Washington DC, the capital of the united States, lies between Maryland and Virginia. The 40 miles south of Baltimore and virtually four hrs driving street from NYC. Although it’s not taken into consideration a state, it’s no inside of a state either. DC is considered a federal district and also has numerous tourists every year. Commuters take trip from bordering states, i m sorry can cause issues through DC parking tickets because of some parking rule they have. 

Continue on come learn much more about tickets in the area, just how to prevent them, and also how to dispute them if she innocent. Stop dive in!

How lot Do DC Parking ticket Cost?

Parking tickets commonly cost $25–$100, however other varieties of ticket (speed camera and red lights) deserve to reach up to $300. Speed camera and also red irradiate tickets selection from $50–$300. DC isn’t playing around. Their red light camera tickets room 200% greater than they room in Virginia and 100% greater than they are in Maryland. Plus, prices twin if tickets aren’t paid within 30 days. 

Here room a couple of examples of prices because that parking illegally:

Metered overtime parking: $30

Neighborhood parking there is no permit: $35

Violating street scan hours: $45

Bus zone: $100

Parking in ~ 20 feet the a bus stop: $50

Double parking: $50

Over 12 inches native the curb: $20

Failing to rotate wheels to curb: $20

Parking in loading zone: $50

Dispute your parking ticket easily with a actual lawyer – begin with this chat widget below, it’s 100% cost-free to conflict your ticket – Cancel in ~ 5 job or pay a small monthly fee come have accessibility to any kind of legal aid from devoted attorneys. 

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Can friend Park in DC there is no DC Plates?

A huge source the DC parking ticket is from cars without neighborhood plates. If friend park overnight without having actually DC plates, you can receive a ticket. This uses to all locations (even neighborhoods). Luckily, you can park during the day there is no the threat of receiving a ticket. 

There is a unique exemption parking permit dubbed a ROSA exemption that you might receive if friend visit frequently. You can receive a ROSA exemption if you are a recurring visitor and also have already received a DPW citation for parking there is no DC tags. Come apply, girlfriend will require a copy that the citation, her lease to present out-of-district residence, a recent utility bill, and also your auto registration card. 

You can apply online, in-person, at any kind of DMV in the district, or by mail with a money stimulate (do not send cash). 

Transportation Alternatives

If she a frequent visitor come DC, however don’t want to obtain DC parking tickets, there space other means of transportation to think about if you desire to visit and also live in nearby states. For one, there are numerous buses or trains that operation from adjacent states into downtown DC. 

The Greyhound is one example, but there are plenty of various other private bus providers that you can purchase tickets for. From Baltimore, windy transportation just takes one hour and also a half. 

Paying her Ticket

Payment can be make online, in-person, by mail, or through phone. Girlfriend will require your citation number, yet you can frequently look the up with your license plate too (sometimes you need to contact in and pay by phone if girlfriend only have your patent plate number). 

How lengthy do you have to pay parking tickets DC?

You have to pay your fee in ~ 30 days native the day of issuance for parking tickets, or the day of letter for picture tickets. If you decide to mail her payment, the DMV should receive it within 30 calendar days, for this reason you need to mail it the end early. 

What wake up if i don’t pay a DC parking ticket?

If you nothing pay within 30 days, her parking quote doubles in price. Your car may additionally be towed, impounded, or booted if you have actually too numerous unpaid tickets. Luckily, receipt passed a few years earlier helped mitigate ticket burden. Among these was an amnesty program – if you have over $1,000 that tickets, you deserve to pay off 60% and the remainder will be gotten rid of from your history. Castle also set up a DC ticket payment arrangement allows you to separation payments across collection periods that time

Contesting her Ticket

Sometimes, ticket are erroneously written. If you are going to dispute your ticket, make sure you don’t pay the fine. Friend won’t have the ability to contest if friend pay. 

There room plenty of reasons your ticket may be invalid: 

Ticket is illegibleWrong date, time, or countyIncorrect auto information (wrong key number, plate type, car color, version year, vehicle manufacturer, etc.)They didn’t specify whether you to be parked in ‘Front of’ or ‘Opposite’ the deal with in question

How to problem Washington DC Parking Tickets

It’s most basic to go on your website and also submit a hearing request, however you can additionally contest your ticket by mail and in-person. You will submit her initial request, climate they will either throw the end the ticket ideal away if girlfriend have adequate evidence or entrust you a court day for a hearing.

Writing her Statement

When girlfriend submit her dispute, girlfriend will need to write one explanation to let them recognize why you desire your ticket thrown out. On peak of that, make certain to administer any photographs or other records that help your cause. If your statement is convincing enough, your ticket will be thrown out and you won’t should attend an in-person hearing. 

Don’t Lie

We don’t recommend lying as soon as contesting a ticket. It can result in even more fines and consequences if they uncover out. 

Be Professional

When composing your statement, be skilled (don’t go on a rant around how angry you are around the ticket). Simply explain the situation and also why you think your violation need to be contested.

Provide Evidence

Statements that include evidence space far an ext likely to be deemed not guilty when compared with no evidence. Make certain to take as many pictures and gather other proof at the scene that helps prove your innocence! Don’t offer up if you nothing have any kind of evidence though, plenty of tickets deserve to be contested without it.

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Also if lock don’t completely throw out your parking violation, they will frequently reduce the fine. 

If all else fails, you can still apply for a DC ticket installment plan to pay over a couple of months and also make the payments much less drastic. 

Bottom Line

Overall, parking in DC deserve to be a hassle, specifically if you’re a constant visitor due to their strange overnight parking law. We hope girlfriend learned about DC parking tickets and also how to problem them if needed!