in Hanford, Tyler started thinking that a method to incorporate his gift into a career. He i graduated high school early and began acquisition college class to become a hospice nurse together he thought his calling was to assist people comfortably transition to the various other side. In ~ the exact same time, he ongoing to maintain his ability by doing exclusive readings in ~ a regional bookstore.

Word of his talents conveniently spread to Los Angeles where renowned celebrities began to request exclusive readings. Tyler found they common the very same feelings of loss and also grief as every one of his other clients – a type of unspoken commonality between all people. Together his clientele started to expand, an opportunity presented chin to carry his work-related to a much bigger audience. Back shy and also reserved, Tyler accepted, emotion it was his responsibility to re-superstructure his capability with together many civilization as he can possibly reach. He has actually never regretted that decision.

In three seasons of Hollywood medium with Tyler Henry, Tyler has actually read Jim Parsons, Megan Fox, RuPaul, David Arquette and also Chrissy Metz, among others, providing specific, detail-oriented and an individual messages native the various other side and transforming even few of the best skeptics, including Moby, Tom Arnold and also Dr. Drew, into believers. Recognized for his rational, comforting, and also tactful presentation that the details he receives, Tyler warmly proves to his clients and also the audience that consciousness transcends physical death for everyone.

As his popularity started to rise, Tyler made decision to share much more of his story v his cultivation audience with his book, Between 2 Worlds, i beg your pardon takes us on his journey of discovering his ability, accepting and embracing it, and then managing this often-overwhelming gift in Hollywood. Tyler shares details stories that readings and how they impacted his life, as well as the overwhelming feelings and responsibilities he feels delivering such emotional and also impactful messages.

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Most recently, Tyler has determined a live show would it is in the many effective way to with even an ext of his ever-expanding audience in require of healing. Throughout Life Lessons i’ve Learned native the Departed, Tyler share how connecting with those top top the other side has actually teach him come live a better, happier, and an ext fulfilled life. The show contains incredible stories of Tyler’s journey from Hanford come Hollywood, comprehensive accounts that readings that helped Tyler grow into the young guy he is today, and also of course, live readings. The tourism is at this time visiting as numerous locations as Tyler have the right to fit into his busy schedule.