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Hunting Licenses

Hunter Safety education and learning Requirement

All first-time hunters have to pass one or much more courses before they can gain a hunting license in new York. Visit the Hunter education and learning page to learn more and uncover a totally free course close to you.

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Purchase Your searching License/Privilege/Permit

NOTE: Transactions that cannot be made via the links above: Permits for hunters through disability, the Harvest details Program, Migratory Duck Stamp, and also some glossesweb.comreased fee/free licenses need a separate application device or process. You re welcome follow the links listed on this web page for details on just how to apply to this permits, stamps or licenses.

License varieties & Fees

Annual hunting License (View residency qualifications)With this license you have the right to hunt big game and game.***This license is required before other privileges (i.e. Bowhunting, muzzleloading & turkey permit) can be purchased.***

Resident FeeNonresident Fee
$22 (ages 16-69)$5 (ages 70+)$5 (ages 12-15)$100 (ages 16+)$5 (ages 12-15)(Note: that is not crucial to acquisition a different bear tag as soon as buying a hunting license.Small game and big game hunting is now contained in the yearly hunting license for bothresidents and nonresidents.)

Additional annual Hunting Privileges/Permit/Stamps (View residency qualifications)An annual hunting patent (above) should be purchased before purchasing the adhering to privileges/stamps.

TypeResident FeeNonresident FeeNeeded For
Bowhunting Privilege$15 (ages 16-69)No fee (ages 70+)$4 (ages 12-15)$30 (ages 16+)$4 (ages 12-15)To understand when friend needa privilege, allow orstamp, visit theHunting Licenses/PrivilegesNeeded page.
Muzzleloading Privilege$15 (ages 14-69)No fee (ages 70+)$30 (ages 14+)
Turkey Permit$10 (ages 12+)$20 (ages 12+)
Harvest information ProgramNo fees (ages 12+)No fee(must register in NewYork even if registeredin another state)
Federal Duck Stamp(link leaves website)$25 (ages 16+)
Deer monitoring Permit$10 (ages 16+)No fee (ages 12-15)No fees (holders of life time sportsmanlicenses purchased prior toOctober 1, 2009)Harvesting antlerlessdeer (antlers less than 3" long)in choose Wildlife management Units.
Permits for Hunter's v DisabilityNo feeUsing committed equipmentto aid in discharging abow, or come discharge afirearm indigenous a motorized vehicle.

Valid days of yearly Licenses/Privileges

Annual searching licenses and privileges are valid indigenous September 1 through August 31 every year.The Harvest info Program and Federal Duck stamp is precious July 1 v June 30 annually.

Free/Reduced fee & life time Licenses

Free/Reduced fees Licenses: You may qualify because that free/reduced fee yearly hunting licenses/privileges if girlfriend are:(For info on required documents and also qualifications click the links below. In most instances, you should be a new York resident):

Who demands a searching License

You require a searching license if friend are:

12 years and also older and using a firearm or bow come hunt or take it wild game. Persons under age 12 can not hunt.Additional Privileges/Permits: relying on the season and varieties you are searching you may need extr privileges or permits. This are listed in the table above.

You do not require a searching license if you are:

A residents landowner primarily engaged in farming (including lessees and members of their instant families) as soon as small game hunting on farm lands they are occupying and also cultivating.A aboriginal American living and also hunting on preventive land.Hunting on a licensed shooting maintain or large game shooting facility..

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Note: come hunt turkey, every hunters must purchase a turkey permit. There are no exceptions.

General license Information

Other valuable Links/Resources

Access Permits: some state and also municipal lands need a special accessibility permit for fishing, hunting and trapping. Details on exactly how to acquire the permit deserve to be found in the links below:

More on searching in new York State