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Min Price No Min €50,000€75,000€100,000€150,000€200,000€250,000€300,000€350,000€400,000€450,000€500,000€600,000€700,000€800,000€900,000€1,000,000€1,500,000€2,000,000€2,500,000€5,000,000€10,000,000€15,000,000€20,000,000
Max Price No Max€50,000€75,000€100,000€150,000€200,000€250,000€300,000€350,000€400,000€450,000€500,000€600,000€700,000€800,000€900,000€1,000,000€1,500,000€2,000,000€2,500,000€5,000,000€10,000,000€15,000,000€20,000,000
Min PriceNo Min€100€200€300€400€500€600€700€800€900€1,000€1,100€1,200€1,300€1,400€1,500€1,600€1,700€1,800€1,900€2,000
Max PriceNo Max€100€200€300€400€500€600€700€800€900€1,000€1,100€1,200€1,300€1,400€1,500€1,600€1,700€1,800€1,900€2,000
Property TypeAllAgriturismoApartmentBed & BreakfastBungalowCastleCottageCommercial FarmCountry HouseFarmhouseHistoricalHotelLake ViewLandPrestigeSwimming PoolTown HouseTrulliVillaWinery/Cantina


Via del Pozzo 27, Collelongo / L"Aquila

2-3 Bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | city House


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Viale della Libertà, 19, Caramanico Terme / Pescara

1 Bedrooms | 1 commodes | Apartment


"Houses of Italy" is a qualified and licenced real estate agency situated in the heart of Italy offering our client the choice of dwellings in the miscellaneous regions.

We have a network the qualified partners working with us transparent Italy giving properties for sale in Abruzzo, Lazio, Campania, Calabria, Puglia, Marche, Molise, Tuscany, Sardinia and also Sicily.

Houses the Italy"s head office is positioned at Pescara international Airport in the Abruzzo Region, offering our clients a personalised service, both in genuine estate and assistance in tourism.

We have an incredible selection of properties, ranging from old characteristic homes (low cost townhouses in tiny villages inland) to country houses, apartments, houses, villas, historic buildings, land, hotels, commercial farms and also wineries.

Italy enjoys a very favourable climate and also can conveniently be reached by plane, train, bus or motorway offering an excellent transport access.

Advantages room our plenty of attractions such as the natural nature reserves, hills which are well-equipped because that skiing and the beaches which range from white sandy shores in the north, come rocky pebbled beaches come the south, every one of which add to the benefits of this beautiful country.

Many outdoor tasks can be enjoyed too, such together hiking, horseriding, mountain climbing and sightseeing.

If you great to take component in celebrate traditions and festivities, these take location all year ring in many villages, particularly during the summer months.

Another positive factor is the cuisine.

Property Search

Please use our property search basic to choose properties of your choice.

We carry out however, offer a more comprehensive selection of properties and also therefore look front to hearing indigenous you come ensure that us can offer you a more personalised service.

Houses of Italy is below to recognize the needs of our clients, together the acquisition of any type of home is always crucial step in our lives and also our team are here to assist and guide you in undertaking this exciting new venture.