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TULSA, Okla. — Contracting COVID-19 can plunge you right into a human being of uncertainty.

Depending on your situation, girlfriend may have to be hospitalized and that’s as soon as the expense can really placed a strain on your wallet.

The median hospital stay for a COVID-19 patience is almost everywhere from 7 to 10 days.

If you have to be ventilated, you can expect to invest up to 30 job or more.

For those with health and wellness insurance – the price of a hospital continue to be for COVID-19 care is walking to depend on the form of setup you have, yet what around those without health insurance?

“I didn’t have insurance at all. I am self-employed and also I"m not also 40. I wasn’t expecting anything major to happen and if ns did get COVID, i wasn’t expecting the to be as major as it was," states Samantha Ross.

Ross, like plenty of other Oklahomans who are self-employed, walk not have actually insurance.

“In 2 months, had actually I assumed I would certainly be fighting because that my life hooked approximately machines, i would have actually worried around getting insurance money at the point, but it no something the was also on my radar," she says.

Her whole human being was turn upside down once she contract COVID-19 critical December.

"I simply went come the emergency room and knew that the bills would certainly be there later, but I want to be able to still it is in here," claims Ross.

Thankfully, she recovered and was sent house to address the results of mounting, clinical bills.

"Since then, I have received both that the emergency room receipt which came to be right around $5,000. I have still not obtained the hospital invoice yet," she says.

And it’s that looming, hospital bill that keeps her up in ~ night.

"Talking to various other friends who have experienced this sort of situation, i am expecting end $100,000 because that the bill," claims Ross.

Bennett Geister is the CEO for Hillcrest Hospital South.

He says gaining COVID-19, because that some, can be exceptionally expensive.

"There is a lot of costs. At a minimum, you’ve got an opportunity cost. You lose time, you shed relationships, and in some cases, girlfriend are shedding PTO if you space a working person," claims Geister.

According come FairHealth, the complete average fee per COVID-19 patient requiring a hospital stay is approximated at around $73,300, and also the complete average estimated in-network amount every insured patience is $38,221.

And these numbers stand for the insured, but for people like Samantha, your uninsured expenses are a completely different ballgame.

"When it mirrors up, that’s once I will uncover a bankruptcy attorney and go native there due to the fact that I understand that yes sir no method I could ever salary $100,000 plus," claims Ross.

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Doctors us spoke through say because there sometimes can be a very significant out-of-pocket cost, it’s ideal to save yourself the pain and heartache and also go gain a complimentary vaccination.