Well, it's Valentine's Day—if friend celebrate that kind of thing. Me, ns celebrate mine love because that my boyfriend every morning through shoving the solitary pillow we share end his confront before transforming on the light so as no to shock his breakable eyes. Ns guess his an extremely own pillow would certainly be a great V-Day current this year... But back in the day, civilization were weirder around love and also exchanged dead cells that prosper in strands the end of your bodies. Climate they do jewelry out of it. Girlfriend can find specimens like this ~ above Ebay, labeling “mourning jewelry' since when human being died, your survived-bys would clip and also encase a strand of their hair to save in remembrance. My mother actually clipped a strand of my hair once I was a infant in anticipation that the gentle, kind, loving small girl would eventually die...and be changed with the the saltiest tiny bitch to enter into work care. Seriously: it's in a chest next to the one time i apologized to she on a notecard attached come a hideous clay sculpture glued come a plastic fork.

But the hair lockets weren't every made from dead people—living, breathing lovers gifted each other locks that hair as well. Imagine a young blond farm girl trimming off a ringlet and tucking it right into a locket prior to handing it off to she beau who just obtained a project with the Pony Express. (They all died of dysentery...or something. The farm yard girl's father was relieved; that didn't choose the male that much anyway.) It's pretty! pretty creepy. But don't all romantic gestures do someone cringe? ns feel nauseated every time I see a couple bragging about their nice, clean life room top top Instagram, so come one-up their obvious attempt to disgust me, I've created a keychain of my hair to offer my boyfriend <1>. Because—alert Pinterest—real-hair braided keychains space the new mourning jewelry.

This isn't the first time I'll be providing a man some of mine hair. As soon as I sent out a lock of my virgin, spun-gold ombré (Jared Leto-level ombré, ns swear) come a long-distance boyfriend. And thank god i did send that out, since now I have the right to ask him come return it, to lug in to present my colorist on my quest to acquire that perfect shade back. “Hi, hope you're well! Sorry for the rest up. Hey, carry out you remember that time I sent out you a piece of my hair? girlfriend wouldn't happen to still have actually it would you?”

At the time, that felt very romantic, and also it's due to the fact that the gesture, when bizarre as all get-out, is an extremely romantic! You're giving someone girlfriend love an actual item of you. Just make certain it's not a item of you that you yes, really need, favor hair from the height of your head or the nape of your neck—clip native the middle-back ar of your head where nobody will ever notification the absence of a little chunk.

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And rather than snipping off sufficient to make fancy braid, simply go v a lock bound in a pretty satin bow and also place in a Hallmark card beside that iTunes gift certificate you picked up while in line at CVS (don't worry, the romantic snip the hair cancels out your crappy non-human-made gift), and make her boyfriend happy...after that pays your dowry prefer in the good ol' days.