The iconic environment-friendly beverage and also its Oreo cookie sidekick are accessible once again front of St. Patrick's Day.

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It might feel prefer winter however McDonald's Shamrock Shake claims spring is Illustration / McDonalds
Though countless places throughout the U.S. May still have actually snow ~ above the ground, there"s a hints of feather peeking the end at the finish of the rainbow.

After fifty percent a century the serving one of its fan-favorite, seasonal drinks, McDonald"s announced earlier this month that its lover Shamrock Shake would make its go back to restaurants on Feb. 15.

If the wasn"t enough to get folks kicking up their snow boots in excitement, the chain is likewise bringing back the shake"s chocolaty cousin: the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry.

Dive into a flurry that minty flavor and Oreo cookies. McDonald's

Last year, in respect of the creamy eco-friendly milkshake"s 50th anniversary, McDonald"s announced its unique McFlurry mashup. Due to the fact that folks couldn"t withstand the enhancement of crunchy, sweet cookies swirling about their vivid treat, Mickey D"s made decision to keep it component of the springtime celebration. Industry prices vary, yet the Shamrock Oreo McFlurry costs $2.30 for a snack size and $3 because that a regular.

The chocolate-mint lovers" dream shower is a blend of vanilla soft-serve ice cream cream, minty Shamrock syrup and also crushed-up pieces of Oreo cookies. The standard shake, for those who"ve never tasted it, is the very same mix of seasonings (sans the Oreos), blended into a drinkable milkshake consistency and topped through whipped cream.


When the debuted last year, countless fans wondered why it take it McDonald"s so lengthy to incorporate two lovely frozen treats.

Before the springtime shake gained its McFlurry makeover for the first time throughout a test run in September 2019 (under the surname Oreo Mint McFlurry, a spokesperson told now Food), there were a few others spins to popular music up ~ above menus transparent history. Before that, the Shamrock Shake got a makeover in 2017, once the fast-food chain released a flavor that was fifty percent chocolate, fifty percent Shamrock swirled together. In 1980, the agency created a Shamrock Sundae v vanilla ice cream cream and also Shamrock syrup swirls.

For anyone that didn"t gain to try the Oreo variation of the Shamrock shake last year, the YouTuber behind Peep This out Reviews gave it a an extremely thorough review during its early test-run in southerly California and also Dallas.

"A an extremely lovely eco-friendly situation. Very, really striking," the YouTuber said while mix up the shake and also showing off its vibrant hue. "The mint is pretty pretty in this right now however I gotta recognize the presentation is killer."

"Oh, yes. Mmm. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Lovely," the praised. "The odor is coming through pretty remarkable with this — simply a note of mint."

If girlfriend don"t want to undertaking out into the cold to obtain a Shamrock Shake, don"t worry! You have the right to concoct your very own version that the McDonald"s act at home — booze optional.

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