Diamond prices space complicated. Their true worth is identified by dozens the factors. At least that’s what they regularly tell you. It’s true, yet it really doesn’t have to be that complicated.

In this overview I’ll offer you the all devices you should calculate how much a diamond have to cost, exactly how much a diamond is worth – due to the fact that as girlfriend probably recognize by now the two are not the same. If there is one point I learned during the previous 14 year in the market is that value and also price are not the same. Far from it.

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among many various other things this guide also includes:

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because of the current situation there are avenues for those who are in the industry for diamond jewelry. Whether with sales or price that have been updated. Click on the link below to see much more information.

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But since before all I’m guessing you are curious about diamond prices, let’s obtain that the end of the means with the adhering to up-to-date:

Diamond Price Chart

actual Diamond Prices

Diamond Carat load Price per Carat total Price * recommended Diamond
0.50 Carat $1,100 - $7,690 $550 - $3,845 $1,000
0.75 Carat $1,810 - $8,800 $1,360 - $6,600 $2,400
1.00 Carat $1,910 - $15,650 $1,910 - $15,650 $4,280
1.50 Carat $2,985 - $22,330 $4,480 - $33,500 $9,360
2.00 Carat $4,025 - $42,180 $8,050 - $84,360 $15,280
3.00 Carat $6,190 - $50,070 $18,580 - $150,220 $40,830
4.00 Carat $7,575 - $68,130 $30,300 - $272,520 $70,320
5.00 Carat $8,430 - $70,370 $42,150 - $351,850 $105,010

* i may really well introduce a different diamond because that each individual based upon his/her certain needs (and I will explain below along with more actual diamond prices).

But due to the fact that the truth is the 1 carat diamond prices range from $1,900 to $16,000 and also 2 carat diamond prices selection from $8,000 come $84,000 which is a substantial difference so together a general rule of thumb, in today’s market, my reference for best value for money diamond would certainly be G color, SI1 clarity, no fluorescence and at least very great cut, and also very an excellent polish & symmetry. Needless come say that all of the over prices describe GIA certified diamonds

clicking on the encourage diamond pricing will display a gallery of perfect diamonds.

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Diamond prices space complicated. Your true value is established by dozens of factors. At least that’s what they frequently tell you. It’s true, but it really doesn’t need to be that complicated.


You space welcomed (and recommended) analysis this 5 minute pricing overview that will conveniently save you as much as 50%. However, if you space in a rush you have the right to jump straight to:

Diamond prices Explained

In short… A diamond’s worth is set by that is appeal. Trying to regulate the industry and create a typical for diamond comparison, a methodology that diamond grading was collection by the GIA and it is called the 4 C’s that diamonds.

The 4C’s stand for - Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. As I discussed above, in fact it is more complex than that and also as diamond dealers us look top top dozens of factors however this grading system does perform the trick in providing good estimates for the diamond’s value by enabling us (and you) come compare similar diamonds.

The just thing lacking is a chart that claims how lot does a diamond cost? just how much is that worth? and also here to fill in the void gone into Martin Rapaport who created the diamond price chart (sometimes also referred to as the diamond price list or diamonds price index)…

fine dwell into the diamond price chart below and also I’ll explain how to usage it and more important what space the chart’s flaws. But before that, listed below you’ll find our diamond price calculator which will offer indication as for existing diamond price (unlike in the chart which is a pricing index)

Diamond Price Calculator

even if it is you space trying to assess the worth of her diamond or in search of a diamond engagement ring and also wonder how much a diamond is worth, this diamond price calculator is perfect because that you.

we are evaluating hundreds of thousands of diamonds and by click the search button you will certainly get every one of the details you require

The price calculator"s defaults are collection to 1 carat ring diamond, G color, SI1 clarity with fantastic cut and no fluorescence. Without extr information, this is the ideal "out the the box" many cost-effective diamond come buy - the diamond through the ideal value.

Now, I will not tell you (or sell you) the you can buy the exact same diamond for 50% much less - it’s simply impossible (though there is a way to save around 20% i beg your pardon I’ll expose at the really end the this article). But I will tell you exactly how to to buy a comparable looking diamond, one that you can not tell the distinction for 50% much less – that is doable!

