If a seven-night cruise doesn't seem lengthy enough, would 100-plus nights that lavish galas, hobnobbing with interesting fellow passengers and also visits to faraway lands be an ext your style? If so, it's time to gain a civilization cruise on her 2022 or 2023 calendar.

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Next year will certainly be noteworthy in cruising, marking 100 years due to the fact that Cunard's RMS Laconia sailed the first-ever people cruise, a charter because that the American to express Company. Even today, around-the-world cruises continue to be enduringly renowned thanks to their innovative itineraries and modern technology that makes it much easier than ever to continue to be in touch once you're spending 100-plus job (or more) onboard.

For the 2022-2023 people cruise season, prospective travelers will uncover sailings as long as 180 nights top top Oceania's "180 Days roughly the World" voyages, while part lines -- prefer Cunard and, new for 2022, Silversea -- run two or much more World Cruises in a provided calendar year.

A couple of things to note: Many human being cruises don't sail completely around the world, despite they execute offer a possibility to see a differed portfolio of diverse societies all in one sailing. Also, if you can't commit come a full people cruise in 2022-2023, you deserve to often book a "segment" that the voyage, frequently ranging indigenous a main to an ext than a month in duration.

World cruises usually begin in January and end in April or May, however some lines change it up through departures in various other seasons, consisting of summer and also early winter.

Whether you desire to dream huge or live large, here's the summary of upcoming 2022 and also 2023 human being cruise options.

2022 people Cruises

Crystal Cruises


The Trip: crystal Serenity departs for a 116-day human being cruise in early on 2022, leaving either roundtrip indigenous Miami or Los Angeles, thanks to part clever harbor scheduling.

The major Crystal world cruise departs January 17, 2022, and visits the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, Mexico, Hawaii, the southern Pacific, brand-new Zealand, Australia, south east Asia, India, Oman, Egypt and Jordan before transiting the Suez Canal en-route to Israel, Greece, Turkey and the Mediterranean. The Atlantic cross en-route to Miami also includes stops in the Azores and Bermuda.

Departure Date: January 17, 2022

Itinerary Segments: Miami to Monte Carlo (102 nights); Los Angeles come Miami (100 nights); Los Angeles come Monte Carlo (86 nights).

Price: Fares start at $53,646 because that the full civilization journey from either Miami or Los Angeles, and from $41,571 for segment voyages.

Holland America Line


The Trip: Holland America runs a 128-night "Grand civilization Voyage" in January 2022 board its elegant Zaandam.

Sailing roundtrip from ft Lauderdale, the Holland America human being cruise heads southern to southern America with an extensive stay in Brazil (including sailing time ~ above the Amazon River), before crossing the Panama Canal. It then makes method to Hawaii and also the southern Pacific, before visiting Asia (with number of calls reserved in Japan and also China). Zaandam then visits the middle East and also Mediterranean. A final transatlantic crossing brings the ship earlier to fort Lauderdale on might 12, 2022.

Departure Date: January 3, 2022

Itinerary Segments: No extr segments are obtainable for booking.

Price: Full world cruise fares begin at $22,499 every person.

MSC Cruises


The Trip: MSC Cruises people cruise in 2022 will certainly take place onboard the line's midsize MSC Poesia. Cruising roundtrip from Civitavecchia, the harbor for Rome, top top January 4, 2022 the 116-night voyage will contact of a number of exciting destinations around the globe, consisting of ports in south America, Europe, Australia and also Asia before arriving back in Civitavecchia.

Shorter segment voyages are additionally available, and the entire civilization cruise can likewise be took on from Genoa (January 5), Marseille (January 6) or Barcelona (January 7).

Departure Date: January 4, 2022

Itinerary Segments: Civitavecchia to Valparaiso (37 nights); Civitavecchia to Sydney (73 nights); Genoa come Warnemunde (128 nights); Genoa come Southampton (124 nights); Genoa to Copenhagen (127 nights); Genoa come Valparaiso (36 nights); Barcelona to Copenhagen (125 nights); Barcelona to Southampton (122 nights); Barcelona come Warnemunde (126 nights); Valparaiso to Genoa (80 nights); Valparaiso come Civitavecchia (79 nights); Sydney come Civitavecchia (43 nights); Sydney come Genoa (44 nights).

