While the glitz and the glam that the Grammys, and other compensation shows prefer it, seem really alluring, the night is likewise a stressful one because that the musicians, producers, and songwriters nominated for awards. Getting all dressed up to find out the you didn"t success that gold statuette is probably a bummer, and while there room still many of popular, talented artist that have actually never won a Grammy, most artists dream of to win one.

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This understandable thirst because that a Grammy has led some fans come wonder if there"s additionally a financial prize because that landing yourself a Grammy. Global acclaim and a hefty check? Sounds great to me. Here"s what we know around the money behind Grammy awards.

Do artists acquire money for winning a Grammy?

The brief answer is no: Artists, producers, and/or songwriters execute not acquire a check or monetary amount because that winning one award. Yet what they perform get, however, is a whole lot the recognition, and they"ll forever be well-known as "the Grammy award-winning singer _____."

But also though The record Academy doesn"t give out physical checks through statuettes, Grammy winners tho report one upward tick in your concert ticket sales and also producer fees after castle snag an award.


In 2012, Forbes sampled a variety of performers and also producers, and also they all verified a "Grammy Bounce" the at least 55% in concert ticket sales and producer fees in the year ~ a Grammy win. David Banner, a rapper/producer that won a Grammy for his occupational on Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III album, said that his producer dues went native $50,000 come $100,000+ after his win.

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And acts can likewise score an ext money in your touring numbers. In the year after win their an initial Grammy, Bruno Mars" typical nightly gross go from $130,000 come $202,000, and also Esperanza Spalding"s jumped from $20,000 to $32,000. And also Taylor Swift? she nightly pistol soared indigenous $125,000 come $600,000 in 2010—a 380% increase.

Temi AdebowaleTemi Adebowale was previously an Editorial Assistant at Men"s Health, spanning shows prefer Survivor, Peaky Blinders, and also Tiger King.
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