Chick-fil-A is beginning to roll out few of the menu alters that it very first announced in February, and also customers of the fast-food chain aren"t specifically thrilled. As well as the truth that Chick-fil-A is discontinuing bagels and also decaf coffee, that is also "consolidating" the sizes of that beverages, ice cream creams, and also milkshakes. What that ultimately method is the you"ll only have the ability to get lock in one size, i beg your pardon is exceptionally inconvenient, according to customers who sounded off around the changes on Reddit.

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According to Chick-fil-A customers, employees, and other insiders on Reddit who have currently witnessed the rollout of this menu tweak, the chain is essentially eliminating large-sized drinks and also milkshakes. You have the right to now, allegedly, just order lock in one size—formerly recognized as small. (RELATED: Chick-fil-A might Not it is in Welcome in This State)

However, one employee chimed in come say that also though huge milkshakes were no longer on the menu, the chain would certainly still accomplish off-menu requests because that them. But even that won"t last forever, since large sizes room being permanently discontinued this summer, according to an additional employee.

Besides transforming the beverage size, Chick-fil-A"s Kid"s Meals are additionally being offered in only one size relocating forward. While you formerly had the an option between a 4- or 6-piece chicken nugget meal, every the Kid"s Meals will currently come with 5 pieces.

"Streamlining our menu will allow for us to continue providing our client the quality food and also service they"ve pertained to expect, and also make room for brand-new future food selection items," a rep because that the company said in an email back in February.

And that looks favor the creation is currently well underway. Chick-fil-A announced critical week that it was including a brand-new entrée to its lineup for the very first time in five years. The agency is also testing two brand-new spicy chicken items in select locations.

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