Months after ~ Disneyland opened up the biggest development in that history, the Anaheim layout park elevated ticket price Tuesday, advertise the expense of some one-day passes above $200 for the very first time. Price of annual passes and the digital MaxPass climbed too.

Under a brand-new five-tier pricing system that charges more for work when demand is highest, one-day ticket prices increased as much as 5%. Because that the lowest-demand work — such as Tuesdays and Wednesdays in march — a one-day ticket to visit either Disneyland or Disney’s bordering California Adventure Park stayed unchanged at $104. For optimal days, such as most Saturdays and also Sundays, the price of together a ticket increased to $154 native $149. There are additionally three middle-priced tiers.

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One-day park-hopper tickets, which permit a human visit both Disneyland and California Adventure, rose to $159 indigenous $154 because that lowest-demand days and also to $209 from $199 because that highest-demand days.


The MaxPass, which allows a park visitor to digitally book reservations because that rides and also attractions rather of waiting in line, increased to $20 from $15. Disney representatives point out that two rides — Autopia and also Monsters Inc. — were recently included in the MaxPass reservation system, bringing the total to around 20 rides and attractions.

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, among two rides in the Star wars land, is intended to be added to the MaxPass system soon, Disney public official announced Tuesday.

Parking stayed level at $25 a day.

“A visit come our parks is the best value in entertain bar none, and also we market flexible options to permit families to choose what’s ideal for them,” Disneyland spokeswoman Liz Jaeger claimed in a statement.

John Gerner, a design template park consultant and managing manager at leisure Business Advisors, states the new pricing system’s extra tiers provide Disney much more flexibility to avoid pushing price so high the guests continue to be away but still enable the parks come charge sufficient to be profitable.

If a one-day price above $200 reasons too many people to balk, Gerner said, Disney is likely to know really soon.

“They will start to watch it in client surveys,” that said. “That is walking to it is in a authorize that they’ve gone too much — if they’ve gone as well far.”

The price the the least expensive annual pass, the select Pass, i beg your pardon blocks out holidays and peak-demand days, rose 5% to $419 from $399. The most expensive annual pass, the Premier Pass, which provides guests accessibility to Disney parks in Anaheim and also Orlando, Fla., there is no blocking any kind of dates, jumped 13% to $2,199 from $1,949.

Ticket prices were last elevated 13 months ago, just prior to the park opened its $1-billion Star Wars: Galaxy’s leaf expansion, a 14-acre soil designed to resemble an extraterrestrial spaceport for smugglers and resistance fighters. The price the a one-day ticket rose as lot as 7% critical year, following rise in 2018 of approximately 18%.

Months ~ the Star wars land opened, Walt Disney Co. Reported a 3% decline in attendance. Disney to represent attributed the drop come park efforts to regulate crowding at Disneyland, amongst other reasons.

But in the latest income report for the Burbank-based entertain giant, Disney report an 8% increase in revenue indigenous the department that included parks in the three months finishing in December, through a 2% boost in attendance.

Disney is not finished investing in that resort. This summer, the plans to open a brand-new land in the California Adventure Park featuring the superheroes that Marvel comics and films. A brand-new parade dubbed Magic Happens, the very first daytime parade in ripe years, is reserved to do its debut this month.

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The response to the increases on society media sites ranged indigenous anger to acceptance, specifically from longtime Disney fans who room accustomed to prices enhancing annually.