The high-mobility multi-purpose wheeled automobile (HMMWV or Humvee) is a tactical auto produced because that the united state Army. It is draft to replace the united state Army’s tactical vehicles in the 0.25t to 1.25t range.

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The high-mobility polytheistic wheeled car (HMMWV or Humvee) is a tactical vehicle produced for the us Army. That is designed to replace the united state Army’s tactical vehicles in the 0.25t to 1.25t range.

The Humvee is produced by AM general at that Mishawaka commercial plant. An ext than 50 countries and military organisations operate these vehicles.

HMMWV development

In 1979, the US military issued a breeze specification because that the brand-new tactical automobile which led to the advancement of the Humvee. The US army gave contract to three contenders, am General, Chrysler Defense, and also Teledyne Continental, come design and also develop 11 prototype HMMWVs, comprising of 6 weapon carriers and also five energy vehicles. Testing was performed over rocky hills, deep sand, 60in-deep water, desert heat and arctic eye over 965,606km. In 1981, the US military awarded a contract to AM basic to produce additional prototypes that the tactical vehicle for additional tests. The breakthrough and operational trial and error were conducted in 1982. In 1983, the US military awarded a contract to AM basic to produce 55,000 HMMWVs, of i m sorry 39,000 were because that the united state Army and also the remaining vehicles for the US marine Corps, united state Air Force and also US Navy.

In 1989, the HMMWV gone into combat as component of Operation simply Cause, the US intrusion of Panama.

M-1151A1 HMMWV upgrade

In 2008, the US army fielded a brand-new variant, the M-1151A1, to the nationwide Training Centre. The M-1151A1 is fitted v a fragmentation kit 5 (FK 5) and also objective gunner’s defense kit.

The FK 5 gives IED blast protection and little arms protection, when the target gunner’s security kit provides the gunner to see the battlefield with high safety and security through the transparent armoured glass. Later, in 2009, AM basic launched the deluxe armour fragmentation kit 7 (FRAG 7) for the M1151 up-armoured Humvee.

HMMWV features

The HMMWV is a lightweight, diesel-powered, four-wheel-drive tactical auto built top top the M998 chassis common to all of its configurations, allowing it to lug military equipment, including maker guns and also anti-tank missile launchers.

The car has a size of 15ft, height of 6ft, and width that 7ft. The chassis is a steel framework with boxed framework rails and five cross members built from high-grade alloy steel. The human body is do of aluminium, i beg your pardon reduces the weight and also provides high resistance to corrosion.

The gross auto weight rating (GVWR) of the M998 HMMWV is 7,700lb, v a curb load of 5,200lb. At its preferably payload that 2,500lb, the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 65mph. It has seating alternatives of 1+1 or 2+2 based upon the configuration. It uses a 12V/24V electric system and has a fuel tank through a capacity of 95l.

The HMMWV has actually disk brakes equipment on all 4 wheels. The decaying brakes are mounted inboard the wheels, external of every differential.

Mission variants

The Humvee has four different models, specific A2 collection vehicles, reliability expanded vehicles, expanded-capacity vehicles, and international vehicles.

Humvee A2 Series

The A2 series HMMWVs room fitted through a 6.5l V8 diesel engine v 160hp power rating and also a four-speed automatic transmission. The common A2 series vehicles have a GVWR of 10,300lb and can bring a payload the 4,400lb in ~ a maximum speed of 70mph.

Key additional features include an improved steering wheel and also column, brand-new rear seats, enhanced cargo capacity, boosted brake pedal, and an improved 9,000lb winch.

The vehicles under this model include the M1097A2, M1097A2, M1123, M1097A2, M1025A2, M1043A2/1045A2, M997A2, and also M1035A2.

Reliability extended HMMWVs

In 2006, am General began the breakthrough of reliability prolonged Humvees. An essential inclusions space a geared fan drive, brand-new cool pack and shroud, new shock absorbers, new A-arm bushings, re-engineered aligned hub assembly, and new parking brakes. The M1151, M1152 and also M1165 are the 3 vehicles under this model.

