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Meet Ahmed Mohammed. He might be the many expensive warm dog merchant in new York, specifically if he think you’re a tourist. Melissa Russo has the to exclude, report."data-ellipsis="false">

UPDATE: NYC warm Dog vendor Under investigation After Report Exposes Outrageous Pricing

Meet Ahmed Mohammed. He can be the most expensive warm dog seller in new York, especially if he think you"re a tourist.

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NBC 4 new York cameras recently captured him do the efforts to charge a guy named David $15 for a warm dog and also a pretzel close to the human being Trade Center.

"I said, "What space you, a crook?"" David later on told NBC 4 new York. "I"m not a tourist, for this reason I know the price in new York."

Customer after customer recounted how the merchant tried to charge them $20 come $30 because that a hot dog.

"I just felt like I was getting ripped off, and also it"s simply making the 9/11 grounds choose a huge tourist trap," one mrs said.

Ben from brand-new Jersey left his bitten hot dog behind when he to be told the price.

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"He was like, "Fifteen, possibly 10,"" the said. "And ns left mine bitten hot dog there. The was it."

Jessica Lappin of the Alliance because that Downtown new York stated "it gives brand-new York a negative name."

"To rip-off somebody, to fee them $35 because that a hot dog and a pretzel, that leaves a disastrous impression," she said.

Lappin learned about Mohammed once fights began breaking the end last week end his prices.

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Ron Wolfgang, that is in charge of protection for theAlliance for Downtown new York, said, there have actually been "five times because May 13 where we"ve it was observed altercations on the street end the prices gift charged for hot dogs, pretzels, water, soda."

NBC 4 brand-new York"s very own cameras captured the price that a warm dog transforming by the minute: $3 because that some, $30 because that others.

Several customers additionally accused him of short-changing lock after overcharging them. One woman stated that he had only offered her $5 in change when that was claimed to hand her $8; an additional woman claimed he didn"t even give her readjust at all.

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One woman named Ruth said, "He offered me $5 back, and I thought, "$15 because that a pretzel and also a water?""

When a self-identified NBC 4 brand-new York reporter inquiry the price of a hot dog, Mohammed claimed $3. Once asked why the price changes, he declared not to speak English -- also though cameras had recorded him speaking English earlier, asking customers: "Yes, guys. Yes, sir, you require anything to eat or drink? have actually a great day, guys."

Part that the trouble is that Mohammed"s prices aren"t posted, as compelled by the city"s department of customer Affairs. At a warm dog cart around the corner, because that example, there"s no question how much a warm dog costs -- it"s provided at $1.

The department of consumer Affairs urges anyone who is charged more than the posted price -- or meet a stand v no price noted at every -- to document a complaint at or to speak to 311.

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In the meantime, the department says it will certainly investigate Mohammed and also his methods at the stand.

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