Apple unveiled the iPhone 8 in September 2017, alongside the iphone 8 Plus and also iPhone X. This generation improved on the iphone phone 7 v a handful of brand-new features choose wireless charging, a much faster A11 Bionic chip, fast charging, and also an improved True ton display.

Although the iphone 8 is number of years old now, it’s still precious buying in 2021 if you’re trying to find a cheap iPhone that gets the task done. And since it can run the latest software application updates including Apple’s upcoming iOS 15, the iphone phone is perfect for budget-conscious buyers that don’t require all the latest bells and also whistles.

On, the present used price because that the iphone 8 starts at $160 — that’s less than half the cost of an iphone phone SE 2020 indigenous Apple. Keep analysis to learn an ext about supplied iPhone 8 prices — and also how you can get one for much less on

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iPhone 8 price on

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On, the average iPhone 8 price is $183 because that 64GB, $232 for 128GB, and $232 for 256GB. However keep in mind the these room average prices on, so you’re sure to discover cheaper prices relying on the separation, personal, instance seller or the phone’s condition.

Needless to say, these space some crazy an excellent deals and makes it simple to uncover a cheap iphone 8 — even if it is you’re searching for a replacement, upgrade, or also to outfit the entire family v a handful of brand-new iPhones.

iPhone 8 price history

Apple introduced the iphone 8 in 2017 in ~ a sleeve price of $699 for 64GB and $849 for 256GB. The iphone phone 8 colors incorporate silver (white), gold (peach hue), and space Gray (Apple’s version of black). The adhering to year, Apple presented a distinct edition iphone phone 8 PRODUCT(RED) shade option a few months before releasing the iphone XS, iphone phone XS Max, and iPhone XR — in ~ which point, the iphone phone 8’s price was cut down come $599 and also $749. Climate in September 2019, Apple dropped the price one much more time to $449 for 64GB and $499 for 128GB.

Torn between the iphone 8 and also iPhone 7? inspect out our blog post: iphone 7 vs iphone 8 – i m sorry is a better buy?

While Apple’s price cut on the iphone phone 8 were well got by consumers, they’re nothing compared to the substantial savings girlfriend can obtain on



The iphone phone 8 is tho a great phone in 2021. It’s cheap, that looks good, and also it is compatible v all the latest software including the upcoming iOS 15 update. Just be aware that through its all-glass back, the iphone 8 is a little much more fragile than older models. Fortunately, uses affordable Used Phone security Plans the cover accidental damage for simply a few bucks per month.

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Whether she buying a used iPhone 8 for yourself or a love one, rest assured understanding that us don’t allow junk or jerks. This means that we’ll save you for sure while you find the finest deals ~ above gently offered iPhones. Click below to discover an iphone 8 because that less.