HMMWV ECV broadened capacity vehicle

The broadened capacity auto (ECV) HMMWV was developed to lug high payloads v the same performance levels. The most common car weighs 2.5t and also has a payload volume of 5,100lb. It is it is provided by a turbocharged 6.5l V8 diesel engine. The key vehicles the this model consist of of the M1113, M1114, M1116, M1151 w/AC, M1151A, M1151A1 w/B1, M1152 w/AC, M1152A1, M1152A1 w/B2, M1165 w/AC, M1165A1 and M1165A1 w/B3.

International models are vehicles produced in teamwork with international companies. AM basic has collaborated with numerous international players, such together the Swiss for sure Mowag and the Turkish firm Otokar, which have designed, tested and manufactured exceptional vehicles. The Eagle and also Cobra are the two international models.

The HMMWV has actually over 15 construction such as cargo carriers, troop carriers, armament carriers, ambulance and shelter carriers.

All the variants have a usual chassis, engine and also transmission, as well as 44 interchangeable parts fitted in assorted positions.

Engine and mobility

The M998 HMMWV is fitted through a 6.2l V8 fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, diesel compression-ignition engine that generates 150hp in ~ 3,000rpm. It also has three-speed automatically transmission through a two-speed, locking, chain-driven deliver case.

The HMMWV is fitted with double A-arm live independence suspension at the front and also rear, coil springs and also hydraulic double-acting shock absorbers for high off-road mobility. This system gives 16in soil clearance in normal pack conditions. It has actually a monitor of 72in. The auto offers 40% on slide slope, 60% slope-climbing and also 60in that water fording capacities, making it an outstanding off-road vehicle.

The HMMWV is air-transportable, droppable and can be sling-loaded through helicopters. A C-13 Hercules plane can carry three HMMWVs and a C-5A Galaxy 15. In addition, the car can it is in dropped by the low-altitude parachute extraction system.

HMMWV orders and deliveries

In 1983, AM general received an initial manufacturing contract worth $1.2bn to develop 2,334 Humvees together a very first increment the the total order the 55,000 vehicles. Production started in 1984 and the first deliveries to be made in 1985. Through 1991, 72,000 HMMWVs had actually been produced, consisting of international sales.

Multi-year contract to develop the HMMWV to be awarded to AM basic for one more 33,000 vehicles. Orders for secondary 20,000 vehicles from end 40 international federal governments have been received due to the fact that 1991. In total, 190,000 devices were created by 2008.

In 2000, a production contract to manufacture 2,962 van in the M998A2 collection was forgive to am General. The contract included six single-year increments. The contract duration was later extended until 2009. AM basic delivered much more than 85,000 trucks under this contract.

In august 2010, the company signed a $619m contract v the US army to deliver 2,526 HMMWVs because that the Afghan police force and also National Guard. The US army Tank-Automotive and also Armaments Command (TACOM) put two contracts for 153 HMMWVs in may 2010.

In April 2011, the US army released a 2nd request for information (RFI) for the competitive HMMWV recapitalisation programme. The programme is intended to upgrade about 60,000 older design HMMWVs, with high levels of protection. The major contenders, BAE Systems, Oshkosh and also AM General, arisen kits because that the HMMWV recap programme. The an initial RFI published in January 2010 was denied by the us Congress.

AM basic was awarded a $356.21m contract to it is provided 1,673 HMMWVs to the US federal government for shipment to the Afghanistan national Army and Police in august 2016.

The agency received brand-new contracts and modifications to existing contracts precious $151.05m in October 2016. The contracts extended the supply of vehicles and also parts, including 360 M1152A1B2 HMMWVs and also 73 M1151A1B1 HMMWVs to Afghanistan, 40 M1152 HMMWV ambulances come Ukraine, 237 M997A3 HMMWV ambulances come the US national Guard and Reserves.

In respectable 2017, AM general was vested a $2.2bn firm-fixed-price foreign military revenue (FMS) contract to deliver 11,560 new Humvees through 2022. AM general was awarded an $800m five-year contract for approximately 2,800 M997A3 HMMWV ambulances in September 2018.

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In October 2018, AM basic received an order from the US military for 740 brand-new M1152A1 HMMWVs. The US military placed a $185m order because that 648 M997A3 HMMWV ambulances in April 2019.