Price: Full world cruise fares begin at $15,549 per person.

Oceania Cruises


The Trip: Insignia returns because that its yearly "Around the world in 180 Days" sailing in 2022. Cruisers deserve to board the 180-day trip from Los Angeles to new York ~ above January 6, 2022 or prolong their vacation to 196 job by embarking in Miami on December 21, 2021.

Following the Miami embarkation, the Oceania world cruise starts with visits to grand Cayman and also Cartagena, Colombia, prior to transiting the Panama Canal for expedition of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and also a couple of ports in Mexico.

A prevent in L.A. For the 2nd world cruise pickup point will climate slingshot the delivery to the Hawaiian Islands before heading to the south Pacific and Australia. A hold of oriental ports of contact follow suit, covering Indonesia come India. The trip ends through visits come the middle East, the Mediterranean, north Europe, Iceland, Greenland, Canada and new England before ending in new York v an overnight stay for the U.S. Freedom Day ~ above July 4, through disembarkation the complying with day.

Departure Date: January 6, 2022 in Los Angeles; December 21, 2021 in Miami.

Itinerary Segments: Miami come Los Angeles (16 days); Los Angeles to Auckland (29 days); Los Angeles to Perth (50 days); Los Angeles come Tokyo (72 days); Auckland to Perth(21 days); Auckland to Tokyo (43 days); Perth come Tokyo (22 days); Tokyo come Bangkok (28 days); Tokyo come Hong Kong (16 days); Hong Kong to Bangkok (12 days); Bangkok come Lisbon (59 days); Bangkok to Cape city (35 days); Cape city to Lisbon (24 days); Cape town to new York (45 days;) Lisbon to new York (21 days).

Price: Full world cruise fares start at $39,799 every person. Segments begin at $5,399 every person.

P&O Cruises


The Trip: P&O Cruises' Aurora sets the end on the line's annual round-the-world cruise in January 2022. The 2022 itinerary operates roundtrip the end of Southampton, bringing cruisers to 22 countries on a 99-night voyage. En-route, the itinerary stop in Tenerife and also in a couple of Caribbean isles before transiting the Panama Canal and visiting harbor of contact in Mexico and spending an overnight continue to be in mountain Francisco.

Then it's on to Hawaii and an ext far-flung island in the southern Pacific, before hitting up new Zealand and Australia. Aurora makes a an excellent run the hopping about Asia, consisting of port calls on Japan, before sailings south with a few additional stops in the middle East, before transiting the Suez Canal. After a jaunt through the sunny Mediterranean, Aurora heads earlier to Southampton for disembarkation April 13, 2022.

Departure Date: January 3, 2022

Itinerary Segments: Southampton to mountain Francisco (24 nights); Sydney to Hong Kong (19 nights); Sydney come Southampton (51 nights); Brisbane to Hong Kong (17 nights); Brisbane to Southampton (49 nights); Hong Kong to Southampton (32 nights); Dubai come Southampton (18 nights).

Price: Full civilization cruise fares start at £10,549 (about $14,500), based on twin occupancy.

Princess Cruises


For 2022, Princess Cruises will offer two world cruises: one departing from ft Lauderdale and also another embarking in Sydney, Australia.

Island Princess

The Trip: Sail aboard Princess's 111-night people cruise voyage roundtrip from ft Lauderdale top top January 5, 2022, aboard Island Princess, which is making its people cruise debut because that the line. Cruisers additionally have the option to join the human being cruise roundtrip native Los Angeles (San Pedro) top top January 19.

The cruising will be the most destination-intensive civilization cruise itinerary the heat has available to date. Passengers for the complete loop that the Princess people cruise from Florida will get accessibility to 50 port of call, through stops in 32 countries throughout six continents. Cruisers can select to take in 25 UNESCO web page en route, prefer Petra, Ephesus and also the good Barrier Reef, while cross the equator twice and overnighting in Dubai and Venice.

