With Walt Disney human being theme park tickets, you an initial choose the variety of days you desire on a base ticket, which allows you to get in one theme park each day. Then decide which choice you desire to add, paying just for those attributes you want, such as the capability to visit multiple Disney theme parks each day (Park Hopping) or to visit Disney water parks and also sports venues (Park Hopper Plus).


The Walt Disney people Resort template park ticket pricing framework is based upon an interactive calendar based upon dates preferred by the purchaser. In some aspects, it"s simple to see exactly how lot tickets will cost you, yet if girlfriend don"t recognize the exact days you setup on visiting, this system deserve to prove to be a little bit difficult. We"ve done our ideal to lay out the nitty gritty.Tickets for Walt Disney civilization are no much longer priced ~ above a value, regular, and also peak season scale. Instead, Walt Disney world single-day and also multi-day ticket are now priced based on the day guests intended to visit. The multi-day ticket pricing willbe based on the arrival day chosen at the moment of purchase. Together an example, a one-day ticket different in pricing native $109 come $159 every day depending upon the exact dates that are favored to visit a design template park and which additional options space chosen. The prices space subject to adjust at any time without notice, yet the charts listed below show a range of what you have the right to expect to pay every day depending upon the size of ticket girlfriend purchase. It"s also important to no that these room the advance-purchase prices; waiting to buy your park tickets until you arrive at the gate will certainly be more expensive. Multi-day ticket decrease in price every day, so the much more days friend visit a theme park, the much less it expenses per day.

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Below is a malfunction on the usage home window for theme park tickets: 1-Day Ticket – Valid just on the specific date selected at the time of purchase2-Day Ticket – any kind of 2 days in ~ 4 days3-Day Ticket – any kind of 3 days in ~ 5 days4-Day Ticket – any kind of 4 days in ~ 7 days 5-Day Ticket – any type of 5 days in ~ 8 days 6-Day Ticket – any 6 days in ~ 9 days7-Day Ticket – any kind of 7 days within 10 days 8-Day Ticket – any kind of 8 days in ~ 12 days 9-Day Ticket – any 9 days within 13 work 10-Day Ticket – any kind of 10 days in ~ 14 work

The price ranges provided in the charts below are the advance-purchase price PER-DAY and DO NOT include sales taxation (6.5%) which will be included at the moment of purchase.

2021 basic TICKET PRICES
1$109 - $159$104 - $154
2$107 - $155$101 - $150
3$105 - $149$100 - $144
4$103 - $141$98 - $136
5$88 - $120$84 - $116
6$75 - $103$72 - $99
7$67 - $91$63 - $87
8$61 - $82$58 - $79
9$56 - $75$54 - $72
10$52 - $69$50 - $66
2021 base TICKET to add WATER PARK & an ext TICKET PRICES
1From $179/dayFrom $174/day
2From $142/dayFrom $136/day
3From $128/dayFrom $123/day
4From $120/dayFrom $116/day
5From $102/dayFrom $98/day
6From $87/dayFrom $83/day
7From $77/dayFrom $73/day
8From $70/dayFrom $67/day
9From $64/dayFrom $61/day
10From $59/dayFrom $57/day

1$174 - $224$169 - $219
2$144 - $193$139 - $187
3$130 - $174$125 - $169
4$124 - $162$119 - $157
5$105 - $137$101 - $133
6$90 - $117$86 - $113
7$88 - $103$75 - $100
8$80 - $93$68 - $89
9$66 - $84$63 - $81
10$61 - $77$58 - $74
1From $194/dayFrom $189
2From $154/dayFrom $149
3From $136/dayFrom $131
4From $129/dayFrom $124
5From $109/dayFrom $105
6From $93/dayFrom $89
7From $82/dayFrom $78
8From $74/dayFrom $71
9From $68/dayFrom $65
10From $63/dayFrom $60


Florida Residents deserve to experience the magic the the Walt Disney civilization Resort design template parks and also save big on design template park tickets!

Enjoy an activity packed visit to Walt Disney human being Resort! Florida Residents deserve to save 40% top top 4-Day Tickets and 30% top top 3-Day Tickets contrasted to the non-Florida resides price that a 3-Day or 4-Day Ticket.

FL residents -Base Ticket$109 - $159$73 - $105$62 - $84
FL resides -Park Hopper$142 - $192$86 - $117$73 - $95
FL residents -Park Hopper Plus$162 - $212$93 - $124$78 - $100
FL Resident base Ticket withWater Park & Sports$144 - $194$85 - $116$71 - $93

Important Details

For Florida residents tickets, all adults will require to display Florida residency at park entrance.Admission is subject to capacity closures and other restrictions.After expiration date, the price paid because that a wholly unused ticket can be used to the purchase of a new ticket through an equal or higher price.

Important Details around the Park Hopper Option

The Park Hopper option enables guests come visit much more than one park per day.Guests must make a layout park reservation via the Disney Park pass reservation device for the first park they arrangement to visit.After beginning that very first park, guest will be able to visit the next park beginning at 2:00 p.m. Till each park"s consistently scheduled closure. The capacity to visit a park is topic to the park"s capacity limitations.At this time a park preventive is not forced after the an initial park, however, reservation demands are topic to change.
Disney Pixie Dust pass (FL citizens Only)-$399Disney Pirate pass (FL residents Only)-$699Disney Sorceror happen (FL citizens & DVC Members Only-$899Disney Incredi-Pass$1,299$1,299

Water Park and also Sports admission can be added to the annual Passes detailed above for an additional $99.