When skilled diamanters are evaluating a diamond, they look at more than a dozen attributes.

BUT, with all the respect, these space things that even when diamonds are placed one next to the other – friend won’t be able to tell the difference. No to point out when the diamond is mounted. Therefore why pay extra for points you can not see?

right here are my tips and they work-related whether girlfriend are trying to find a 1 carat diamond ring, a 2 carat or fifty percent a carat:

Diamond Clarity

Diamonds room not perfect and clarity refers to the inclusions within them. There room various species of inclusions from black points to fractures. The grading tells united state how huge and exactly how visible this inclusions are.

our goal should be obtaining diamonds with inclusions that are not visible to the nude eye, that uneven a magnifying loupe is provided you won’t be able to see them. This method we are aiming come an SI1 clarity diamond. And the savings compared to a perfect diamond – 50%

Diamond cut - never ever Settle

This is wherein we nothing save! that is the only location where we tell you to make the extra effort and also pay for great cut diamond. The premium is not that high and we LOVE diamonds the sparkle!

The bottom line – a 1 carat ring D perfect diamond would expense $12,500 - $15,000. And a 1 carat round diamond like the one ns recommend, A G color, SI1 Clarity and also Excellent reduced would cost $6,000. (and a cushion cut about $3,500) straightforward savings!

What is the Diamond Price Chart?

The diamond price chart, also known together Rapaport Price perform or just “The List” is a matrix that gives a benchmark come a diamond’s value based on its 4 C’s.

because a matrix is two dimensional and also there room 4 C’s climate there are number of price charts – each is of a weight group. Also, Cut, even though often thought about as most vital C is not in the chart but is provided weight through discounting diamonds that space poorly cut.

right here is the Rapaport price chart because that round diamonds weighing 0-5 carats:

Diamond Price graph by Rapaport

as you deserve to see, every cube / each procession represents a load class. Top top the left you have actually the diamond’s color and on the top you have the diamond’s clarity. To know the diamond"s value, uncover your load class"s matrix, crosscheck the row of your shade with the column of your clarity and also you acquire the result. Simply note that the outcomes are in hundreds. Definition that 89 is actually $8,900. Also, much more importantly, diamond prices are per carat! A device that has actually its own disadvantages, or advantages if you know just how to usage it (explanation below).

The Hidden risks in the Diamond Price Chart

The problem with the diamond price chart is no what’s in it but rather those not. Civilization tend to count too much on the chart not learning its limits. Think about the complying with two diamonds listed below – which perform you favor better?



Both diamonds over have the specific same certificate - both room 1 carat diamonds, G color, excellent cut with vs2 clarity and… The diamond price graph puts them both under the very same value. However, offered the black color inclusion in the center of the table of the best diamond, ns assume you’d prefer gaining (or giving…) the one ~ above the left. But, together you can imagine, you space not the just one to favor the diamond ~ above the left and therefore its value is undoubtedly higher. The 1 carat diamond ~ above the left prices $7,600 and also the diamond top top the right prices $6,500...

As seen above, no all VS2 diamonds room alike and also priced alike. And also this is a trouble that was caused by something that does get representation ~ above the chart. What around attributes that space not on the chart?

Cut Quality

cut is interesting and many case it’s the most vital of the 4 C’s and also for a straightforward and logic factor – you desire a diamond for its brilliance and sparkle. If that is poorly cut – that cares the its shade or also size? when considering diamond cut, aside for its measurements like depth and table size, girlfriend should likewise take into account polishing & symmetry. The difference in between a poorly reduced diamond and wonderful cut diamond have the right to be 30% once all other components are the same. The diamond right here is however again 1 carat, G color, vs2 clarity just this time with bad cut grading. The value now is $5,400 Fluorescence Diamond fluorescence refers to a bluish glow some diamonds reflect under UV light. Because it is taken into consideration a flaw, a defect, a medium to solid fluorescence to reduce the price of 10-20%. Certificate / Lab A diamond’s certificate is frequently referred as a 5th C. Every one of the above are true just if you know what you have or what you are looking at – and also you must not to trust the dealers word or expertise. As soon as it involves the certificate, you should only take into consideration GIA. To do the allude clear, when it comes to EGL vs GIA certificates – one EGL diamond may sell because that as lot as fifty percent the price that an equivalent GIA diamond.

