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Serial 1 Cycle, the e-bike brand recently introduced by Harley-Davidson, revealed brand-new details around its forthcoming lineup the battery-powered two-wheelers. The an initial four models, which will go on revenue in the US and also Germany beginning spring 2021, room all pedal-assist city bikes v mid-drive motors, incorporated batteries, and a style that is unmistakably Harley-Davidson.

The Milwaukee-based company got ours hearts palpitating critical October as soon as it unveiled its first prototype: a stunning, black-framed mid-step through all-white tires and also leather accents. But that bike was supposed as simply a “styling exercise,” and unfortunately won’t be going into production — at the very least not ideal away, the firm says. The bikes the are going right into production room being announced today.

There will certainly be four bikes to begin out, varying in price from $3,399 to $4,999

There will be four bikes to start out, ranging in price from $3,399 to $4,999. The brand names are Mosh/Cty and also Rush/Cty, through the latter coming in 3 variants (Step-Thru, Speed, and regular). Every comes through a motor qualified of generating 250W of consistent power and also hitting top speeds the 20mph — other than for the Rush/Cty Speed, which can go faster. If it is still not quick enough, check out Harley-Davidson’s electrical motorcycle LiveWire (top speed 95mph).

Are those great prices? It’s difficult to speak without any type of time in the saddle, however when combined with the specs and component listing because that each bike, it seems to indicate that these will be well-crafted equipments that certainly deserve a lot closer look. They space certainly an ext expensive than well-known brands favor VanMoof, Rad power Bikes, Sondors, and others. However they will certainly be compete with significant bike equipments like Specialized, Giant, and also Trek. And also the Harley-Davidson badge has an inherent value amongst some client on that own.

At very first glance, the new lineup looks nearly identical come the 3 prototypes that Harley-Davidson showed off in ~ the 2019 EICMA Motorcycle show in Milan. It is a relief and answers the main question I had actually when the brand was unveiled last month, i m sorry was, “Whatever taken place to those prototypes indigenous 2019?”

The mid-drive electric motors are through Brose, a 110-year-old German agency that provides e-bike components. Once engaged, the motor will placed out 90 Newton-meters and 60 foot-pounds the torque, i beg your pardon is an ext than sufficient to climb most hills and also fly along any straightaways. Much like Bosch and also other significant e-bike suppliers, the Brose motor permits four strength levels: eco, tour, sport, and also boost. And the Enviolo Automatiq automatic gear-shifting transmission is certain to make for one extra smooth ride.

There will be an app, because of food there’s constantly an app. Friend pair the via Bluetooth to the bicycle to get rider data and also other undisclosed features. The app will debut in the spring.

Harley-Davidson is no messing roughly here

The manufacturing version of these bikes encompass all functions and an innovation found ~ above the Serial 1 Tribute prototype, through more contemporary styling and finish. Harley-Davidson may finish up making a couple of Tribute bikes because that giveaways or distinct sales, a spokesperson said.

Three of lock are course 1 e-bikes in the US, an interpretation pedal-assist only with no throttle and also a top speed that 20mph. Each design will come with incorporated lighting in the front and also rear, a frame-integrated lithium-ion battery, and a maintenance-free gates carbon belt drive. This i will not ~ be the very first bike to use a belt drive versus a chain, but bikes utilizing this tech room still few and far in between in the US.

Overall, these appear to be expertly make e-bikes v a virtually 120-year-old brand surname etched on the chain stay and an above shield logo on the head unit. Harley-Davidson is not messing approximately here.

Here are few of the top-line specs for each bike.


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Harley-Davidson describes the single-speed Mosh/Cty as the “ultimate metropolitan play bike.” This version will have a 529Wh battery, which have to power the bike for an estimated 35-105 miles of range, depending on your power level. (Because these bikes room pedal assist, the available variety will differ widely relying on what ride mode you choose and also how much pedal assistance you provide.) The Mosh/Cty will certainly be the lightest model in the lineup, weighing simply 48.3lbs, and it will certainly be pack a Brose S Mag brushless interior motor between the pedal cranks.

The frame, which come in matte black and either glossy blue or black accents, is hydroformed aluminum with interior wiring. The brakes room Tektro hydraulic, two-piston caliper key brakes on the front and rear wheel. There room no fenders or racks, and also the tires room 27.5 x 2.8-inch Schwalbe at sight Moto-X. The Mosh/Cty is the barebones model, lacking both a gear shifter and a digital display.