Chipotle (also known as Chipotle mexico Grill) is a fast-casual dining restaurant that mainly serves Mexican-inspired foods such as tacos and burritos. It is recognized for utilizing high quality natural and organic ingredients in its food. Since of the care and quality that its food, Chipotle food selection prices are usually more expensive than many other fast-food restaurants. If you are looking to cater come your next event, you deserve to view Chipotle catering price here.

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Chipotle prides itself on sourcing its food it is provided from ranchers and farmers the raise their livestock humanely and also naturally, which way an all-vegetarian diet and complimentary of antibiotics.

While Chipotle’s menu is created of only a few items, there are plenty of different combinations that deserve to put together. Their key entrees encompass tacos, burritos, bowls, and salads.

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Below are the recent Chipotle food selection prices.

Burrito, Bowl, taco & Salad | Kid’s menu (Meal includes Fruit or Kid’s Chips & a Drink) | Extras | Drinks 

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Burrito, Bowl, taco & Salad

Burrito (Chicken)$6.50
Burrito (Steak)$7.50
Burrito (Carnitas)$6.95
Burrito (Barbacoa)$7.50
Burrito (Sofritas)$6.50
Burrito (Vegetarian)$6.50
Bowl (Chicken)$6.50
Bowl (Steak)$7.50
Bowl (Carnitas)$6.95
Bowl (Barbacoa)$7.50
Bowl (Sofritas)$6.50
Bowl (Vegetarian)$6.50
Taco (Chicken)1 Pc.$2.40
Tacos (Chicken)3 Pc.$6.50
Taco (Steak)1 Pc.$2.75
Tacos (Steak)3 Pc.$7.50
Taco (Carnitas)1 Pc.$2.55
Tacos (Carnitas)3 Pc.$6.95
Taco (Barbacoa)1 Pc.$2.75
Tacos (Barbacoa)3 Pc.$7.50
Taco (Sofritas)1 Pc.$2.40
Tacos (Sofritas)3 Pc.$6.50
Taco (Vegetarian)1 Pc.$2.40
Tacos (Vegetarian)3 Pc.$6.50
Salad (Chicken)$6.50
Salad (Steak)$7.50
Salad (Carnitas)$6.95
Salad (Barbacoa)$7.50
Salad (Sofritas)$6.50
Salad (Vegetarian)$6.50

Kid’s menu (Meal includes Fruit or Kid’s Chips & a Drink)

Build your Own$4.75
Cheese Quesadilla (No Meat)$3.75
Cheese Quesadilla (with Meat or Guacamole)$4.25


Chips & Guacamole$3.25
Chips & Salsa$1.95


Patron Margarita$7.15
Sauza Margarita$4.70
Bottled Water$2.25
Bottled Drink$2.60
Kid’s DrinkRegular$1.65

Chipotle was established in 1993 in Denver, Colorado through Steve Ells, who still serves as chairman and also co-CEO of the company.

McDonald’s invested in Chipotle in 1998, which allowed the company to quickly expand into over 500 restaurants through 2005.

Chipotle’s mission statement is dubbed Food v Integrity which claims they resource organic and local produce whenever possible, and also their cows are increased without the use of fabricated hormones.

Due to these quality demands of your food supply, Chipotle prices are on the greater end the the fast-food/fast-casual industry. However, your food portions are usually quite big compared to various other Mexican-inspired fast food restaurant meals.

For more information, visit the official Chipotle mexican Grill website or visit ours Chipotle Careers guide if you’re interested in a career at Chipotle.

Chipotle FAQ


What time walk Chipotle open?

Chipotle opens at 10:45 a.m. Monday v Sunday. You likewise can visit their website to verify their opened hours based on your location.

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What time does Chipotle close?

Chipotle close the door at 10:00 p.m. Examine your nearest location to verify.

How lot is Chipotle delivery? 

Chipotle’s distribution varies based upon your location, yet the price ranges from $4.99 come $7.99 per her order. 


Why is Chipotle so expensive?

Compared to various other fast-food restaurants, Chipotle is an ext expensive since the ingredients provided are costly. The meat supplied is cost-free of hormones and also free-range, and also their commodities are all in your ar sourced. 

Is extra rice in ~ Chipotle free? 

The extra rice in ~ Chipotle is free. There are various other side dishes girlfriend can dual up on for cost-free such together their:

BeansFajitasLettuceSour CreamCheese Tortillas

The fun doesn’t finish there! you can additionally get your vinegarette because that free. Just ask for it whiles placing her order. 

What is the most well-known food item in ~ Chipotle?

The most renowned food item in ~ Chipotle is their chicken bowl with black beans. 


What is Sofritas in ~ Chipotle?

Chipotle’s sofritas are totally organic and its made up of shredded tofu that’s sauteed through Chipotle chilies, roasted poblanos, and a mix of several various other spices. 

Is Sofritas vegan in ~ Chipotle?

Sofritas at Chipotle is vegan. It is additionally vegetarian approved. Your tortillas, vegetables, rice, beans, salsas, chips, and also guacamole are also vegan and vegetarian approved. 

Is Chipotle celiac friendly?

Chipotle is celiac friendly. Other than for the tortillas, whatever at Chipotle is gluten-free. If someone is celiac or is allergic to gluten, Chipotle staff will certainly be mindful and readjust their gloves when serving customers.