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Competition in the rideshare sector is heater up — and also with that, the rideshare giants are in search of ways to retain loyal customers.

Over the previous year or so, we’ve watched rideshare companies like Lyft, Uber, and Via add subscription solutions to your platforms. This subscription services market loyal rideshare customers a means to conserve on all of their rides v a details rideshare operator for a low monthly fee.

In the end, these services offer money-saving avenues for the rider and guaranteed loyalty for the rideshare firm in question.

But this begs the question: which is the ideal rideshare subscription service? And much more importantly, are these solutions worth it?

In this article, we’ll answer every those questions and also more. We’ll start by providing you summary of every the major rideshare subscription services and also discuss your benefits, price, and also cost-to-benefit ratios.

Then, we’ll compare all of these services, offering you an easy way to find which is finest for your rideshare needs.

Table the contents

Lyft Pink — Discounts and Benefits for Lyft LoyalistsUber Ride pass — huge Discounts, Price Protection, and also Bike RidesWhich Rideshare Subscription service Is appropriate for You?

Table that Contents

Lyft Pink — Discounts and Benefits because that Lyft LoyalistsUber Ride happen — large Discounts, Price Protection, and also Bike RidesWhich Rideshare Subscription service Is right for You?

Lyft Pink — Discounts and also Benefits for Lyft Loyalists

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In order because that you come make her subscription fee earlier though, you’ll need to spend simply under $135 top top Lyft rides in a given month. So, us don’t recommend subscribing come Lyft Pink if friend don’t spend more than this ~ above Lyft rides each month. However if you’re a regular Lyft rider, this can end up conserving you tons that money every month.

Another major benefit of Lyft Pink is priority plane pickups. Think around it: rideshare present at major hubs choose Chicago O’Hare (ORD), new York (JFK), and also Los Angeles (LAX) have the right to be an pure nightmare top top heavy service travel days. This advantage could median the difference in between an instant pickup and an extended wait in the rideshare lot, so it’s a pretty perk when combined with the 15% discount.

Finally, free bike and also scooter rides is an amazing addition. Lyft operates electrical scooter and also bike-share program in a handful of cities about the unified States. Because that example, Citi cycle in new York City is operated by Lyft, so this benefit would offer you 3 cost-free 30-minute Citi cycle rides per month — not bad if you’re currently planning on acquisition these rides.

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On the other hand, the waived lost and also found fee is a quite addition, however unlikely miscellaneous you’ll ever before have to use. Likewise, the “surprise offers” benefits are largely unspecified and there space no instances given — miscellaneous that’s disappointing provided that it’s detailed as a benefit of a payment subscription service.

How to get Lyft Pink for Free

Here’s a look in ~ the card’s fees, welcome bonus, and more:

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