Because Costco is a huge retail chain through over 700 locations across the US, you may not think the the store as a pizza outlet. However, because Costco does have a food court in every its major locations, the firm is taken into consideration the 14th biggest pizza chain in the US.

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It is larger than California Pizza Kitchen and also the variety of food courts that market pizza rivals the number of CiCi’s which is among the most famous pizza restaurants.

This means that the agency can be taken into consideration a pizza chain together with the other food their food court provides. As with comparable stores, the food is often distinctive or branded come the store and the pizza is no exception. They right now have 2 varieties of pizza obtainable and are priced per whole pizza or every slice.

Costco’s 18” entirety pizza is priced at $9.95, and a part is priced at $1.99 each. Costco totality pizza comes with 6 slices and also can feed as much as 6 people, one slice per person. You deserve to choose in between cheese or pepperoni without any extr cost.

Membership Update: because 2020, Costco has adjusted its plan on food court purchases. Costco member is now compelled to buy food at the food court. This has pizza, hotdogs, any kind of food or beverages.

The slice pizza price is quite attractive provided the size of the slice itself. Basically, a part of Costco pizza is substantially larger compared to what you discover at most pizza chains. This does not exclude local pizza shops, however of the bigger restaurants that generally serve pizza, the size of the slices native Costco are typically larger.

2 varieties of Pizza (Used to it is in 3)

Costco supplies two prices because that its pizza, through the slice and for whole pizza. The simplicity that the price structure reflects the nature the the Costco keep itself.

Considering the you deserve to purchase a wide variety of item that selection from vehicles to vacation packages come coffins, it’s probably not that surprising the pizza at their food courts has actually a comparable pricing structure.

That is, whatever has a bargain-basement price which shows the viewpoint of Costco nevertheless of the product. In regards to the pizza, that is no different. Over there is no a lot of of selection with Costco pizza. Costco selling 2 species of pizza:


Combo Pizza Update: Costco stopped selling Combo pizza as result of the Covid-19 pandemic, yet this is likely an pardon to reduce the cost of manpower needed for the combo pizza process. Costco employee said this is a long-term change.

As with most food courts that offer pizza, Costco pre-bakes your pizza slices and also puts them under a heat lamp to preserve their freshness until the slices are purchased.

For totality pizzas, castle are ready in the ovens the they use. Some entirety pizzas may be ready once they room purchased, however for the many part, they room prepared when the bespeak is made.

Tip: once the heat is much shorter you obtain your food faster, but when the waiting line is longer the food is normally fresher.

With totality pizzas, you gain 8 slices. Considering the dimension of every slice, that is a considerable amount that food for each slice. As mentioned before, the slices are quite large. And the lot of food also means that the number of calories is significant as well.

Costco Pizza Calories

Considering the 2,000 calorie is encourage for daily consumption, eating two slices will practically get you there. This is one factor why therefore many civilization eat a single slice because that their whole meal. Costco pizza is only 6 slices per entirety pizza therefore each slice is bigger and has higher calories than various other pizzas.

Below room the calories of Costco Pizza:

Slice of Cheese Pizza is 710 caloriesSlice that Pepperoni Pizza is 650 caloriesWhole Cheese pizza 4260 is caloriesWhole Pepperoni Pizza is 3880 calories

Costco Pizzas are so cheap due to the fact that Costco is devoted to pricing all your products and also services competitively contrasted to various other companies. The food court discovered in every Costco is no exception. The goal is to administer the lowest price feasible for all products and also that contains the pizza available by Costco.

You have the right to Call and also Order in Advance

Costco go not deliver their pizza, and you have the right to only order by call or if friend visit the food court at Costco. This is since such a delivery service is not handy or cost-effective for the company. Plus, the vain from various other pizza restaurants is considerable.

That is why Costco boundaries its services to choose up or carry out only and also does not carry out delivery for your pizza.


The phone call ordering procedure is just for whole pizzas. Slices generally do not must be notified in advance since lock are currently prepared to be offered immediately.

You deserve to order a whole pizza by calling the food court ahead of time and providing your information.

Call the variety of the CostcoPlace her pizza orderDrive to Costco and also pay because that the orderOnce the stimulate is paid, you deserve to pick that up

Tip: Costco employee recommend: to prevent waiting, speak to 15 min prior throughout non-busy time. Call 1 hour prior throughout busy hours.

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Are Costco Pizzas Good?

Everyone’s taste is different, for this reason what may be “good” come one person may no be the exact same for another. What deserve to be stated is the Costco pizza is primarily designed to it is in affordable and filling. The is not a gourmet pizza nor is the designed to win any awards.

Some human being seem to be in love through Costco pizza, and some aren’t so crazy around it. In my personal opinion, that is worth it if you’re ~ above budget. Right here is a video on why people love Costco pizza so much: