Colt has actually pulled the end of the civilian AR-15 market, leaving a gaping hole. We room still acquiring hits native nostalgic folks, or simply fans the good, simple engineering, who want an original Colt M4 Carbine.

Nowadays that way the Colt LE6920, back there space variants out there that you might want come consider. Beggars can’t it is in choosers, after ~ all, and the stocks are dwindling fast.

Where to Buy a Colt M4 Carbine?

This is walking to be an increasingly difficult question to answer. Forget around official dealers. If they desire to maintain their relationship with Colt because that 1911 sales, and also they do, they have to pull the rifles from the shelves.

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So you’re looking at tiny independents, outlets the come throughout a box-fresh Colt modern Sporting Rifle. That’s walk to occur less and also less. Therefore the only method we have the right to keep this write-up relevant is v live links to searches in the likely places.

Don’t say we don’t look after you…

Here space the online gun stores as soon as you have actually a chance of detect a Colt in the foreseeable future, both brand-new and used.

Prices are mostly going up as the original Colt M4 becomes a collectors’ gun, a vintage firearm, however you desire to to speak it.

Remember this is yes, really a $1000 AR-15 and they are getting better all the time. Check our finest AR-15s under $1000 write-up here for part inspiration and also see if it really is every that essential to have a Colt M4 rifle by her side.

Would a facsimile do? In which case, you have the right to just buy an Aero Precision M4. If you’re in search of something with much more soul, how’s about a Brownells Retro Rifle through the complete grab handle and also bulbous handguard the the Vietnam battle era weapons?

The reality is there are various other companies making much better Colt M4s 보다 Colt ever before did themselves, for less money.

If you desire to see the competition, too, including the likes of Patriot Ordnance Factory and also Springfield Armory, then inspect out our perform of the best $1000 AR-15s for sale here.

Truthfully, this gun can be so expensive you should look at the best AR-15s under $2000 instead and then you’ll check out some important tempting alternatives.

The best cheap AR-15 for sale from smith & Wesson, Ruger and also a surprise winner. Buy your AE-15 rifles and guns digital today!

What is the best AR-15 for sale under $2000? find your dream rifle at the appropriate price at the USA pistol Shop

What is the finest AR-15 because that sale for much less than $1000? gain the best AR-15 rifles native Colt, POF, Ruger and S&W in ~ the finest …

SAS and also Navy SEALs usage Colt M4 Rifle

The british SAS, marine SEALs and most of the us military have actually used this reliable workhorse that a weapon since it replaced the top M16. That’s component of the very nice of an original Colt, i know.


Now let’s not get carried away v the army thing. That doesn’t automatically make this the best firearm in the world. Bulk buying like that means that expense is vital part of the equation. Yet the reality that so plenty of fighting pressures opted because that the Colt M4, and the M16 prior to it, speak volumes.

For the military, it needs to be an easy and gain the basics right. Therefore you have the right to be pretty certain your Colt will certainly fire straight and true, every time, and also it will take a real beating the end in the field.

It’s a total you deserve to rely on because that target shooting, run and also gun, every little thing you desire to carry out with your AR15. Native the top receiver to the front site is one long Mil-Spec rail, for this reason you can go for the tactical attack weapon add-ons or long-range scopes.

This is a good, honest gun through a 20+1 capacity through the provided mag, however you can switch that out for a 30-round magazine.

If you’re a collector, climate you need to have actually the military’s weapon of choice. If you just want one rifle you have the right to rely on once there’s a noise downstairs, climate you can do a many worse!

Colt M4 Carbine LE6920

Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO

Capacity: 20+1 rounds

Barrel: 16.1 inch

Overall length: 32-35 inches (Adjustable stock)

Weight: 6.44lb

Where come Buy Cheap 5.56mm Ammunition

AR15 ammunition can get quite pricey, however then that’s simply the way it is. 55gr Winchester ammunition weighsin at about 36c a round. Yet you can find variety ammo because that 24c a round and also up. If it’s mainly a residence defense weapon climate pay the extra and get the greater quality ammo. Train v the ammo you will certainly shoot. Your life might literally rely on it.

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If you’re scouting round because that ammo in the consequences of Coronavirus, a Zombie apocalypse or some various other extinction event, then shot these links. If the web still works…

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