From fort Lauderdale, the delivery sails to Colombia before traversing the Panama Canal. Phone call in Nicaragua and also Mexico follow, before the ship reaches its 2nd pickup point in Los Angeles. From there, it's on to Hawaii, French Polynesia, Fiji, brand-new Zealand, Australia and also Singapore, before a dip right into Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and also Sri Lanka).

The ship then sails the center East, with calls in the U.A.E., Oman, Jordan, Egypt and Israel. From late March through mid-April, that sails follow me the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, before making way for Morocco, the Canary Islands and the transatlantic crossing ago to fort Lauderdale -- via Bermuda -- gradually for disembarkation April 27.

Cruisers the boarded in Los Angeles can also continue on because that disembarkation in Los Angeles (San Pedro) adhering to a Panama Canal transit and a sprinkling of Latin American ports, on may 11.

Departure Date: January 5, 2022, from ft Lauderdale; January 19, 2022, from Los Angeles.

Itinerary Segments: fort Lauderdale come Los Angeles (14 days); fort Lauderdale come Dubai (66 days); fort Lauderdale come Civitavecchia (88 days); Los Angeles to Sydney (26 days); Los Angeles come Dubai, (52 days); Los Angeles to fort Lauderdale (97 days); Sydney to Dubai (26 days); Dubai come Civitavecchia (22 days); Dubai to ft Lauderdale (45 days); Dubai come Los Angeles (59 days)

Price: Full people cruise fares start at $17,669 every person. Segments begin at $1,149 every person.

Coral Princess

The Trip: Coral Princess sets the end on its very first World Cruise itinerary in 2022 together well, through a 107-day world Cruise departing roundtrip Auckland, new Zealand on might 14, 2022; or roundtrip Sydney, Australia on may 18, 2022, or roundtrip Brisbane on might 20.

The ship visits the Komodo Islands, Sri Lanka, the joined Arab Emirates, Egypt, Greece and the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal prior to heading north towards Ireland, north Europe, and also Norway's north Cape. Coral Princess climate visits Iceland, Halifax, new York and also Miami prior to heading with the Panama Canal and ago to Australia and brand-new Zealand via Peru, Chile and also French Polynesia.

Departure Date: may 14, 2022 from Auckland; may 18, 2022 native Sydney; may 20, 2022 native Brisbane.

Itinerary Segments: Sydney to Dubai (22 days); Sydney to Dover (52 days); Brisbane to Dover (50 days); Dover to Sydney (55 days); Auckland come Dover (56 days); Sydney to new York (71 days); Dubai come Dover (30 days); Dover to new York (19 days); Dover to Auckland (51 days); Dover come Brisbane (57 days); brand-new York come Sydney (36 days)

Price: Full human being cruise fares start at $14,719 every person.

Regent seven Seas Cruises


The Trip: sailing roundtrip from mountain Francisco, Regent's seven Seas Mariner puts a various spin on the world cruise, in a circumnavigation the the Pacific Rim. The 120-night Asian-Pacific itinerary focuses on 59 ports in 17 countries, homing in top top the southern Pacific, Australia/New Zealand and also Asia.

Along the way, Regent 7 Seas civilization cruisers get accessibility to more than 40 UNESCO people Heritage sites, as well as practically 300 included-in-the-rates excursions ashore. Plus, overnight calls room featured in 18 destinations, like Honolulu, Sydney, Bangkok, Shanghai and also Vancouver. The cruise return to mountain Francisco on may 5, 2022.

Departure Date: January 5, 2022

Itinerary Segments: san Francisco come Papeete (18 nights); Papeete come Auckland (16 nights); Papeete come Sydney (30 nights); Auckland come Singapore (35 nights); Auckland come Sydney (14 nights); Sydney to Singapore (21 nights); Sydney come Hong Kong (37 nights); Singapore come Hong Kong (16 nights); Hong Kong to Tokyo (15 nights); Hong Kong to mountain Francisco (35 nights); Tokyo to san Francisco (20 nights);

Price: Full human being cruise fares start at $66,499 every person. This cruise is waitlisted.

