Hamsters are among the many tiny pet alternatives at PetSmart, and the prices of a hamster at PetSmart will count on their variety.

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How much does a hamster price at PetSmart?

PetSmart offers a selection of hamster alternatives and the price will count on the form you’re looking come purchase and also if any type of promotions are right now being held. Noted below are the most common options accessible at local Petsmart stores along with the “average” price.

Female Long-Haired Hamster$15 to $20
Female Short-Haired Hamster$15 to $20
Male Long-Haired Hamster$15 come $20
Male Short-Haired Hamster$15 come $20
Female Winter White Hamster$15 to $22
Female Robo Dwarf Hamster$15 come $22
Male Robo Dwarf Hamster$15 to $22
Male Winter White Hamster$15 come $22
Male Chinese Dwarf Hamster$15 to $22
Female fancy Bear Hamster$22 come $30
Male an intricate Bear Hamster $22 come $30

What space the extra costs?

Buying a hamster is much more than just purchasing the animal. You will likewise have to variable in costs such as buying the cage,($30 to $70), together with a water bottle ($5), chew rod ($5), bedding product ($5), playthings ($5 come $10) and also an exercise wheel ($5) because that entertainment. When purchasing a cage, take into consideration the size, and also always try to acquisition a cage the is labeled for a hamster. If you acquisition a cage that isn’t designed for one, lock may be able to escape.

As for recurring costs, bedding and also food will have to be purchased weekly or monthly, depending upon the amount you acquisition at once. Setup on security upwards the $25 per month to treatment for her hamster.

Tips to know:

The hamster varieties available at PetSmart, as indicated in the table above, encompass the long- and short-haired hamsters, winter white hamsters, Russian and also Chinese dwarf hamsters, Robo dwarf hamsters, and fancy bear hamsters. The dwarf hamster, which has tendency to it is in the most common hamster marketed at Petsmart, space slightly smaller than a Syrian hamster and also will eat much less food. They likewise tend to be more social and prefer to live in family members groups. The varieties offered at your neighborhood PetSmart will certainly vary relying on a few factors such together your location and the time of year. The access of some pet hamster arrays is seasonal.

Hamsters, as well as other pets purchased in ~ PetSmart, are among the company’s Vet Assured program, i beg your pardon is design by PetSmart veterinarians to aid in the innovation of pet health and welfare. V the Vet Assured program, merchants are obliged to agree come meet particular standards because that caring and also observing pets for common illnesses. The program also ensures that animals receive sufficient in-store pet care through explicit requirements that sellers are required to comply with.

In the event that a pet bought in ~ PetSmart becomes ill during the initial 14-day period, the pet store will replace or refund the purchase price. Customers who space unsatisfied through their to buy can additionally have their animal replaced or their payment refunded.

PetSmart has actually a tiny Pet facility that offers guidelines top top caring for little pets such together hamsters. Topics incorporate ways to pick a tiny pet, diet and also nutrition, habitat set-up, grooming, and also pet supplies and also accessories.

Most hamsters checked out in the store will it is in shy at first due to their nocturnal nature and also store environment; however, as many hamsters have varying personalities, they will certainly to recognize you and also warm up over time.

Be certain to location the cage in a quiet place due to the fact that they sleep during the day. In this area, the lot of light need to be considered and also the straight sunlight need to be avoided.

Plan on security 20 minutes a week come clean increase the cage. It’s likewise best to readjust the food and also water daily.

Hamsters, in general, have high power levels and are typically energetic at night.

These pet are ideal for youngsters age 10 and also up.

They have the right to live increase to 3 years with proper maintenance and care.

How deserve to I save money?

Hamsters are typically affordable pets, but the costs connected with supplies can add up quickly. When it comes to food and other supplies, purchase them in many quantities. Bulk buying often results in far-ranging discounts than as soon as purchasing items in tiny quantities.

Instead of to buy commercial litter and also bedding, substitute it through newspaper or level toilet paper. A homemade obstacle course can likewise be created using old toilet paper rolls.

Check out the company’s official sale page of the small pet section on the PetSmart website for a perform of little pet supplies right now on sale.

Consider exploring a local adoption center to see if they have any kind of hamsters obtainable for adoption. See it’s a popular family members pet, girlfriend may have the ability to find one that needs a home.

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