This is the popular early on federal coinage design by Benjamin Franklin and also so called for words FUGIO ("I fly"). The copper coin was to circulate through the worth of one cent, yet no denomination is stated on the coin. That is curious that modern American national politics has adjusted dramatically because 1787. "Mind your Business" counters today"s "Political Correctness," and "We are One" counters today"s "Strength through Diversity."Evaluating this coins is a bit beyond this basic forum. There room several various varieties that the Fugio copper, and also values readjust with variety. Because that a great run-down on arrays with worth estimates, watch this page at CoinAuctionHelp. Further, the coin has been re-struck and reproduced several times, through plenty of un-marked fakes around. You deserve to view a thorough treatment of fugio cent at the department of one-of-a-kind Collections, college of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, including a description of restrikes. Authentication by PCGS, NGC, ICG, or ANACS is strongly recommended for any kind of fugio copper.With the qualifiers that the ahead paragraph, we give listed below some approximate average data:FUGIO CENT: median VALUES for THE usual VARIETIESworn: $200 us dollars approximate magazine valueaverage circulated: $1000well preserved: $3000FUGIO CENT: unified ABOVE, STATES listed below VARIETYworn: $600 united state dollars approximate directory valueaverage circulated: $7000well preserved: $10000FUGIO CENT: club RAYS v CONCAVE ends VARIETYworn: $1000 united state dollars approximate magazine valueaverage circulated: $15000well preserved: $28000The values above are magazine values. Check out our Terminology web page to convert these directory values to actual buy and sell values.For a little much more insight right into value, consider the 4 coins displayed in the graphics below, labeled (A), (B), (C), and also (D).The (A) coin is a superb specimen of a common range piece offered by Bruun Rasmussen in Denmark because that 1700 euros (about $1900 us dollars) throughout a 2006 auction. The coin would more than likely sell for $2500 today. thanks Bruun Rasmussen for use of your coin photo.The (B) coin is in ~ the other finish of the spectrum. It is a common variety (club rays with rounded ends) which offered for $175 during a 2009 auction.The (C) and (D) coins room not genuine. (C) is a modern-day legal reproduction the a fugio cent i beg your pardon is worth around $10. What provides (C) legitimate is the word COPY stamped into the style (on the back, no shown). The (D) coin is a fake without the word COPY inscribed. Such fakes are discovered on auction sites roughly the Internet.

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Castle usually market for $5 come $10.

Coin: 19613, Genre: unified States, Timeline: human being Created (yyyymm): 201506, critical review: 201506 Appearance: typical round coin Metallic brown Letters: Latin Years: sort: 1787, filter: 1787 come 1787 Image: us_fugio_cent_1787.jpg initial inquiry: one side has a sun dial and the sun other side attributes chain link about the border that the coin mind service time flies chain sun sunburst