Seabourn Cruise Line


The Trip: Seabourn Sojourn will offer another world cruise in 2022, sailing on a spectacular 145-day trip from Los Angeles to Piraeus, the harbor for Athens, Greece.

The massive Seabourn people cruise sails an initial to Hawaii before heading to the southern Pacific, brand-new Zealand and also Australia. Seabourn Sojourn climate slingshots ago north, trying out China, Japan and also Southeast Asia before steaming west to conference Sri Lanka, India, and the middle East, complied with by a transit that the Suez Canal. Seabourn Sojourn climate explores Israel, Greece, Turkey and also other east Mediterranean locales before arriving in Piraeus.

Departure Date: January 11, 2022

Itinerary Segments: Los Angeles come Sydney (39 days); Los Angeles come Keelung (Taipei), (72 days); Los Angeles come Shanghai (89 days); Sydney to Keelung (Taipei), (33 days); Sydney to Shanghai (50 days); Sydney come Singapore (72 days); Keelung (Taipei), (39 days); Keelung (Taipei) come Piraeus (73 days); Shanghai come Singapore (22 days); Shanghai come Piraeus (56 days); Singapore come Piraeus (34 days).

Price: Full civilization cruise fares begin at $66,999 per person. Segments start at $12,999 every person.

Silversea Cruises


For the very first time in the line's history, Silversea is providing two round-the-world cruises in 2022 the were held over indigenous 2021, including the industry's first expedition-themed people cruise aboard silver Cloud.

Silver Whisper

The Trip: silver- Whisper's 2022 "The story of Tales" human being cruise is a 138-day voyage that starts January 5, 2022 in fort Lauderdale and also ends may 22 in Copenhagen. And, unlike many other world cruises that run in a east-west direction, the Silversea world cruise offers a north-south itinerary the stretches indigenous Iceland come Antarctica.

Covering 69 harbor of call in 32 different countries, silver Whisper an initial sails south to explore central America, transit the Panama Canal, and also sail along the western coast of southern America, bound because that Ushuaia. Then, it's turn off to Antarctica, through a visit to the Antarctic Peninsula and to surrounding South Georgia, the last resting location of polar traveler Ernest Shackleton. Silver Whisper crosses the Atlantic come Cape Town and works its method north along the east shores that Africa, through stops in Maputo, Richards Bay, Durban and Mahe.

After that, silver- Whisper cruises the middle East prior to transiting the Suez Canal, emerging in the Mediterranean and also sailing from Piraeus come Bordeaux come Reykhavik, and also ports of call in-between. Passenger then explore Iceland and Norway before arriving in Copenhagen.

Departure Date: January 5, 2022

Itinerary Segments: ft Lauderdale come Lima (12 days); Lima come Ushuaia (14 days); Ushuaia come Cape city (23 days); Cape city to Mahe (21 days); Mahe come Aqaba (13 days); Aqaba come Piraeus (15 days); Athens to Bordeaux (16 days); Bordeaux come Reykjavik (12 days); Reykjavik to Copenhagen (11 days).

Price: Full civilization cruise fares begin at $89,100 per person.

Silver Cloud

The Trip: because that something entirely brand-new for the industry, 2022 will note the debut of the industry's first-ever expedition-themed world cruise, courtesy of Silversea. Dubbed the "Uncharted human being Tour," this silver- Cloud voyage embarks Ushuaia, Argentina, top top January 30 because that a 167-day immersive adventure that makes way from the Antarctic to the Arctic end five-and-a-half months, with shore landings in Antarctica, south America, the south Pacific, Australia, Asia, the middle East and also Europe.

Spanning 30 countries throughout six continents, cruisers will have actually the opportunity to explore Antarctica by Zodiac boat, swim v rays in Bora Bora, conference orangutans in Borneo and also contemplate the history and mystery of Easter Island during a two-day stay. Special exclusive events include accessibility to Robert louis Stevenson's previous home in the Samoan archipelago or partake in a private dining event in Iceland's Kjarnaskogur Forest.

