People say the breakfast is apparently the most vital meal that the day. I prefer to think that all meals are important, yet when they"re free, i guess that gives one precedence end the other. Because that example, now through the end of January, Denny"s is providing away free Grand Slam breakfasts. Here"s exactly how to gain your hands on one.

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Free cool Slam

To acquire in ~ above this deal, an initial you"ll need to head to the "Denny"s top top Demand" virtual platform  or download the app and also submit your order. After ~ that, you"ll need to be a small patient, because your next order ~ above the platform has a cost-free Grand Slam breakfast. Make sure to redeem the complimentary one before Jan. 31 though—that"s once it expires. 

When you ar an virtual or cell phone order, keep in mind this are just for takeout or delivery where available. However yeah, if you get distribution on breakfast, that"s nice clutch. 

WTF Is a cool Slam?

If you"re a Denny"s newb, a cool Slam is prefer the Beyoncè of your menu. It"s favor a whole breakfast platter.

girlfriend can acquire the continual Grand Slam with two fluffy buttermilk pancakes, two sunny-side-up eggs, 2 bacon strips and also two sausage links.

It"s also completely customizable. You can swap in things like hearty whole wheat pancakes, jalapeño honey bacon, chicken apple sausage, yogurt, oatmeal, new fruit, bacon cheddar tots, and also eggs anyway you choose them.

So order indigenous Denny"s now and also have your free Grand Slam sometime later this month. Or have actually it for dinner, whatever.

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