Current Diamond Prices

listed below you’ll discover a list of really diamond prices. This prices room of diamonds of the highest value, diamonds the are:

Excellent reduced Excellent the opposite Very great / fantastic Polish No Fluorescence

I chose these characteristics both because in the is the only means to truly to compare diamond prices and because in today’s sector you might not desire to waive these qualities. With that in mind, friend can constantly reduce the price by waiving a couple of of the above, the easiest and least affecting on appearance that does influence the price is the fluorescence. Going to a faint to medium fluorescence will alleviate the price by 5-15% and also at the very same time, may actually cause the diamond shade to appear whiter (a confident side impact of fluorescence).

friend should additionally remember the these room prices of loose diamonds. The cost of the ring will collection you ago by an additional $300-$2,000 depending on whether you space going for the classic solitaire or a much more expensive mount like a dual halo and whether girlfriend go with gold or platinum (and even dual if you"re purchase a designer ring).

take it a watch at this beautiful 2 1 carat rings from James Allen:


1 Carat Diamond ring - $590 Solitaire VS $1,320 Halo

find 1 carat Diamonds

The marked cell of a 1 carat diamond because that $6,000 with G color and SI1 clarity is my referral for finest value for money diamond. It provides a good white diamond color that will job-related with both white gold and also yellow gold and is usually as an excellent as the eye deserve to see.

The affordable alternate to a 1 carat diamond would certainly be to run a wider search of diamonds weighing 0.90-0.99ct that room still reduced very great to excellent but may encompass fluorescence. This find will acquire you a very comparable looking diamond for about $4,350! and also if you room going for yellow gold setup you can drop to H color diamond in ~ $4,000.

2 Carat Diamond Prices

In current years through the financial depression and the fall in need for deluxe goods, prices of diamonds declined (at least for a while) - particularly in together in bigger an ext expensive diamonds. As a result, the price of 2 carat diamonds had decreased dramatically, in some situations 30% (though still very expensive) - so there to be no surprise that we began feeling a stronger need for 2 carat diamond rings.

come answer the inquiry of exactly how much a 2 carat diamond costs, inspect the graph below:

2 carat Diamond Price Table

D $67,500 $57,500 $48,000 $41,500 $32,500 $25,500 $21,000
E $50,000 $48,000 $41,000 $35,000 $29,500 $25,000 $21,000
F $47,500 $41,000 $37,500 $31,500 $28,000 $22,500 $18,000
G $40,000 $33,500 $29,500 $26,500 $25,000 $21,000 $16,000
H $32,000 $28,000 $26,000 $23,500 $22,000 $18,000 $15,500
I $28,000 $21,000 $20,000 $18,500 $17,500 $15,500 $13,500

find 2 carat Diamonds

In bespeak to make it easier, the above price graph is of complete diamond prices and not per carat. Since these room 2 carat diamonds and also the price procedures are large price wise, i’ve recommended three options. Because that $21,000 you acquire 2 carat diamond G SI1 - again the best value because that money. However, as result of the differences you may very well consider H SI1 or G SI2. Save in mind that the SI2 diamond might not be “eye clean” – specifically in a 2 carat diamond. This needs to it is in verified.

~ above the affordable next of 2 carat diamonds, dropping to 1.80-1.90 carat diamond and allowing fluorescence may obtain you a G SI1 for $14,000-$15,000!

ns don’t understand if you’ve noticed, but my encourage 2 carat diamond costs an ext than 3 times 보다 the tantamount 1 carat diamond. There is a factor for that. Because that even much better bigger savings, an advanced course if friend will, if you are willing to rest the mold of to buy a perfectly weighing 1 carat diamond or a 2 carat diamond and also buy slightly smaller carat diamonds choose 0.90 carat or a 1.90 carat because that an extra 10-20% discount - keep reading!

Deep dive right into the price every carat system:

What go Diamond Price per Carat Mean?

Price every carat is the price that the diamond split by that is weight

The useful explanation is that if you watch a diamond that is priced $5,000 per carat and it is fifty percent a carat what you"ll need to do is 0.50 * $5,000 = $2,500 for the diamond. And also if the very same diamond that prices $5,000 every carat weighs 1.50 carat climate it way 1.50 * $5,000 = $7,500 for the diamond.