Seventy rotating members the the Silversea expedition team, also as more than 20 featured guest speakers, through scientists, explorers, historians and writers among them, will host onboard workshops, lectures and also guided coast tours. The ship disembarks in Tromso, Norway, ~ above July 11, 2022.

Departure Date: January 25, 2022

Itinerary Segments: Ushuaia to Valparaiso (18 nights); Valparaiso to Papeete, (22 nights); Papeete to Lautoka, (11 nights); Lautoka to Cairns, (14 nights); Cairns come Singapore, (22 nights); Singapore to Cochin (16 nights); Cochin to Athens, (19 nights); Athens to Lisbon, (14 nights); Lisbon to Reykjavik, (17 nights); Reykjavik come Tromso, (13 nights).

Price: Full human being cruise fares begin at $105,500 every person. Segments start at $12,999 per person.

Viking Cruises


The Trip: Viking Star will sail a 136-night that in reality embarks from Miami on Christmas eve 2021 and also continues sailing into 2022 every the method to London (Greenwich), whereby it concludes might 9, 2022.The entire five-month Viking people cruise visits numerous countries and also ports that call about the globe, with an included-in-the-fare excursion in every harbor of call. In addition, number of destinations will function overnight stays.

The complete voyage explores the Caribbean, Latin America (with a Panama Canal transit) and also California, before making means to Hawaii, the south Pacific and new Zealand/Australia. Finally, the delivery heads come Southeast Asia, the center East and also the Mediterranean prior to exploring western Europe. The cruising ends in London on may 24, 2021.

Departure Date: December 24, 2021

Itinerary Segments: Los Angeles come London (119 days); ft Lauderdale to Los Angeles (18 days).

Price: Full people cruise fares begin at $52,995 every person.

2023 people Cruises

Crystal Cruises


The Trip: In 2023, decision Serenity sails a 140-night itinerary indigenous Miami come Barcelona. After sailing the Caribbean and transiting the Panama Canal, the ship provides its method to south America, with stopovers made in Chile's famed Easter Island before heading across the Pacific come French Polynesia. Then, it's off to the south Pacific, Australia, southeast Asia, the Seychelles, Tanzania, Kenya, Oman, Egypt and the Suez Canal. The cruise concludes after ~ an thorough tour the the Mediterranean.

Departure Date: January 11, 2023

Itinerary Segments: Miami come Venice, 128 nights; Miami come Athens, 119 nights.

Price: Full human being cruise fares begin at $56,474 every person. Itinerary segments start from $46,974.

Cunard Line


Cunard kicks off 2023 with human being Cruises that note 100 years because RMS Laconia collection out ~ above the line's first-ever round-the-world journey in January 1923. A century later, the contemporary and elegant Queen mar 2 and also Queen Victoria carry on the tradition, through special sailings that speak to on several of the original ports went to by the RMS Laconia, along with locales that will certainly be treasured by modern-day cruisers.

The Trip: Queen mary 2 sets out on a 117-day Centenary human being Voyage sailing roundtrip from brand-new York on January 3, 2023, top top a voyage calling on harbor of call in Asia, south Africa and Australia. Overnight port remains will be offered in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and also Cape Town, and Queen mary 2 will treat passenger to two of the liner's legendary weeklong transatlantic crossings.

Departure Date: January 3, 2023 from brand-new York.

Itinerary Segments: brand-new York to Dubai (30 nights); Southampton to Dubai (22 nights); Southampton to Singapore (36 nights); Southampton to Hong Kong (43 nights); Southampton to Sydney (60 nights); Southampton roundtrip (102 nights); Dubai come Singapore (14 nights); Dubai come Hong Kong (21 nights); Dubai to Sydney (38 nights); Singapore to Hong Kong (7 nights); Singapore to Sydney (24 nights); Singapore to Fremantle (33 nights); Hong Kong to Sydney (17 nights); Hong Kong come Fremantle (26 nights); Hong Kong to Southampton (59 nights); Hong Kong to brand-new York (66 nights); Sydney come Fremantle (9 nights); Sydney to Cape city (26 nights); Sydney to Southampton (42 nights); Sydney to brand-new York (49 nights); Fremantle come Cape city (17 nights); Fremantle come Southampton (33 nights); Fremantle to brand-new York (40 nights); Cape city to Southampton (16 nights); Cape town to new York (23 nights); Southampton to new York (7 nights).