What wake up if girlfriend have already started her Disney vacation and realizeyou don"t have enough days on her ticket or want to add the Park Hopper option?

Park tickets deserve to now be modified through My Disney Experience or by calling the Disney reservation Center. If a ticket is readjusted to a greater priced time period, the guest is responsible for paying the difference in price. If the guest alters to a lower priced period, there will certainly be no refund because that that. If a ticket needs to be readjusted after the start date, guests will should visit any type of Guest Relations place at Walt Disney people for assistance.

Exceptions - no Disney human being ticket deserve to exceed 10-days. If including additional days would certainly make the total number of park days go over 10 for any kind of one park ticket, you cannot do that. Girlfriend can include on extra work as many times together you want, as long as the total variety of days never ever exceeds 10. Water Park and also Sports choice entitlements space not counted in the 10.

You will certainly be fee the current gate price for the new daysadded on.

Adding the Park Hopper alternative to a basic Ticket will permit you come visit much more than one of the Walt Disney human being theme parks (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom) top top the exact same day. The basic Tickets allow visits to all four parks, yet those visits have to take location on separate days. Adding the Park Hopper allows you come visit additional parks top top the very same day.

Guests should make a layout park preventive via the Disney Park pass reservation system for the first park they plan to visit on any given day. ~ entering that very first park, guests will have the ability to visit the next park starting at 2:00 p.m. Until each park"s consistently scheduled closure. Store in mind the the capacity to visit a 2nd theme park is topic to the park"s volume limitations. In ~ this time, a park preventive is not compelled for the 2nd park visit the the day, however, reservation demands are subject to change at any time. Guests can contact (407) 560-5000 because that same-day update to layout park capacity.

The Water Park and also Sports Option enables guests come visit one layout park every day, plus enjoy a certain number of visits to a water park or other Walt Disney human being fun (listed below). A 1-day ticket enables one visit, a 3-day ticket allows 3 visits and a 4-day ticket permits 4 visits.

The Park Hopper Plus choice will enable guests to visit more than one park ~ above the same day, plus reap a certain number of visits come a water park or various other Walt Disney people fun (listed below). A 1-day ticket permits one visit, a 3-day ticket allows 3 visits and a 4-day ticket enables 4 visits.

Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf course

There is one extra price on peak of the base Ticket and also it is no longer the same flat fee for every tickets; the price transforms depending on how plenty of days you have actually on her ticket. Walt Disney world tickets are just valid top top the days you clues at purchase time (unless you"ve to buy the Flexible day tickets). Guests room able to change the dates or options on their tickets any type of time prior to their arrival, but must keep in mind the if the readjust results in a higher priced day, they"ll should pay the difference. Additionally, if the changes made outcomes in a lower price, there will be no refund issued. Us recommend the you pay careful attention to the window of expiration to get the ideal bang for your buck.

The Park Hopper can now be included to template park tickets because that arrival dates beginning January 1, 2021.

The Water Park and also Sports and also Park Hopper Plus alternatives can be included for travel beginning on in march 7, 2021.

IMPORTANT: The prices listed below are subject to readjust at any kind of time there is no notice.

Park Hopper Add-On dues - prior to Tax (Adult and Child):

$79.87 (per human being regardless of variety of days top top ticket)

Park Hopper to add option

$101.17 (per human being regardless of number of days ~ above ticket)

Water Park and also Sports choice Add-On fees - prior to Tax (Adult and also Child):

$74.55 (per person regardless of number of days on ticket)

Guests who would like much more flexibility v their layout park tickets can pay extra because that Flexible date Tickets. The Flexible day Tickets pricing varies depending upon how numerous days you space purchasing them for.

Flexible date Ticket price - prior to Tax (Adult ages 10+/Child eras 3-9):

Flexible day Tickets do price a bit much more than the date-specific tickets and the cost to include this options varies. Among the key reasons for purchasing among these ticket is because that the 14-day intake window. One example of a good use the this choice is if you arrangement on visiting Walt Disney civilization for a couple of days followed by a 7-night cruise then coming ago for 3 an ext days in the parks. That will price you less money to acquisition a Flexible day 6-day ticket 보다 it would certainly to buy 2 3-day tickets.

Disney experts continue to strategize just how to acquire the best pricing using the date-based ticket structure. For few of those strategies, and even more information and discussion around the ticketing system, join in ~ above the conversation at DISboards.com.

If you have actually leftover park tickets from ahead visits and can"t remember how countless days you have actually left top top them, you have the right to have your ticket checked while in ~ Disney world at any type of of the ticket windows at the parks, concierge workdesks at the hotels or Guest connections at Disney Springs.

You can also call Disney to examine their status:(407) 566-4985 - alternative #5or email. If you email, include a picture or scan that the front and earlier of every ticket, photo or scan of a government-issued ID, your complete name, and also daytime phone number.Email size demands to be listed below 2MB and also it might take up to 14 organization days because that a response.

NOTE: every park tickets issued before 2004 perform not expire, so any unused days will still be valid. From 2004-2014, a non-expiration choice was available, so part tickets from this time might still it is in valid.

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