Comparing price of Apples to Apples and also Diamonds come Diamonds

It may sound confound or you might wonder why diamonds space priced this method but this is basically the same as fruits and also vegetables are priced per lbs… This is exceptionally important since not every diamonds are the same and therefore must not it is in priced the same and also the price every carat method allows girlfriend to far better compare between two different diamonds.

think about the following example - A man walks come the store in search of an engagement ring come his future wife. That sees a beautiful classic solitaire ring v a center diamond weighing 1.10 carat v D color and VS1 clarity because that $10,200. Later, as he walks under the street that sees another store v the very same ring just that the facility diamond is 1.02 carat and also they desire $10,000. Assuming that all other determinants are the same, if we"ll overlook the cost of the ring chin (which must not cost more than $500) us will view that when the first diamond is around 8% "bigger" it prices only $200 much more which is tantamount to 2%. This method that the bigger diamond is the better deal. He payment a bit an ext and gets a lot more…

Weight Matters!

Price per carat considerably increases through slightest weight increment

the is essential to know and understand that prices of diamonds increase with their scarcity. The rarer the diamond the more expensive that is. A high diamond color diamond costs more than a low shade diamond not just since it is much better color - but additionally because this are extremely hard to find. Exact same goes for big diamonds. That is by much harder to find a gem quality diamond weighing 2 carats than a similar diamond weighing 1 carat.

as a result, the price every carat of a 2.00 carat diamond is greater than the price every carat that a 1 carat diamond. In various other words, two 1 carat diamonds price less 보다 one 2 carat diamond - in reality - far less...

How to mitigate Diamond Prices using the Price every Carat System?

let me ask you the following question – would you rather buy a 1.00 carat diamond or a 0.99 carat diamond because that 1% less? Same question regardng a 2.00 carat diamond and a 1.99 carat diamond because that 0.50% less?

Diamond education and learning

Most world would rather walk the extra mile (or pay the extra 0.50%-1%) to obtain a round load number diamond or more correctly not to obtain the "just below" carat weight.

This is why ontop that what we discussed above around the scarcity the diamonds causes greater prices, while diamonds space in reality priced every carat, the price per carat changes between weight procedures or load classes and also as a an outcome the prices of diamonds space not increasing linearly yet rather tremendously - supply and demand. Meaning, the the price every carat of a 1 carat diamond is higher than the price per carat the a 0.99 carat diamond and thus the boost in complete price is much more than the 1% that the weight - much more.

example with actual diamonds…:

At the moment of writing these present a 2 carat D VS1 diamond prices $40,000-$42,000 total, about $20,000 per carat.

A 1.90 carat D VS1 diamond prices $30,000 - i m sorry is $15,800 per carat - more than 20% much less per carat and much more than $10,000 total!!!

and in case you wonder, i doubt if you might find a 1.95 carat diamond due to the fact that the price distinction is so substantial that the diamond manufacturer would fairly settle top top the reduced quality than dropping native 2.00 carat come 1.95 - this "drop" will price him $10,000... And the diamond cutter"s goal is not the brightest and also most excellent diamond however rather the most an useful one.

Carat does NOT median Size!

hefty men room not have to bigger. On the exact same note, heavy diamonds are not necessarily bigger! just keep this in mind the "settling" top top a diamond carat that is slightly much less than initially intended (a "lighter" diamond) walk not median that that is smaller.

and also therefore - mine advice come you, if you space on a spending plan (and we all are), instead of settling on other factors of the 4 Cs (such together diamond color), you have the right to step a tiny below the weight class that you had in mind and save A lot of money. The weight procedures which have an impact on the price every carat are: 0.50 carat, 0.75 carat, 1.00 carat, 1.50 carat, 2.00 carat, 3.00 carat, 4.00 carat, 5.00 carat and also so on.

Frequently request Questions about Diamond Prices and Valuations

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What is a 9 carat diamond worth?

Every as soon as in a if a human finds a diamond in the Arkansas Crater that Diamonds and also immediately the entire human being is do the efforts to number how lot that diamond is worth… ~ all, everyone dreams around finding a diamond