Price: Full people cruise fares start at $ 21,199 every person.

The Trip: Queen Victoria sets out on its very own Centenary world Voyage through Cunard in 2023, supplying passengers their an option of embarkation ports with a 105-day people Cruise roundtrip native Hamburg, Germany; or a 101-day trip departing roundtrip Southampton. The delivery calls ~ above 10 ports of speak to visited by Cunard's RMS Laconia on its very first World Cruise in January 1923, and also sails in a westerly direction throughout the Atlantic, v the Caribbean and the Panama Canal, prior to journeying with the south Pacific, Australia, brand-new Zealand, south east Asia, the center East, and the Mediterranean and Western Europe.

Departure Date: January 9, 2023 from Hamburg; January 11, 2023 from Southampton

Itinerary Segments: Southampton to Southampton (4 nights); Hamburg come Southampton (2 nights); Hamburg to new York (11 nights); Hamburg to Sydney (50 nights); Southampton to brand-new York (9 nights); Southampton to san Francisco (27 nights); Southampton come Sydney (48 nights); brand-new York to san Francisco (18 nights); new York come Sydney (39 nights); brand-new York to Southampton (92 nights); san Francisco come Sydney (21 nights); san Francisco to Southampton (74 nights); Sydney to Hong Kong (16 nights); Sydney to Singapore (22 nights); Sydney to Dubai (33 nights); Sydney come Southampton (53 nights); Hong Kong to Singapore (6 nights); Hong Kong come Dubai (17 nights); Hong Kong to Southampton (37 nights); Singapore to Dubai (11 nights); Dubai come Southampton (20 nights); Dubai come Hamburg (22 nights); Southampton to Hamburg (2 nights).

Price: Full civilization cruise fares begin at $21,699 every person.

Holland America Line


The Trip: In 2023, Holland America's Zaandam will sail a 127-day voyage around the globe, operation roundtrip from fort Lauderdale. The ship heads practically immediately because that the Panama Canal before exploring Costa Rica and heading throughout the Pacific s to French Polynesia, the southern Pacific, Australia and new Zealand.

Zaandam then crosses directly from Fremantle to port Louis, Mauritius, before sailing come Mozambique, south Africa, Namibia and also the western shores that the african continent. Zaandam climate heads up with Western Europe, northern Europe, Norway, and the brother Isles before heading because that a southerly crossing of the Atlantic Ocean back to ft Lauderdale.

Departure Date: January 3, 2023

Itinerary Segments: Itinerary segments have actually not yet been released.

Price: Full world cruise fares start at $23,999 every person.

MSC Cruises


The Trip: MSC Poesia sets the end on that is 2023 people cruise, sailing roundtrip from Genoa, top top January 5, 2023.

The 118-night trip will contact on 53 destinations in 33 countries, consisting of stops in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica; mountain Francisco; Honolulu; Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China; Hong Kong; Da Nang, Vietnam; Singapore; Aqaba, Jordan; and also numerous other ports the call. The amazing itinerary also includes transits that both the Panama and Suez canals and visits to some of the most far-flung destinations in the south Pacific and around the globe. MSC Poesia return to Genoa on might 3, 2023.

Departure Date: January 5, 2023

Itinerary Segments: separation, personal, instance segments for the 2023 civilization Cruise plank MSC Poesia have not however been announced.

Price: Pricing starts at $15,750 per person, based on twin occupancy, for MSC's full 2023 world cruise.



The Trip: Insignia returns when again because that Oceania's famous "Around the people in 180 Days" voyage --in January 2023, though longer segments space available starting at the end of 2022.

