The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning recorded our fist for two reasons: that is an electric full-size pickup, and it"s set to undertake a starting price of $41,669 when it go on revenue in may 2022.

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Weeks ~ the electric Lightning to be unveiled to the public, human being are still talking about it, many thanks to its reasonably affordable pricing and also solid performance. In fact, the Lightning is set to take it the title together the quickest F-150 design thanks come its approximated 4.4-second 0-60-mph time. Credit transaction the truck"s two electrical motors, which administer 563 hp and also 775 lb-ft the torque. The Lightning"s well together its extended-range battery pack, meanwhile, supplies an approximated driving selection of 300 miles on a single charge.

We were surprised to discover that Ford has actually long want to execute an electrical truck but needed a higher density battery than those it had actually available. "We could do passenger vehicles, not trucks," Darren Palmer, Ford"s general manager for electric vehicles, stated at the Reuters vehicle of the Future 2021 conference.

The Lightning depends on a pouch-style lithium-ion battery pack and also the high-density cells usage a nickel-manganese-cobalt cathode chemistry with particularly low cobalt loading. Ford shopped about before going v SK Innovation, which is structure a new battery cell plant in Georgia. Ford is also developing and also testing its very own battery cells, through plans to manufacture the crucial components itself in the future.

To reach its target beginning price for the Lightning, Ford is leveraging the clout that the F-150—the best-selling truck for 44 years. The crucial to transforming a legacy service is come play to its strengths, Palmer said, which in Ford"s instance is scale.

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The Lightning has actually much in common with the regular F-150, consisting of the overall dimensions that its cab and also bed. It likewise uses the very same seats and gearshift that folds out of the means to make room for a workspace in between the seats. By keeping the Lightning"s cargo crate dimension"s the very same as other F-150s, Ford affords gas- and diesel-powered F-150 owner the possibility to transport their accessories and tools come the Lightning, have to they pick to purchase the electric truck.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning agree is one entry-level trim designed because that commercial customers who replace around 15 percent of their fleet annually. Palmer stated the very same telematics from other F-150s carries end to the electric work truck.

Ford plans come build new electric auto components (such together batteries, motors, control units, inverters, and also chargers) come scale, and also it will spread out these items throughout a variety of its upcoming electric vehicles. Even far better for Ford is the fact the company is making numerous of these new components in-house.

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Additional to save come courtesy that Ford"s decision to expand the Rouge facility in Dearborn, Michigan, which currently makes other F-150 variants. The addition of a manufacturing line because that the Lightning also enables Ford come tinker with the truck"s trim-specific features, such as its skateboard-like chassis and also independent rear suspension. "We could modify the frame and also still acquire a good price from suppliers," Palmer said.