The 180-day journey begins roundtrip san Francisco top top January 15, 2023 with port phone call in Mexico before sailing farther southern to call on Peru, Chile and Argentina prior to crossing the legendary Drake passage for three days the scenic cruising in Antarctica. Insignia climate stops in port Stanley, Falkland Islands, prior to continuing on come Argentina and Brazil, then sailing the Atlantic to the Cape Verde Islands.

Insignia explores the western and eastern shores of Africa prior to heading end to the Seychelles and also into the Indian s prior to calls ~ above India, Sri Lanka, south-east Asia, China, and also Japan. Insignia then the cross the top Pacific Ocean, consisting of Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula; the Bering Sea and the Aleutian Islands prior to heading right into Alaska proper, traversing the brother Columbia coast, and also ending in mountain Francisco top top July 13, 2023.

To yes, really kick points up a notch, hop aboard the largest people cruise in the line's roster: a huge 218-day trip departing roundtrip from Miami on December 28, 2022. It consists of the same itinerary together the 180-day voyage, v itinerary extensions on the start and end to rotate it right into an epic journey that concludes in ~ the end of July 2023.

Departure Date: January 15, 2023 (Roundtrip mountain Francisco)

Itinerary Segments: Miami to brand-new York (218 days; departs December 2022); Miami to san Francisco (198 days; departs December 2022); Miami come Miami (214 days; departs December 2022); san Francisco to new York (200 days)

Price: Full civilization cruise fares start at $41,999 every person.

Princess Cruises


The Trip: Princess Cruises' 111-day civilization Cruise to adjust sail aboard Island Princess in January 2023, through roundtrip departures offered from either ft Lauderdale or Los Angeles. The full civilization cruise will visit 50 destinations across 31 countries and also six continents, with stops in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, south America and North America.

As component of this voyage, Island Princess will give passengers the opportunity to visit 21 UNESCO human being Heritage sites, will cross the equator twice and will market overnight visits to 12 harbor of call, consisting of Dubai and also Venice.

Departure Date: January 5, 2023 from fort Lauderdale; January 19 native Los Angeles

Itinerary Segments: ft Lauderdale come Los Angeles (97 days). Added segments have yet to be released.

Price: Fares for the 2023 human being cruise start at $19,199 every person.

Regent 7 Seas Cruises


The Trip: cruising from Miami come Barcelona aboard 7 Seas Mariner, Regent's 2023 people Cruise spans 143 days and also touches few of the many iconic ports and destinations around the globe. Sailing westbound, seven Seas Mariner access time the Caribbean before transiting the Panama Canal. Stop in Ecuador and Peru head the transpacific crossing and subsequent visit come fabled Easter Island.

From there, 7 Seas Mariner travel to French Polynesia and also the south Pacific prior to carrying on to Australia and Southeast Asia, China and Japan. The delivery then makes its means south, calling on India and Sri Lanka, along with ports in the middle East, prior to transiting the eastern shore of Africa en-route to Mozambique, Madagascar, south Africa, Ghana, Senegal and also the ivory Coast. 7 Seas Mariner finishes that is grand world journey in Barcelona on may 30, 2023.

Departure Date: January 7, 2023

Itinerary Segments: extr segments have actually not yet been released because that this cruise.

Price: Fares because that the 2023 civilization cruise begin at $81,199 per person.

Viking Cruises


The Trip: Viking's 2023 civilization Cruise board Viking Neptune actually departs in ~ the end of December 2022, just in time for the vacation festivities.

Featuring overnight continues to be in 11 various cities, Viking Neptune sails the Caribbean v the Panama Canal, at some point docking in Los Angeles to pick up passengers for the ship's 119-night civilization Cruise segment.

From there, it's off to Hawaii, the southern Pacific, new Zealand and Australia prior to an in-depth exploration of south east Asia, India and Middle East. A transit the the Suez Canal is the prelude to comprehensive port stops in the clear Mediterranean prior to Viking Neptune sails increase the western shore of Europe enroute come Greenwich (London), whereby the voyage will finish in may 2023.

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Departure Date: December 22, 2022

Itinerary Segments: Los Angeles come London, (119 nights)

Price: Fares for the 2023 people cruise start at $49,995 every person. Together of this writing, very few cabins room left for sale.